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43rd Annual Sunbelt Meet

Saturday, January 21 - Sunday, January 22, 2017

USMS Sanction: 137-S001

Charlotte Swim Masters, Inc

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Age Determination Date: 1/22/2017
This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

This information can be used by coaches setting up relays.
Club (18 Clubs)
Workout Group (29 Workout Groups)
Day (2 Days)

312 Swimmers
Last, First Meet
Sex Club Workout
Abernathy, Carmen 40 Female NCMS MSAM
Allen, Pam 61 Female NCMS HAWK
Andersen, Kathy 61 Female NCMS MSAM
Andersen, Morten 46 Male NCMS MAC
Anderson, Craig 67 Male FWYS
Anderson, Earl 52 Male NCMS HAWK
Anguiano, Jerry 51 Male GS
Aragon, Leah 53 Female GS
Arnholt, Alan 53 Male NCMS NCMS
Arnold, Matt 56 Male NCMS MSAM
Asby, Sarah 46 Female NCMS MSAM
Bailey, Douglas 70 Male NCMS NCMS
Ballenger, Angie 47 Female NCMS GG
Barton, Marcus 47 Male NCMS MSAM
Beachler, Michael 65 Male NCMS TMS
Bedient, Jim 70 Male SCHH
Bell, Kim 55 Female NCMS MSAM
Berting, David 60 Male NCMS HAWK
Biere, Alexander 28 Male GS
Blazevski, Marko 24 Male NCMS CSM
Bober, Richard 65 Male NCMS NCMS
Bomze, Matviy 20 Male NCMS NCAM
Bopp, Sara 52 Female GS
Borrero, Fredie 70 Male NCMS NCMS
Braden, Jennifer 42 Female NCMS MAC
Braun, Erika 44 Female NCMS RAM
Breese, Drew 20 Male UC13
Bricken, Susan 73 Female VMST
Brown, Stephen 50 Male NCMS MSAM
Browning, Amy 43 Female GS
Buckley-Kornatz, Jennifer 45 Female NCMS EAC
Burch, Jamie 32 Female NCMS NMAM
Butcher, Rob 44 Male NCMS MAC
Byer, Allan 63 Male GS
Byrum, Brittany 28 Female NCMS CSM
Campagna, Janice 56 Female NCMS EAC
Carlson, Eric 56 Male NCMS GCYM
Carter, Eddie 45 Female NCMS MAC
Catterson, William 44 Male NCMS RAM
Challis, John 43 Male NCMS MSAM
Cherry, Tammy 39 Female NCMS GG
Chin, Bernie 50 Male NCMS MSAM
Cleven, Detra 48 Female KAC
Coates, Todd 52 Male NCMS CSM
Coleman, Rick 51 Male NCMS MAC
Collins, Esther 39 Female NCMS MSAM
Conroy, Michael 70 Male NCMS MAC
Cothren, Jack 67 Male BUMS
Countryman, Marianne 52 Female GAJA
Crowder, Meaghan 30 Female NCMS YSST
Dallamura, Scott 38 Male NCMS TAC
Daugherty, Laura 31 Female UC15
DeLuca, Robert 58 Male NCMS CSM
DeMere, Susan 60 Female GS
Dempsey, Michelle 47 Female NCMS MAC
Deschler, Jennifer 27 Female NCMS EAC
Devlin, John 60 Male GS
Divish, Margaret 52 Female NCMS SAM
Dixon, Louise 56 Female NCMS CSM
Dole, Andrew 21 Male NCMS TEAM
Donaldson, Laura 29 Female USAM CSM
Dore, Mary 53 Female NCMS MAC
Dunn, Sara 44 Female NCMS MAC
Dunson, David 44 Male NCMS NCAM
Dyer, Andy 58 Male UC55
Eades, Elizabeth 31 Female NCMS NCMS
Eiselstein, Patty 37 Female KAC
Ekman, Evan 52 Male NCMS NCMS
Elias-Williams, Maria 52 Female PALM
Elliott, Kacky 78 Female GS
Ensey, James 47 Male NCMS MSAM
Eriksson, Nic 23 Male NCMS MAC
Fano, Lindsey 22 Female NCMS TAC
Fillnow, Kelly 33 Female NCMS MSAM
Fillnow, Meghan 33 Female NCMS MSAM
Fisher, Heather 44 Female NCMS MSAM
Fisher, Reita 42 Female NCMS MSAM
Fletcher, Van 41 Male NCMS TAC
Flynn, Rob 42 Male NCMS MAC
Forrester, Daniel 64 Male NCMS HAWK
Freeman, Ginnie 41 Female GS
Fricano, Laura 45 Female NCMS MSAM
Fritchen, Thomas 30 Male NCMS MSAM
Frye, Jenni 40 Female NCMS YSST
Gambrell, Carla 57 Female NCMS MSAM
Gass, Melissa 48 Female NCMS MAC
Gibbs, Ben 67 Male NCMS YSST
Giesber, Jennifer 46 Female NCMS MSAM
Giltner, AnnLee 39 Female GS
Gladden, Alli 30 Female NCMS MSAM
Glasco, Judd 35 Male NCMS MSAM
Glass, Ernie 67 Male NCMS TRYM
Gordy, Lillian 23 Female NCMS CSM
Gossert, Theodore 47 Male NCMS MAC
Gratsou-Zodl, Violetta 46 Female NCMS YOTA
Green, Kelly 51 Male NCMS CSM
Green, Marcus 41 Male NCMS CSM
Gregory, Carol 51 Female NCMS TEAM
Guittard, Grant 24 Male NCMS MSAM
Hargis, Jessica 37 Female NCMS CSM
Harrell, Haley 20 Female GS
Harrill, Kiran 50 Female NCMS YSST
Harrison, Steve 44 Male NCMS MAC
Harrold, Paul 43 Male NCMS MSAM
Haruta, Deborah Martel 49 Female NCMS CSM
Hauser, Whitney 25 Female NCMS GG
Hausler, Kurt 52 Male NCMS HARY
Haverland, Rick 64 Male GS
Heatley, Stephanie 26 Female GS
Hefron, Karen 57 Female NCMS MAC
Hegner, Brian 45 Male NCMS MSAM
Heijnen, Michel 29 Male NCMS HAWK
Hendricks, Roberto 41 Male NCMS FBM
Henson, Steven 62 Male NCMS EAC
Hernandez, Beth 45 Female UC13
Herron, Chris 44 Male NCMS MSAM
Hewitt, Jacquelyn 23 Female UC55
Hill, Katy 58 Female CCSM CSM
Hillis, Bob 56 Male NCMS MSAM
Hillman, Jason 43 Male NCMS CSM
Hoagland, Daniel 28 Male UC12
Holden, Dan 44 Male NCMS MSAM
Holden, Maureen 47 Female NCMS MAC
Holland, Amy 45 Female NCMS MAC
Hopkins, Mark 54 Male NCMS MAC
Hopland, Justin 24 Male KAC
Houlihan, Shannon 39 Female NCMS MSAM
Hovey, Mary Anna 73 Female NCMS DAMA
Hughes, Bill 70 Male NCMS MSAM
Hutcheson, Burke 49 Male NCMS PSCM
Ireland, Ashley 24 Female UC13
Izzard, Josh 24 Male NCMS NCMS
Johnson, Theo 34 Male NCMS MSAM
Jones, Becky 49 Female NCMS MAC
Kane, Robert 31 Male GS
Keisler, Theresa 45 Female NCMS MAC
Keith, Jen 31 Female NCMS MSAM
Kellinger, Jenny 54 Female VMST
Kennedy, Laura 48 Female NCMS YSST
Kennedy, Wilton 55 Male VMST
Kerestes, Jennifer 43 Female NCMS MSAM
Kern, Paul 48 Male NCMS TMS
Kimball, Daniel 43 Male NCMS MSAM
King, Tracy 50 Female GS
Klein, Jonathan 59 Male NCMS NCMS
Koeppel, Brooke 38 Female NCMS MAC
Kosofsky, Jaime 46 Male NCMS MAC
Kothe, Mark 50 Male GS
Kruse, Meghan 34 Female NCMS DAMA
Ladner, George 69 Male NCMS MSAM
Lang, Cheryl 59 Female NCMS CSM
Lee, Doug 60 Male NCMS CSM
Levintow, Kathy 60 Female NCMS HAWK
Lifer, Elizabeth 46 Female UC13
Lindauer, Kerry 42 Female NCMS MAC
Lindholm, Kyle 24 Male UC13
Lindquist, Carrie 41 Female NCMS GG
Long, John 28 Male UC13
Lyons, Jeff 46 Male NCMS MAC
Major, David 46 Male NCMS GG
Manley, Donald 55 Male NCMS FBM
Marquand, Wesley 53 Male NCMS GG
Marshall, Christine 30 Female NCMS CSM
Marshall, Sue 48 Female NCMS MAC
Maycock, Cary 48 Female NCMS EAC
Mayers, Kirsten 48 Female NCMS MSAM
Mayfield, Paul 27 Male NCMS MAC
McAdam, Robert 54 Male GS
McAlister, Troy 53 Male GS
McCormick, Bill 43 Male NCMS MSAM
McGarity, Jay 40 Male NCMS MSAM
McGee, Carmon 55 Female NCMS YSST
McKenna, Wendy 44 Female NCMS MSAM
McLuskie, Brenda 50 Female NCMS NCMS
McMurry, David 60 Male NCMS NCMS
Mennen, Trista 39 Female NCMS MSAM
Merritt, Alex 30 Male NCMS CSM
Mezzogori, Diego 48 Male GS
Mignardi, Stefano 52 Male NCMS MAC
Miller, Jamie 62 Male NCMS TMS
Miller, Richard 62 Male NCMS NCMS
Mills, Matthew 39 Male GAJA
Miskin, Russell 41 Male GS
Mitchell, Clarke 84 Male GAJA
Moak, Mary 60 Female PBM
Molinek, Donna 56 Female NCMS SAIL
Moore, Carolyn 55 Female GS
Moore, John 55 Male NCMS HAWK
Moore, Meredith 43 Female NCMS MSAM
Morrell, Jen 41 Female NCMS MAC
Morris, Brent 51 Male NCMS MSAM
Morris, Caren 49 Female NCMS MSAM
Murray, Cheryl 64 Female NCMS CSM
Murray, Jeff 47 Male NCMS MAC
Nelson, Heather 42 Female GS
Nelson, Stephanie 45 Female NCMS SAIL
Nguyen, S. 37 Male NCMS SAIL
Niemeyer, Chuck 49 Male NCMS GG
Oberdan, Angelina 30 Female NCMS MAC
Old, Cath 39 Female NCMS TMS
Oliver, Cassandra 28 Female GS
Outlaw, Adrian 36 Male NCMS FBM
Painchaud, Laurent 41 Male NCMS MSAM
Panayotoff, Kristi 68 Female GS
Parker Palace, Kelly 55 Female SYSM
Parks, Haley 25 Female NCMS NMAM
Parks, Kevin 28 Male NCMS NCMS
Parks, Ron 73 Male NCMS AMS
Parrella, Kevin 52 Male NCMS MSAM
Parsons, Donna 66 Female NCMS MAC
Paschall, Katie 48 Female NCMS GG
Patterson, Melissa 38 Female GS
Pegram, Steve 47 Male NCMS MAC
Peoples, Greg 51 Male NCMS GCYM
Pingley, Gretchen 70 Female GS
Pistorio, Tyge 51 Male NCMS MAC
Poiletman, Robert 73 Male COLM
Preuninger, Dave 70 Male GS
Price, Mary 30 Female GS
Prior, Amy 41 Female NCMS MSAM
Purdie, John 67 Male NCMS MAC
Purser, David 68 Male NCMS MSAM
Quattropani, LeeAnne 37 Female NCMS NCMS
Quillen, Diane 53 Female NCMS EAC
Quinn, Cheryl 56 Female GS
Rankin, Alison 44 Female NCMS GG
Rankin, Lisa 41 Female NCMS MSAM
Rensink, Rick 64 Male NCMS MAC
Rhodes, JerrieLynn 49 Female NCMS MAC
Rich, Judi 52 Female GS
Roberts, Connie 49 Female NCMS MAC
Robertson, William 80 Male GS
Robinson, Neal 27 Male GS
Rogers, Todd 55 Male NCMS SAIL
Rose, Robert 53 Male NCMS MAC
Rossi, Dave 28 Male NCMS MAC
Rowe, Eddie 37 Male NCMS YOTA
Rubacky, Mark 47 Male NCMS RAM
Rudisill, Kamie 47 Female NCMS CSM
Sanders, Ann 59 Female NCMS CSM
Santini, Ros 60 Female NCMS MSAM
Sasser, Jon 60 Male NCMS RAM
Sauter, Trace 28 Male NCMS MAC
Schroyer, Robin 39 Female UC13
Schurr, Julianne 32 Female GS
Scott, Leslie 52 Female GS
Scott, Rob 70 Male NCMS YSST
Seifart, Curt 65 Male NCMS CSM
Seitzer, Allyson 28 Female GS
Shanahan, Tom 41 Male NCMS MSAM
Shaw, Kathryn 37 Female NCMS MSAM
Sherin, Kelly 44 Female NCMS MSAM
Shotts, Steven 46 Male NCMS SAIL
Sims, Ann 65 Female NCMS AMS
Sites, Tyler 25 Male GS
Smith, Donald 26 Male NCMS MSAM
Smith, Jeffrey 53 Male NCMS CSM
Smith, LaJoya 28 Female UC13
Smith, Stratton 52 Male NCMS MAC
Sobey, Kelly 35 Female GS
Sorensen, Dylan 26 Male NCMS CSM
Stahl, Jim 52 Male NCMS SAIL
Starkey, Michael 62 Male NCMS MAC
Stephens, Brenda 53 Female GS
Stewart, Henry 53 Male NCMS TAC
Stolz, Hal 82 Male GAJA
Stone, Jeff 65 Male GS
Strickler, Margot 53 Female NCMS MAC
Stump, Karen 38 Female NCMS NCMS
Sturgis, Jason 44 Male NCMS MAC
Sumwalt, Christa 44 Female NCMS MAC
Szempruch, Heidi 45 Female NCMS MSAM
Tatich, Lea Evelyn 50 Female NCMS CSM
Taylor, Chelsea 24 Female NCMS E3AQ
Thomas, Chandler 27 Male NCMS MAC
Thomas, Christine 46 Female UC13
Thompson, Caroline 28 Female NCMS
Timberlake, Matthias 58 Male NCMS MAC
Trevisan, Paul 65 Male NCMS RAM
Trom, Kelsey 38 Female KAC
Tudor, Louis 60 Male VMST
Uhl, Alicia 40 Female NCMS HAWK
Vanderfleet-Scott, Jill 62 Female NCMS YSST
Vera, Gerardo 61 Male NCMS NCMS
Vestal, Neal 62 Male NCMS RAM
Vetter, Phil 38 Male NCMS MAC
Wainwright, Joanne 61 Female NCMS NCMS
Wakeman, Trudy 56 Female NCMS MSAM
Walker, Claire 23 Female GS HACM
Wall, Janet 48 Female NCMS MAC
Walter, Joseph 45 Male NCMS MAC
Walton, Jeremy 30 Male NCMS MSAM
Washburn, Jonathan 59 Male NCMS HAWK
Watters, Mark 23 Male NCMS CSM
Watterson, Laura 31 Female NCMS MSAM
Weslock, Rick 45 Male NCMS MSAM
Whelchel, Nancy 56 Female NCMS RAM
White, Bernard 73 Male NCMS CSM
White, Densel 51 Male NCMS MAC
White, Tim 61 Male NCMS CSM
White, Warren 62 Male NCMS MAC
Whitley, Andrew 27 Male NCMS CSM
Whitt, Shandra 49 Female NCMS
Williams, Kim 37 Female GS
Wilson, Debbie 62 Female NCMS SMAC
Wilson, Jamie 50 Female PALM
Wilson, Lindsay 40 Female NCMS NCMS
Wilson, Wayne 52 Male NCMS LO
Wolff, Celia 50 Female NCMS FBM
Woodard, Alis 56 Female NCMS MAC
Woodard, Chantal 28 Female NCMS MAC
Xistris, Chris 39 Male NCMS MSAM