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Sunday, January 28, 2018 - MN Masters Icebreaker Meet - 2018

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2017 MN Masters FUN Relay Meet & Awards Dinner/Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 7, 2017

USMS Sanction : 307-S006

Minnesota Masters

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Age Determination Date: 10/7/2017

Club (3 Clubs)
Workout Group (5 Workout Groups)

27 Swimmers
Last, First Meet
Sex Club Workout
Anderson, Elaine 59 55-59 F OEVT
Bergquist, David 32 30-34 M MINN HOP
Bovard, Ralph 64 60-64 M MINN
Busch, Jeremy 39 35-39 M MINN
Cohen, Hannah 30 30-34 F MINN
Cook, Margaret 49 45-49 F MINN HOP
Fischer, Kenneth 57 55-59 M MINN HOP
Frederick, Josh 42 40-44 M MINN HOP
Guillen, Newton 45 45-49 M MINN MTK
Kaiser, Kate 26 25-29 F MINN HOP
Kansas, Bill 81 80-84 M MINN
Kaplan, Mark 68 65-69 M MINN ESC
Kough, Dave 54 50-54 M MINN
Kueny, Laura 54 50-54 F MINN HOP
Kurus, Doobie 45 45-49 M MINN HOP
Moore, Thomas 50 50-54 M MINN
Nelson, Josiah 36 35-39 M NORT
Ness, Randal 55 55-59 M MINN HOP
Parish, Patrick 32 30-34 M MINN HOP
Redding, Steven 50 50-54 M MINN HOP
Rittenhouse, Amy 40 40-44 F MINN HOP
Schlichting, Randy 52 50-54 M MINN HOP
Schultz, Elizabeth 53 50-54 F MINN MTK
Smith, Darrell 61 60-64 M MINN
Stolar, Carrie 50 50-54 F MINN MTK
Vandam, Gerald 67 65-69 M MINN MTK
Widener, Jennifer 43 40-44 F OEVT

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

This information can be used by coaches setting up relays.