2023 Swim Defiance Open Water Races

Swim Defiance

Sunday, August 6, 2023

USMS Sanction : 363-W003

Swim Defiance Open Water

Open Water Registration


Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2023

Club (10 Clubs)

63 Swimmers
First Middle Last Age
Sex Club
Cameron Michael Akers 25-29 M OEVT
Michael Philip Bandow 55-59 M OEVT
Elizabeth Basta 35-39 F OEVT
Scott Bell 45-49 M OREG
Scott Bonney 65-69 M ROCK
Kristen Bowler Marere 55-59 F UC36
Ted Callow 45-49 M OEVT
Samuel C. Chao 45-49 M PSM
Alexandra E Chapman 35-39 F OEVT
Julie Ann Cooke 35-39 F OEVT
Mike Cooper 35-39 M OEVT
Tito Craige 75-79 M NCMS
Rachel Croghan 35-39 F UC36
Gianluca D'Alessandro 50-54 M UC36
Andrew M Davis 35-39 M OEVT
Theo Stefan Eicher 55-59 M OEVT
Ginger Forner 40-44 F PSM
Stephen Freeborn 65-69 M BWAQ
Eiko Fujikawa 45-49 F OEVT
Kristin Galbreaith 60-64 F PSM
Peter Gillis 65-69 M PSM
Katharine Harvey 25-29 F OEVT
Michael Louis Healey 70-74 M UC37
Diana K Hermanson 55-59 F PSM
Roger Hicks 65-69 M PSM
Jourdan Hull 35-39 F OEVT
Paul Hunziker 45-49 M OEVT
Sarah Elizabeth Jenner 18-24 F OEVT
Kelly Jensen 40-44 F UC36
Yael Joffe 55-59 F PSM
Stephen June 40-44 M PSM
Katie Kammert 30-34 F OEVT
Erin Kealy 25-29 F ROCK
Lisa Keith 50-54 F PSM
Scott Kuehn 45-49 M UC36
Michael Kula 50-54 M UC36
Yun Li 25-29 F PSM
Eleanor Logan 35-39 F ROCK
Andrew Lum 30-34 M ROSE
Jami Marks 40-44 F PSM
Scott Matthews 60-64 M BWAQ
Shelby Hertel Merrill 25-29 M OEVT
Wayne Methner 70-74 M PSM
Zane Miller 35-39 M SERC
Caitlin Motley 35-39 F PSM
Jenell Outerson 55-59 F BWAQ
Anthony Nicholas Phillippi 60-64 M OEVT
Martin Qian 30-34 M UC36
William J Reid 40-44 M OEVT
Vincent Rioux 55-59 M UC36
Mary Margaret Robinson 60-64 F OEVT
Timothy Sean S Rody 55-59 M PSM
Phillip Sasser 40-44 M OEVT
J Thomas Schurter 65-69 M OEVT
Heidi Marie Skrzypek 55-59 F ROCK
Olena Slobodyan 35-39 F PSM
Jeanna Wogan Summers 65-69 F OREG
Jessica Uhler 45-49 F OEVT
Philip Wood 55-59 M PSM
Joe Yarkin 55-59 M ROCK
Becky Lyn Youman 55-59 F OEVT
Gehua YU 55-59 M PSM
Lei Yuan 30-34 M PSM

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

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