Upcoming Colorado LMSC Swim Competition Schedule

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 7th Annual Rock Classic Masters Swim Meet

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 2018 COMSA Masters Short Course Championships

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1st Annual Nash State and National's Warm-up

Saturday, March 3, 2018

USMS Sanction : 328-S003

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Age Determination Date: 3/3/2018

Club (5 Clubs)
Workout Group (10 Workout Groups)

23 Swimmers
Last, First Meet
Sex Club Workout
Amico, Victoria 29 25-29 F THOR
Barr, Lindsay 40 40-44 F UC32
Batchelder, John 37 35-39 M CMS FMST
Bever, Jeffrey 55 55-59 M CMS BG
Charbonneau, Chanel 23 18-24 F CMS DU
Feely, Kevin 65 65-69 M CMS JAM
Flynn, Cindy 64 60-64 F CMS
Jones, Ryan 41 40-44 M CMS CAC
Magouirk, Jeffrey 56 55-59 M CMS BG
Melanson, Edward 55 55-59 M CMS UNAT
Moreno, Bridget 43 40-44 F CMS PTT
O'Donnell, Michael 65 65-69 M CMS FMST
O'Keeffe, John 56 55-59 M CMS BG
Pearson, Deborah 51 50-54 F NMMS
Pitcher, Stacey 39 35-39 F CMS WIND
Prutsman, Patrick 45 45-49 M CMS HRMC
Steenrod, Mark 61 60-64 M ELG
Stevens, Elizabeth 24 18-24 F CMS BG
Tveitmoe, Robert 65 65-69 M CMS JAM
Vidlock Granley, Kathryn 47 45-49 F CMS PTT
Vowles, Nicole 47 45-49 F THOR
Wachendorf, Mark 52 50-54 M CMS FMST
Webber, James 50 50-54 M UC32

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

This information can be used by coaches setting up relays.