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Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 2017 Swim Defiance 3K and 5K Open Water Swims

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 2017 Whidbey Adventure Swim

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - Puget Sound Masters SCM Championship Meet

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2017 Fat Salmon Open Water Swim (3.2 miles) - NW Zone OW Champs

Saturday, July 15, 2017

USMS Sanction: 367-W003

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim

Open Water Registration

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Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2017
This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

Club (25 Clubs)

248 Swimmers
Last, First Sex NGB Club
Adamson, Rebecca Female USMS UC36
Adcock, Richard Male USMS PSM
Adler, Lauren Female USMS OEVT
Allen, Demi Male USMS PSM
Amon, Elizabeth Female USMS OEVT
Anderson, Frank Male USMS PSM
Anderson, Sydney Female USMS UC36
Archer, Joy Female USMS PSM
Arnold, Will Male USMS OEVT
Balazic, MarySue Female USMS PSM
Bauder, Laurie Female USMS PSM
Beirne, Katherine Female USMS PSM
Bell, Alan Male USMS PSM
Bell, Shaquita Female USMS OEVT
Belserene, Rita Female USMS PSM
Bildhauer, Juli Female USMS OEVT
Bisson, Tobi Female USMS HGA
Boleda, Orlando Male USMS PSM
Bonney, Scott Male USMS ROCK
Bradshaw, Declan Male USMS UC36
Braggin, Jacquelyn Female USMS PSM
Breit, Joseph Male USMS PSM
Brogan, Tom Male USMS OEVT
Buhr, Elizabeth Female USMS CMS
Burdo, Melinda Female USMS OEVT
Burge, John Male USMS PSM
Burns, Natalie Female USMS OEVT
Cadena, Lyset Female USMS OEVT
Camp, Stacey Female USMS UC36
Carlton, Brian Male USMS PSM
Carroll, Maura Female USMS OEVT
Castillo, Emily Female USMS PSM
Chang, Marisa Female USMS PSM
Christopher, Mary Female USMS UC37
Ciurej, Katherine Female USMS PSM
Clark, Amanda Female USMS PSM
Clauson, Fiona Female USMS PSM
Collas, Jose Male USMS PSM
Contreras Sandoval, Isaac Male USMS PSM
Cortani, Andrea Female USMS PSM
Courtney, Zena Female USMS PSM
Cousins, Niv Male USMS DBST
Cox, Trevor Male USMS UC36
Craig, Rod Male CAN CDSC
Cramer, Ty Female USMS OEVT
Curtis, Kate Female USMS PSM
Dailey, Jennifer Female USMS PSM
D'Alessandro, Gianluca Male USMS UC50
D'Andrea, Britt Female USMS OEVT
Dennison, Alison Female USMS PSM
Devere, James Male USMS TCAS
Devereaux, Martha Female USMS PSM
Dice, Timothy Male USMS UC36
Dickerman, Sara Female USMS PSM
Dickhaus, Brady Male USMS HGA
Dingeldein, George Male USMS OREG
Dixon, Matthew Male USMS PSM
Dubey, Jessica Female USMS PSM
Early, Malcolm Male USMS UC36
Ecker, Scott Male USMS OEVT
Egger, Anne Female USMS UC35
Ellis, Sarah Female USMS OEVT
Elmer, Tricia Female USMS PSM
Emery, Cody Male USMS OEVT
Engelhardt, Carl Male USMS PSM
Etter, Dealy Male USMS UC36
Fahey, Sean Male USMS CMS
Fancher, Jeff Male USMS OEVT
Farrell, Thomas Male USMS DBST
Fields, Tristan Female USMS PSM
Filer, Rose Female USMS OEVT
Flavel, Cody Male USMS OEVT
Florsheim, Alan Male USMS OEVT
Flynn, Deborah Female USMS PSM
Ford, Liz Female USMS OEVT
Frambes, Kirk Male USMS PSM
Francis, Kathy Female USMS CMS
Freeborn, Stephen Male USMS BWAQ
Freeland, Neal Male USMS PSM
Friedland, Wendy Female USMS PSM
Frobe, Ruth Female USMS PSM
Fullen, Warren Male USMS BWAQ
Galen, Ari Male USMS OEVT
Gaylor, John Paul Male USMS PSM
Gipe, Dan Male USMS OREG
Glaves, Janece Female USMS CCAM
Glezen, Paul Male USMS UC36
Gomez, Barb Female USMS PSM
Good, Bob Male USMS OEVT
Goodlin, Tom Male USMS PSM
Goodman, Kennard Male USMS PSM
Grabow, Wade Male USMS OEVT
Graham, Lori Female USMS UC36
Grisim, Brent Male USMS UC36
Grose, Megan Female USMS OEVT
Guerrero, Bridget Female USMS PSM
Guerrero, Ruben Male USMS PSM
Guillen, Brian Male USMS PSM
Hansen, Ron Male USMS PSM
Hansen, Tina Female USMS OEVT
Hao, Yawei Male USMS DBST
Hardisty, Kirsten Female USMS DBST
Harmer, Annelle Harmer Female CAN CDOL
Harter, Terry Female USMS PSM
Haynie, Carl Male USMS PSM
Haziq, Mustafa Male USMS OEVT
Heidl, Ralph Male USMS OEVT
Hill, Andy Male USMS PSM
Hockett, Alyson Female USMS UC36
Hodges, Natalie Female USMS OEVT
Hogan, Elizabeth Female USMS PSM
Hohmann, Ben Male USMS PSM
Horn, Sam Male USMS OEVT
Horsnell, Ellie Female USMS OEVT
Huang, Janice Female USMS PSM
Hubbs, Marissa Female USMS UC39
Hull, Kathy Female USMS CMS
Hunt, Andrea Female USMS PSM
Hykes, Beth Female USMS PSM
Ikehata, Mariko Female CAN CDOL
Istre, Nick Male USMS OEVT
Jacobson, Scottland Male USMS PSM
Johnson, Dan Male USMS OEVT
Jones, Brock Male USMS IM
Jordan, Jill Female USMS PSM
June, Steve Male USMS PSM
Kalas, Pamela Female USMS UC36
Kelsberg, Gary Male USMS PSM
Kerr, Nicholas Male USMS PSM
Kirk, Shannon Female USMS OEVT
Klein, Jayme Female USMS PSM
Kleint, Nancy Female USMS PSM
Knowles, Phil Male USMS BWAQ
Kotynia, Jakub Male USMS PSM
Kraus, Eric Male USMS OEVT
Kvam, Michele Female USMS OEVT
Lacrampe, Marc Male USMS PSM
Lamb, Michael Male USMS UC36
Landrum, Sarah Female USMS PSM
Lasersohn, Jim Male USMS PSM
Laureano, Eduardo Male USMS OEVT
Leake, Mackenzie Female USMS STAN
Lee, Kye Male USMS OEVT
Lee, Tom Male USMS OEVT
Lippold, Mary Female USMS PSM
Logan, Ashley Female USMS UC36
Lucco, Elizabeth Female USMS PSM
Macht, Marlow Male USMS OREG
Makhlouf, Ahmed Male USMS OEVT
Mangel, Lisa Female USMS DBST
Mann, Kristen Female USMS UC36
Martin, Pauline Female USMS OEVT
Matthews, Scott Male USMS BWAQ
Matute, Alex Male USMS PSM
Maxx, Sherry Female USMS OEVT
McAlees, Jason Male USMS PSM
McCain, Rob Male USMS OEVT
McCarty, Kevin Male USMS OEVT
McDermott, John Male USMS OEVT
McFarland, Cestjon Female USMS PSM
McGovern, Paul Male USMS OEVT
McIntyre, Shannon Female USMS PSM
Meier, Cindy Female USMS OEVT
Meluskey, Michael Male USMS SBM
Miller, Andy Male USMS TCAS
Miner, Fred Male USMS OEVT
Moon, Sora Female USMS PSM
Morrison, Jeff Male USMS SNM
Murphy, Jenifer Female USMS UC36
Murphy, Judd Male USMS UC36
Murphy, Michael Male USMS BWAQ
Nelson, Tim Male USMS BWAQ
Nepa, Angela Female USMS PSM
Nixdorf, Brenda Female USMS UC36
Nyweide White, Kristin Female USMS OEVT
O'Brien, Anne Female USMS AKMS
Ogle, Jennifer Female USMS PSM
Orton, Mike Male USMS PSM
Pak, Melissa Female CAN CDOL
Paulhamus, Lauren Female USMS PSM
Pelham, Kathy Female USMS PSM
Perry, Maxwell Male USMS UC36
Peterson, Eric Male USMS OEVT
Phillips, Alex Male USMS PSM
Putnam, Elizabeth Female USMS UC36
Regan Koppelberger, Tammy Female USMS PSM
Remund, Pierre Male USMS OEVT
Reynolds, Leila Female USMS OEVT
Richardson, Lisa Female USMS UC36
Roberts, Steve Male USMS OEVT
Rose, Judy Female USMS PSM
Ruddell, Howie Male USMS PSM
Russell, Brian Male USMS PSM
Russell, Christina Female USMS PSM
Sadlier, George Male USMS OEVT
Scheiner, Rachel Female USMS OEVT
Schirmer, David Schirmer Male USMS OEVT
Schoenfeld, Mitchel Male USMS PSM
Schwaegler, Jack Male USMS DBST
Scott, Patricia Female USMS PSM
Scrivner, Craig Male USMS UC35
Severns, Chris Male USMS DBST
Shulman, Ellyce Female USMS PSM
Sinclaire, Aeron Male USMS UC36
Sipher, Bridget Female USMS PSM
Skrzypek, Heidi Female USMS ROCK
Smith, Jennifer Female USMS PSM
Solero, Betty Female USMS OEVT
Sortor, Rebecca Female USMS OREG
Souder, Christopher Male USMS BWAQ
Stahlke, Paul Male USMS OEVT
Standish, Constance Female USMS UC36
Stepherson, Christine Female USMS PSM
Strazer, Mary Female USMS UC36
Switaj, Eddie Male USMS OEVT
Switzer, Trip Male USMS OEVT
Tan, Tim Male USMS OEVT
Tanaka, Tats Male USMS MINN
Thompson, Elizabeth Female USMS PSM
Tieder, Joel Male USMS OEVT
Timmons, Jack Male USMS DBST
Townsend, John Male USMS UC36
Troupe, Curt Male USMS OEVT
Trudel, Stephanie Female USMS PSM
Tuttle, Windy Female USMS UC36
Tyler, Emily Female USMS UC36
Urry, Amelia Female USMS UC36
Vachon, Andre Male USMS OEVT
van Honschooten, Andre Male USMS OEVT
Vander Stoep, Kari Female USMS DBST
Vickery, Buzz Male USMS HGA
Vonrosenstiel, Liza Female USMS ARIZ
Vredenburg, Curtis Male USMS PSM
Vreugdenhil, Jen Female USMS UC38
Wagner, Amanda Female USMS DBST
Walker, Derrik Male USMS OEVT
Ward, Susan Female USMS UC36
Weller, Jeffrey Male USMS PSM
Wessells, Hunter Male USMS OEVT
Westendorf, Eric Male USMS OEVT
Wetzler, Kari Female USMS PSM
White, Andrew Male USMS UC36
Wilkerson, Waymon Male USMS OEVT
Winans, Amanda Female USMS PSM
Woare, Matthew Male USMS PSM
Woodruff, Patrick Male USMS UC36
Yurchak, Kyle Male USMS OEVT
Zeaiter, Janet Female USMS OEVT