U.S. Open Water Swimming Connection

Monday, October 1, 2012 - Sunday, March 31, 2013

U.S. Open Water Swimming Connection


2012 Virtual Open Water Swim Challenge

Registration closed on Friday, October 5, 2012.
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Eligibility: Open to anyone who swims! Sign up before October 5th!

Categories: Each person picks ONE of 5 goal distances to complete within the 6 month time-frame. After sign up, the swimmer will be provided a link to find a swim log form to keep track of their yardage (look for this link in your online receipt and your email confirmation). Distance categories are listed below. Swimming anywhere, open water or pools, counts for yardage. Distances swum in meters can be converted to yards at www.calculateme.com.

1) 50 miles from Atlantic City to Cape May, New Jersey - 88,000 yards: averaging 3,382 yards per week
2) 100 miles in the Great Salt Lake, Utah -176,000 yards: averaging 6765 yards per week
3) 150 miles from Anchorage to Homer, Alaska - 264,000 yards: averaging 10,150 yards per week
4) 200 miles from Corpus Christi to Galveston, Texas - 352,000 yards: averaging 13,530 yards per week
5) 250 Miles down the Mississippi River, Missouri - 440,000 yards: averaging 16,712 yards per week

Awards: The person that completes the distance and submits their swim log FIRST will receive a $40 gift certificate from Kiefer Swim Shop and Kiefer gift certificates will be awarded for 2nd - 5th place in each category. More prizes may be added depending upon participation levels for each category. A prize winners’ mileage CANNOT BE higher than the average for the next higher distance category. If you are unsure about which category to choose, contact the entry chairman.

Entry Fees:
Basic Entry: $20.00
Premier Entry: $75.00 - Premier swimmers will receive 26 workouts, 1 for each week to assist them their training. Workout sample is linked below.
T-Shirts: $20.00 which includes shipping within the U.S. White T-Shirts will have on the back “50 Mile Swim from Atlantic City to Cape May, New Jersey", for example, based upon the swimmers’ sign-up category. T-Shirts will be sent out the third week in October.
Credit Card Statement: Online entries will be charged to your credit card by "ClubAssistant.com Events" merchant account.

Click here to see Workout Samples.

More about the Swims:
Atlantic City to Cape May, New Jersey: This swims starts at Brigantine Bridge in Atlantic City. The swimmer heads out Absecon Inlet to the Atlantic Ocean and heads south past Steele Pier. The swim traverses south past Margate, (and Lucy the Elephant) Ocean City and Wildwood. When reaching the cape, swimmers will go around Cape May and finish the 50 miles at Lincoln Blvd where the Cape May/Lewes Ferry docks.
Great Salt Lake: This swim is a tour of three islands in the Great Salt Lake. Swimmers begin just south of the causeway and head southwest, to swim clockwise around Antelope Island. After reaching the north end of Antelope, swimmers head north to the western side of Fremont Island and swim around it clockwise as well. After this circumnavigation, the swimmer heads southwest to Carrington Island and for another “around the island swim”. After swimming around Carrington, swimmers head back to the north end of Antelope Island and finish at Howard Slough Waterfowl Management area for the 100 miles.
Alaska: This swim begins in Anchorage, Alaska at Bootlegger Cove. Swimmers head southwest out Cook Bay, past East Foreland Lighthouse Reserve, the city of Kenai and Kalgin Island. Swimmers will finish 150 miles in Homer Alaska, upon reaching Homer Spit Road.
Corpus Christi to Galveston, Texas: This swim begins at Cole Park in Corpus Christi and the swimmer will head across Corpus Christi bay towards Ingleside on the bay. To get out past the barrier islands, the course heads out the inlet just north of Nueces County Park. Once reaching the Atlantic, swimmers will head north along the coast. The 200 mile swim finishes at Fort Travis Seashore Park, just north of Galveston, Texas.
The Mississippi: This swim starts in Hannibal Missouri, the boyhood home of Mark Twain. Swimmers will head down the Mississippi River south and east. They will go past St. Louis and the famous St. Louis Arch which is visible from the water. South after St Louis, swimmers will pass the cities of Festus and Ste. Genevieve before finishing 250 miles in Cape Girardeau.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible. Refunds will be full price less processing fees. If you need to cancel please send an email to dksreeder@skybeam.com or contact U.S. Open Water Swimming Connection.

Registration closed on Friday, October 5, 2012.