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Orange County Junior Guard

Friday, May 24, 2019

This Event has closed.  Please try another Event.

This is the authorized OCJG Swim Test. To pass, participants must swim 100 yards in 2:30 minutes or less; and perform 5 munites of continuous treading water without rest or reliance on flotation.

Both requirements must be fulfilled in order to pass the test. Results will be recorded on-site and submitted to OCJG Administration. 

1- If you are NOT an Alliance member and are participating as a NON-MEMBER, please click on 'Non-Member Signup' below.  Once you have completed (1) full regsitration form, you can use your temporary Login Name & Password to sign-up for additional OCJG Swim Test Days and /or OCJG Swim Test Prep Training Sessions.

2 - If you are a current Alliance member, please use your Login Name & Password to register for OCJG Swim Test Prep Sessions and/or Testing Day(s).

Current Attendees 6
Maximum Entrants 10

Registration is not available at this time.

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