2021 Lake Moomaw 1-Mile Open Water Swim

Lake Moomaw Open Water

Saturday, August 7, 2021

USMS Sanction : 121-W001

Lake Moomaw Open Water

Open Water Registration


Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2021

Club (12 Clubs)

85 Swimmers
First Middle Last Age
Sex Club
David Abraham 65-69 M VMST
Steven Akers 70-74 M OEVT
Richard D Amstutz 70-74 M OEVT
Sandra Andrew 65-69 F OEVT
Anna Miller Armfield 18-24 F OEVT
Marcia Barry 70-74 F VMST
Elisa Maria Bennett 35-39 F OEVT
Adaline Bisese 18-24 F OEVT
Justin Boggess 18-24 M OEVT
Meredith Boggess 18-24 F OEVT
Wendi Boggess 45-49 F OEVT
Lynn K Bradshaw 65-69 F OEVT
Richard L Bradshaw 65-69 M OEVT
Darcee Branham 60-64 F OEVT
Melanie Brede 45-49 F OEVT
Noelle Burgess 30-34 F OEVT
Dawn Carter 45-49 F UC12
Doug Chancey 70-74 M OEVT
Jennifer Chen 25-29 F VMST
Kathleen Coggshall 35-39 F ETM
Anca Constantin 45-49 F HRBM
Mia Constantin 18-24 F OEVT
Beth Cook 35-39 F VMST
Christian Tyler Cox 18-24 M OEVT
Edward Czaja 45-49 M BAM1
Michael Dalsey 55-59 M VMST
Wendy Dalton 50-54 F ETM
Randy Dash 45-49 M UC12
Susan R Dickens 60-64 F FAFF
Alice Findler 70-74 F OEVT
Ari Jacob Fisher 18-24 M OEVT
Nancy L Fisher 55-59 F UC09
Kevin Franceschini 55-59 M VMST
Christopher Frogley 75-79 M VMST
Rand Garrett 70-74 M OEVT
Renee Godard 55-59 F OEVT
Hugh Johnson Hagan 65-69 M OEVT
Amanda Henkler 30-34 F OEVT
Jessica Hevener 18-24 F NOVA
Barbara Hichak 65-69 F VMST
Rachel Higginbotham 30-34 F OEVT
Thomas William Hill 65-69 M OEVT
Kylene Hohman 25-29 F OEVT
Carla "Jonah" J Holland 45-49 F OEVT
Damien Wilfred Howell 70-74 M UC12
Angela V Howsmon 60-64 F VMST
Jennifer Johnston 70-74 F L4S
Alice Kassens 45-49 F VMST
Terry King 55-59 M OEVT
Denise Letendre 30-34 F VMST
Deborah Lewis 50-54 F UC12
Fritz Ligday 50-54 M BAM1
Geni Ligday 45-49 F OEVT
Shirley Loftus-Charley 70-74 F VMST
Donna Luchsinger 70-74 F VMST
Grace Lyons 18-24 F OEVT
Melanie Major 30-34 F UC09
Susan Marens 75-79 F VMST
Carol Martin 60-64 F OEVT
Christopher Massonneau 60-64 M 1693
Marilynn Mcateer 70-74 F OEVT
Karen Mickunas 65-69 F VMST
Vic Mickunas 65-69 M VMST
Thomas K Miller 65-69 M OEVT
Christine Morris 60-64 F OEVT
Cori O'Shaughnessy 30-34 F OEVT
John W Pendleton 75-79 M OEVT
Mary Ann Peterson 60-64 F OEVT
Alice Phillips 55-59 F VMST
Ashley Pratt 35-39 F UC12
Sandra Sargent 45-49 F OEVT
Amy Hay Schwab 50-54 F UC12
David Speer 60-64 M VMST
Nancy Speer 55-59 F VMST
Laura Steeley 40-44 F OEVT
Jonathan Stone 40-44 M OCCS
Anne Mette L Stripp 55-59 F OEVT
Jan F. Stripp 55-59 M OEVT
Nicole Sullivan 35-39 F OEVT
George Sushkoff 55-59 M VMST
Elizabeth Tual 35-39 F ETM
Patrisha Wells 35-39 F OCCS
Nicole Williams 45-49 F BAM1
Monica Woodward 40-44 F OEVT
Scott Worsham 65-69 M VMST

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

Lake Moomaw Open Water

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