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Sunday, November 4, 2018 - Snohomish Aquatics Masters Meet

Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 2018 Puget Sound Masters SCM Championship Meet & Pacific Northwest Zone Champs

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2018 Fat Salmon Open Water Swim (3.2 miles)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

USMS Sanction : 368-W002

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim

Open Water Registration

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Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2018

Club (34 Clubs)

340 Swimmers
Last, First Age
Sex NGB Club
Abel, Elizabeth 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Acuff, Jan 60-64 F USMS PSM
Adamson, Rebecca 40-44 F USMS UC36
Ahrens, Emily 30-34 F USMS PSM
Albright, Jon 40-44 M USMS FWYS
Albright, Ryan 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Amon, Elizabeth 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Anderson, Frank 60-64 M USMS PSM
Anderton, Edward 35-39 M USMS PSM
Aubin, Alana 25-29 F USMS NEM
Axel, Bradford 50-54 M USMS DBST
Bahner, Mollie 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Balazic, MarySue 50-54 F USMS PSM
Barker, Brian 35-39 M USMS PSM
Barmack, Courtney 40-44 F USMS UCLA
Barrett, Blake 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Bartlett, Wade 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Beckman, Kim 30-34 F USMS SCAQ
Beirne, Katherine 45-49 F USMS PSM
Bell, Alan 65-69 M USMS PSM
Bennett, James 40-44 M USMS NEM
Bermudez, Hernando 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Bertrand, Angela 30-34 F USMS PSM
Bildhauer, Juliann 45-49 F USMS DBST
Boleda, Orlando 60-64 M USMS PSM
Bonds, Matthew 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Braggin, Jacquelyn 30-34 F USMS PSM
Brogan, Thomas 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Brolley, Wolf 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Brooks, Kathleen 35-39 F USMS DBST
Brooks, Matthew 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Burdo, Melinda 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Burge, John 65-69 M USMS PSM
Burger, Heather 55-59 F USMS PSM
Cadena, Lyset 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Camp, Stacey 35-39 F USMS UC36
Carlisle, Patrick 30-34 M USMS AZOW
Carlson, Jennifer 35-39 F USMS RMST
Carlton, Brian 65-69 M USMS PSM
Carroll, Maura 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Carter, Nicholas 25-29 M USMS DBST
Carver, Tim 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Chang, Marisa 30-34 F USMS PSM
Chappell, John 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Childers, Meredith 40-44 F USMS PSM
Christopher, Mary 40-44 F USMS UC37
Chung, May Lee 40-44 F USMS UC36
Ciliv, Sureyya 60-64 M USMS UC36
Clauson, Fiona 50-54 F USMS PSM
Collas, Jose 50-54 M USMS PSM
Condotta, Robert 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Conway, John 25-29 M USMS DBST
Cortani, Andrea 45-49 F USMS PSM
Cortes, Kristina 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Costello, Siobhan 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Couch, Matthew 45-49 M USMS PSM
Courtney, Zena 55-59 F USMS PSM
Cousins, Niv 45-49 M USMS DBST
Cowley, Richard 55-59 M USMS UC36
Cramer, Theiline W 55-59 F USMS UC36
Crose, Jack 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Crouch, Bradley 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Crowley, John 50-54 M USMS DAMM
Crowley, Terrance 45-49 M USMS WINE
Curran, Susan 40-44 F USMS UC36
Dahl, David 30-34 M USMS PSM
Dailey, Jennifer 45-49 F USMS PSM
D'Alessandro, Gianluca 45-49 M USMS UC36
Daly, Declan 18-24 M USMS BWAQ
D'Andrea, Britt 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Delplain, Shawn 45-49 M USMS PSM
DeNeen, Lindsey 40-44 F USMS UC32
Devereaux, Martha 55-59 F USMS PSM
Diefendorf, Rod 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Dixon, Matthew 55-59 M USMS KONA
Doblar, Randy 65-69 M USMS OEVT
Dolan, Nicole 30-34 F USMS UC36
Dubey, Jessica 55-59 F USMS PSM
Durban, Eric 60-64 M USMS BWAQ
Durban, Lars 60-64 M USMS PSM
Egger, Anne 40-44 F USMS UC35
Eleveld, Robert 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Elkadri, Mohamed 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Ellis, Sarah 25-29 F USMS UC36
Ellsworth, Michael 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Emery, Cody 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Engelhardt, Carl 65-69 M USMS PSM
Erway, Chelsey 30-34 F USMS DBST
Esipov, Andrey 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Ewing, Michael 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Fahey, Sean 30-34 M USMS CMS
Fancher, Jeff 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Farber, Alyssa 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Farinas, Jennifer 45-49 F USMS PSM
Farrell, Thomas 55-59 M USMS DBST
Ferries, Jenny 35-39 F USMS PSM
Flaat, Ingrid 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Florsheim, Alan 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Flynn, Deborah 55-59 F USMS PSM
Frambes, Kirk 55-59 M USMS PSM
Frambes, Mackenzie 18-24 F USMS SBM
Freeborn, Stephen 60-64 M USMS BWAQ
Freeland, Neal 45-49 M USMS PSM
Friedland, Wendy 60-64 F USMS PSM
Fullen, Warren 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Gabriel, John 50-54 M USMS OREG
Galen, Ari 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Gaylor, Jonathan 25-29 M USMS PSM
Gipe, Dan 55-59 M USMS OREG
Gipe, Rachel 30-34 F USMS OREG
Glezen, Paul 55-59 M USMS PSM
Glupker, Katie 35-39 F USMS MICH
Goldberg, Michael 25-29 M USMS UC36
Goodman, Kennard 60-64 M USMS PSM
Gottlieb, Marilynn 60-64 F USMS PSM
Grant, Anna 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Graves, Benjamin 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Gravrock, Cam 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Grubba, Adam 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Grunewald, Elliot 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Guerrero, Bridget 50-54 F USMS PSM
Guo, Dahai 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Haas, Jonathan 50-54 M USMS DBST
Haberkorn, William 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Hagenlock, Nick 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Hansen, Mike 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Hansen, Ron 65-69 M USMS PSM
Hansen, Tina 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Hao, Yawei 25-29 M USMS DBST
Harmer, Annelle 50-54 F CAN CDOL
Hatton, Craig 50-54 M USMS UC36
Hayes, Cathy 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Heinrich, Jason 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Hewitt, Carolyn 65-69 F USMS PSM
Hicks, Rogsr 60-64 M USMS OREG
Hill, Andy 50-54 M USMS PSM
Hill, Mark 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Hockett, Alyson 60-64 F USMS UC36
Hoffman, Kristin 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Hoffman, Richard 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Hogan, Elizabeth 55-59 F USMS PSM
Hohmann, Benjamin 40-44 M USMS PSM
Hooks, Maggie 50-54 F USMS PSM
Hoover, Mignon 45-49 F USMS PSM
Hopkins, Stan 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Horn, Michael 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Horn, Sam 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Houston, Jannine 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Hu, Addison 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Huang, Janice 35-39 F USMS PSM
Hunt, Andrea 70-74 F USMS PSM
Hykes, Beth 45-49 F USMS PSM
Istok, Jonathan 60-64 M USMS OREG
Iyall, Andy 50-54 M USMS BWAQ
Jackson, Kevin 18-24 M USMS UC36
Jacobson, Scottland 45-49 M USMS PSM
Jeffery, Shawn 35-39 M USMS UC36
Johnson, Catherine 40-44 F USMS UC36
Johnson, Robin 50-54 F USMS PSM
Kalas, Pamela 40-44 F USMS UC36
Kays, David 50-54 M USMS PSM
Kempf, Annette 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Kent, Peggy 65-69 F USMS PSM
Kerr, Nicholas 45-49 M USMS PSM
Klettke, Barry 60-64 M USMS UC36
Knowles, Taylor 30-34 M USMS PSM
Koppelberger, Tamara 45-49 F USMS PSM
Kraus, Eric 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Kvam, Michele 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Lacrampe, Marc 55-59 M USMS PSM
Lamperti, Katharine 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Lamperti, Thomas 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Lang, Brendan 35-39 M USMS UC36
Lee, Tao Min 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Lewis, Preston 55-59 M USMS STRG
Lippold, Mary 60-64 F USMS PSM
Lischke, Jonathan 40-44 M USMS SDSM
Liu, Bin 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Lockhart, Walker 40-44 M USMS UC36
Lucco, Elizabeth 50-54 F USMS PSM
Mackey, Christine 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Magin, James 60-64 M USMS PSM
Makela, Ray 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Makepeace, Dee 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Makepeace, John 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Makhlouf, Ahmed 25-29 M USMS DBST
Mangel, Lisa 45-49 F USMS DBST
Marion, Laura 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Martin, Pauline 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Mayfield, Susan 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Mccarty, Kevin 60-64 M USMS OEVT
McCurdy, Ian 30-34 M USMS PSM
McGhee, Paul 55-59 M USMS UC36
MCGovern, Paul 50-54 M USMS OEVT
McIntyre, Shannon 50-54 F USMS PSM
Mclaughlin, Kevin 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Meluskey, Michael 55-59 M USMS PSM
Mendez, Lani 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Meyer, Michael 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Miao, Lee-Lee 60-64 F USMS PSM
Miles, Chad 35-39 M USMS UC36
Miller, Andy 65-69 M USMS TCAS
Moon, Sora 25-29 F USMS PSM
Morris, Kathleen 50-54 F USMS BWAQ
Morrison, Jeff 30-34 M USMS PSM
Mueller, Kaspar 35-39 M USMS DBST
Mulder, Frederick 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Murer, Kim 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Murphy, Judd 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Nafikov, Rafael 40-44 M USMS PSM
Nelson, Kirk 45-49 M USMS PSM
Nelson, Laura 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Nelson, Tim 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Nepa, Angela 25-29 F USMS KMSC
Noffke, Wendy 45-49 F USMS BWAQ
Notman, Jessica 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Nygren, Mats 50-54 M USMS PSM
Nyweide, Jack 70-74 M USMS OEVT
Nyweide, Justin 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Nyweide White, Kristin 40-44 F USMS OEVT
O'Brien, Anne 45-49 F USMS AKMS
Ogle, Jennifer 50-54 F USMS PSM
Orem, Katherine 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Orton, Michael 35-39 M USMS PSM
Paige, Jonathan 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Pak, Melissa 30-34 F CAN CDSC
Paniel, Christina 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Parada, Andres 40-44 M USMS PSM
Partsch, Chloe 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Pauole-Roth, Kainoa 50-54 F USMS UC36
Pelham, Kathy 45-49 F USMS PSM
Pelton, Robin 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Perfect, Brad 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Perlovsky, Daniel 18-24 M USMS PSM
Perry, Maxwell 40-44 M USMS PSM
Peterson, Alison 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Peterson, Steve 70-74 M USMS PSM
Phillips, Alex 30-34 M USMS PSM
Portelance, Doug 60-64 M USMS PSM
Portelance, Dylan 25-29 M USMS SMM
Praeger, Wade 55-59 M USMS PSM
Pratt, Donald 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Pratt, Gabriel 30-34 M USMS UC36
Price, Nancy 60-64 F USMS PSM
Prieve, John 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Prins, Melanie 35-39 F USMS DBST
Proctor, Alyssa 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Puttkammer, Nancy 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Pyell, Steven 25-29 M USMS BWAQ
Radman, Monique 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Rajesh, Liese 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Rayl, Johanna 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Reid, William 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Remund, Pierre 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Renkin, Caroline 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Richardson, Lisa 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Rigby, Brant 50-54 M USMS UC36
Roberg, Kathy 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Roberts, Katelyn 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Roberts, Sarah 25-29 F USMS UC36
Rodriguez, Heather 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Rody, Sean 50-54 M USMS PSM
Rowley, Craig 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Ruddell, Howie 45-49 M USMS PSM
Rueda, Guillermo 35-39 M USMS PSM
Ruiter, Steve 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Russo, Ross 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Sadlier, George 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Saleh, Mahmoud 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Santini, Lia 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Scheiner, Rachel 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Schirmer, David 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Schneider, Janet 45-49 F USMS UC36
Schoenfeld, Mitchel 65-69 M USMS PSM
Schott-Bresler, Kayla 30-34 F USMS PSM
Schwaegler, Jack 55-59 M USMS DBST
Scott, John 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Scrivner, Craig 50-54 M USMS EWCM
Seaver, David 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Severns, Chris 55-59 M USMS DBST
Shaffer, Kimberly 30-34 F USMS PSM
Shapiro, Adam 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Sharp, Alan 45-49 M USMS DBST
Shaw, Lucy 60-64 F USMS PSM
Sherman, Paul 55-59 M USMS PSM
Shroff, Amar 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Shugart, Theresa 50-54 F USMS PSM
Shulman, Ellyce 40-44 F USMS PSM
Sinclaire, Aeron 60-64 M USMS UC36
Sipher, Bridget 45-49 F USMS PSM
Sivertson, Rick 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Smith, Rebecca 40-44 F USMS UC36
Smith, Rondamarie 45-49 F USMS BWAQ
Sole, Frank 60-64 M USMS UC48
Solero, Betty 60-64 F USMS OEVT
Sorrentino, Jeff 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Souder, Christopher 50-54 M USMS BWAQ
Stahlke, Paul 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Stone, Jason 40-44 M USMS PSM
Stonelake, Rhett 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Svetz, Robert 45-49 M USMS PSM
Swalin, Jayme 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Sweeney, Sheldon 55-59 M USMS UC36
Swinburne, Nora 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Switzer, Trip 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Tan, Tim 25-29 M USMS DBST
Thatte, Arita 30-34 F USMS DBST
Timmons, Jack 55-59 M USMS DBST
Tingey, Beth 40-44 F USMS UC36
Todd, Rachel 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Troupe, Curtis 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Trudel, Stephanie 35-39 F USMS PSM
Tuttle, Windy 45-49 F USMS UC36
Upsall, Sarah 40-44 F USMS PSM
Urquhart, Scott 45-49 M USMS UC36
Urry, Amelia 25-29 F USMS DBST
Ursino, Rocky 45-49 M USMS OEVT
van Honschooten, Andre 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Verbon, Mathew 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Vickery, Buzz 50-54 M USMS FMA
Vonrosenstiel, Liza 60-64 F USMS ARIZ
Wall, Mark 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Ward, Jacqueline 30-34 F USMS L4S
Watkins, Hugh 45-49 M USMS PSM
Webster, Charlie 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Weissman, Paul 40-44 M USMS UC36
Welch, Tim 45-49 M USMS PSM
Wellock, Kimbra 40-44 F USMS BWAQ
Wetzler, Kari 35-39 F USMS PSM
Wilkes, Dave 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Wilson, Aaron 35-39 M USMS UC36
Winans, Amanda 35-39 F USMS PSM
Woare, Matthew 40-44 M USMS PSM
Wolf, Karen 60-64 F USMS PSM
Wolfe, Nicholas 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Wood, Nolan 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Young, Jessica 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Zakov, Daryl 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Zeaiter, Janet 30-34 F USMS DBST
Zimmerman, Stephanie 30-34 F USMS UC36

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)