Club Assistant's robust money-tracking module provides dynamic reporting including features to assist you with accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Key Features

  • Create bulk invoices based on events or meets attended and dues owed.
  • Adjust rates from year to year or collect one-time fees.
  • View lists by monthly/quarterly members
  • Auto-billing only, credit card vs. check.

Unpaid Invoices
See a list of all members with unpaid invoices color coded by due date. This list features links to easily send emails to members with unpaid invoices with the invoice attached.

Club Assistant's billing features gives you the opportunity to not only bill individuals from their member profile, but to also bulk bill all unpaid invoices at specified times or on an as-needed basis. If you make a mistake in your billing, Club Assistant provides the ability for one click partial or full refunds that are effective that same day. Members can receive receipts via email following billing.

Monthly Report
Create monthly reports on Join, Quit, On Hold, Paid and Unpaid.

Credit Card Problems
See lists of current or upcoming credit card expirations and credit card problems with a link to email these members.

Money Received
  • Pull reports based on payments received, merchandise purchased, date, range.
  • Export to Excel, CSV files for import into your accounting program.

Get step-by-step accounting training from our friendly and knowledgeable Club Assistant staff at 888-794-6638.