2018 O*H*I*O Masters Hudson SCM Swim Meet

O*H*I*O Masters Swim Club

Saturday, December 8 - Sunday, December 9, 2018

USMS Sanction : 188-S007

O*H*I*O Masters Swim Club

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It is now 3:25 PM ET Time on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.
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Swimmer Registration Fri, Aug 31, 2018
01:00 PM
Fri, Dec 7, 2018
06:00 PM

Sat. Dec. 8, 2018 Warm-ups: 3:00 p.m. Deck entries until 3:50 p.m. Meet: 4:00 p.m.
Sun. Dec. 9, 2018 Warm-ups: 8:00 a.m. Deck entries until 8:50 a.m. Meet: 9:00 a.m. for 400 freestyle, 9:30 a.m. or later for Event 20.

LOCATION: The East Woods School is located on North Hayden Parkway. From the intersection of Rte. 303 and Rte. 91 in the center of Hudson, go east on Rte. 303 about 0.8 mile. Turn left (north) on Hayden Parkway. The driveway into East Woods School is 0.3 mile on the left. The pool is on the far west end of the building. The pool is a 6 lane, 25 meter pool with Kiefer non-turbulent lane markers and Daktronics Omnisport 2000 automatic timing. The length of the competition course without a bulkhead is in compliance with USMS in accordance with articles 105.1.7 and 107.2.1. The primary timing system will be a Daktronics 2000 automatic timing system with touchpad finishes. Times may be submitted for USMS records and USMS Top 10 times.

ELIGIBILITY: 2018 U.S. Masters Swimming rules will govern conduct of the meet. Because of insurance requirements, all swimmers must be registered U.S. Masters Swimmers. If not registered, swimmers can register online with USMS after the entry due date or at the meet (additional fee required), but swimmers must be USMS registered before swimming any events. The USMS Release of Liability must be signed electronically during online meet entry or must be signed on paper for mailed entries. Please send a copy of your USMS card with your mailed entry. Relay only swimmers need only complete the entry form. Relays are $10.00.

AGE GROUPS: Age of competitors on Dec. 31, 2018 will determine age group. Age groups are: 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, etc. For relays, the age group is determined by the sum of the ages of the swimmers: 76+, 120+, 160 +, 200+, 240+, 280+. All relays can be swum with 4 women, 4 men, or mixed (2 women and 2 men).

ENTRY LIMIT: Six individual events per day, plus relays. No limit to the number of relays entered. Swimmers over entered will be removed from their last event on each day over entered.

AWARDS: Individual events: First-place medal, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-place ribbons. Relays: first, second, and third-place ribbons. For those who have too many medals and ribbons, we offer alternate awards – coupons – for first, second and third place in individual events and first place in relays.

SEEDING: Heats will be formed by submitted times, regardless of age or sex, and will progress from fast to slow to "No Time" and deck entries.

DEADLINE: Online registration is offered on ClubAssistant.com. Online entries will close at 6 p.m. on Friday, December 7, 2018. Paper entries must be received by the Meet Director by Wednesday, December 5, 2018. Deck entries will be accepted until 3:50 p.m. on Saturday and 8:50 a.m. on Sunday, except for event 20 (400 m. Freestyle). 

1 DAY ONLINE ENTRIES                                                           1 DAY PAPER ENTRIES
O*H*I*O Masters Members: $25.00                                             O*H*I*O Masters Members: $30.00
Non-O*H*I*O Masters Member: $35.00                                       Non-O*H*I*O Masters Member: $40.00
Relay Entries: $10.00                                                                   Relay Entries: $10.00

2 DAY ONLINE ENTRIES                                                            2 DAY PAPER ENTRIES
O*H*I*O Masters Members: $35.00                                             O*H*I*O Masters Members: $40.00
Non-O*H*I*O Masters Member: $45.00                                        Non-O*H*I*O Masters Member: $50.00
Relay Entries: $10.00                                                                    Relay Entries: $10.00

ONE DAY Deck Entries: $50.00
TWO DAY Deck Entries: $75.00

NOTE: Swimmers age 80 and over can enter for free. These swimmers must use the mail in form.

Online entries are paid by credit card to ClubAssistant.com and your credit card will be charged by "ClubAssistant.com Event Billing" for this swim meet. For mailed entries, make checks payable to O*H*I*O Masters Swim Club and mail to Meet Director, P.O. Box 43824, Cleveland, Ohio 44143. Online entries are cost effective and strongly recommended.

SOCIAL: The Social will be combined with the Annual Membership Meeting of the Lake Erie LMSC. The social will be held at a location in Hudson, Ohio to be announced. The social will start after 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

1500 AND 800 METERS FREESTYLE: Enter the 800 m. freestyle only if you do not plan to swim the 1,500 m. freestyle. Swimmers who swim the 1,500 m. freestyle will be entered in the 800 m at their request. We will use your 800 m. split as your final time.

SATURDAY EVENTS: We offer events on late Saturday afternoon to allow people to swim events that would otherwise be too close together on Sunday. A stroke and distance swum on Saturday may not be repeated the next day. Results of the Saturday events are combined and scored with the results on Sunday.

MEET DIRECTOR: Kevin McCardle/ Tom Gorman

RESULTS will be posted on www.ohiomasters.com usually within a day or two.


Saturday, December 8, 2018 - Session 1 - Saturday Afternoon
Warm-ups start at 3:00 PM
Meet Session starts at 4:00 PM
Meet Session is estimated to end at 7:30 PM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 50 M Free
2 Mixed 50 M Back
3 Mixed 50 M Breast
4 Mixed 50 M Fly
5 Mixed 400 M IM
6 Mixed 100 M Free
7 Mixed 100 M Back
8 Mixed 100 M Breast
9 Mixed 100 M Fly
10 Mixed 100 M IM
11 Mixed 200 M Free
12 Mixed 200 M Back
13 Mixed 200 M Breast
14 Mixed 200 M Fly
15 Mixed 200 M IM
16 Mixed 800 M Free Relay
17 Mixed 800 M Free
18 Mixed 1500 M Free
Sunday, December 9, 2018 - Session 2 - Sunday Morning
Warm-ups start at 8:00 AM
Meet Session starts at 9:00 AM
Meet Session is estimated to end at 12:30 PM
# Sex Event
19 Mixed 400 M Free
20 Mixed 200 M Fly
21 Mixed 400 M Free Relay
22 Mixed 100 M Back
23 Mixed 50 M Free
24 Mixed 200 M Breast
25 Mixed 200 M Medley Relay
26 Mixed 50 M Fly
27 Mixed 100 M Free
28 Mixed 200 M IM
29 Mixed 100 M Breast
30 Mixed 50 M Back
31 Mixed 100 M Fly
32 Mixed 200 M Free Relay
33 Mixed 200 M Free
34 Mixed 50 M Breast
35 Mixed 200 M Back
36 Mixed 400 M Medley Relay
37 Mixed 100 M IM

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