6th Annual Aly Fell Open Water Swim

Bellingham Bay Swim Team

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bellingham Bay Swim Team

Open Water Registration


Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2019

Club (15 Clubs)

56 Swimmers
Last, First Age
Sex NGB Club
Anderson, Sydney 25-29 F USMS UC36
Berg, Barry 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Brown, Grace F USAS UN
Bruning, Ingrid 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Buffington, Jenna 45-49 F USMS ROCK
Carantit, Maria 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Carlton, Wyatt M USAS BBST
Carroll, Maura 40-44 F USMS UC36
Christopher, Mary 40-44 F USMS UC37
Coombs, Katie 30-34 F CAN SQTI
Courtney, Zena 60-64 F USMS BWAQ
Cuthbert, David 45-49 M USMS PSM
Dahl, David 30-34 M USMS PSM
Drawbaugh, Kirby 80-84 M USMS BWAQ
Duprey, Nicholas 40-44 M CAN EBSC
Falette, Denise 60-64 F USMS OEVT
Falette, Michael 65-69 M USMS OEVT
Fegley, Bryce 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Fertig, Tricia 55-59 F USMS PSM
Freeborn, Stephen 60-64 M USMS BWAQ
Gillis, Peter 60-64 M USMS UC36
Gleixner, Amy 30-34 F USMS PSM
Grabow, Wade 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Grant, Vince 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Harrell, Steve 70-74 M USMS OEVT
Hicks, Roger 60-64 M USMS UC36
Hossner, Anne 40-44 F USMS BOZE
Hughes, Gretchen 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Jajewski, Suzy 40-44 F USMS OREG
Johnsen, Hans 30-34 M USAS SWAT
Johnson, Catherine 40-44 F USMS UC36
Jones, Derek M USAS BBST
Jones, Gavin M USAS BBST
Legg, Stacey 50-54 F USMS PSM
Mange, James 60-64 M USMS PSM
McCurdy, Hank 70-74 M USMS UC37
McCurdy, Ian 30-34 M USMS PSM
McKinney, Alexandra 30-34 F USMS PSM
Nelson, Hayden M USAS BBST
Nelson, Heather F USAS BBST
Nicholson, Ross 55-59 M CAN WRW
Nolan, Daniel 30-34 M USMS UC36
Paje, Rachael 55-59 F CAN WRW
Peterson, Dick 80-84 M USMS PSM
Pettit, Jayette 50-54 F USMS OREG
Scanlon, Paul 65-69 M CAN WRW
Schaufler, Kirby 55-59 M USMS PSM
Schott-Bresler, Kayla 30-34 F USMS PSM
Skrzypek, Heidi 50-54 F USMS ROCK
Smith, Brendan 50-54 M USMS UC36
Smith, Daniel 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Underbrink, Dan 60-64 M USMS PSM
Warnekros, Bill 65-69 M USMS OEVT
Williams, Levi 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Winquist, Andrew 25-29 M USAS MMSC
Wolfe, Amy 45-49 F USMS PSM

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

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