2022 Santa Cruz Open Water Weekend

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Saturday, July 30 - Sunday, July 31, 2022

USMS Sanction : 382-W004

Santa Cruz Masters & Santa Cruz Surf Life Saving Assn

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Santa Cruz Surf Life Saving Assn

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Swimmer Registration Mon, Jun 27, 2022
12:00 PM
Fri, Jul 29, 2022
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47th Annual Roughwater 1 Mile Swim,
Saturday, July 30

The CRUZ CRUISE - Middle Distance USMS National Championship (2.5 Miles),
Sunday, July 31

HOSTS: Santa Cruz Masters and Santa Cruz Surf Life Saving Association

ELIGIBILITY: For the CRUZ CRUISE entrants must be at least 18 years old. All swimmers must be USMS registered. Proof of USMS registration is mandatory. This swim is sanctioned by Pacific Masters Swimming and conducted under USMS Long Distance and Pacific Masters Open Water guidelines.  Entrants under 18 years of age may only enter the 1 Mile Roughwater Swim.  Under 18 entrants must have parent signature.  UNDER-18 ENTRANTS MUST ENTER THROUGH A SEPARATE PATH; CLICK HERE FOR THE UNDER-18 ONLINE ENTRY PATH.

ENTRIES: Online entries only. 

  • Online entry fee for the One Mile Roughwater Swim is $55 per person if received by July 29.  Late or race day registration is $65.
  • Adult, non-USMS members may enter the One Mile Roughwater Swim by paying an additional $15 fee for a One-Event USMS membership during the online entry process.
  • Online entry fee for the CRUZ CRUISE is $65 per person if received by July 29.  Late or race day registration is $75. 
  • Online entry fee for both swims is $110 per person if received by July 29.


1 Mile Roughwater Day of Entry:  $65.  Entry fee is non-refundable. All 18+ swimmers must be Pacific Masters/USMS registered, OR pay an additional $15 fee for a One-Event USMS membership. A copy of your 2022 USMS card must be shown at check-in for race-day entrants. Proof of USMS registration is mandatory. 

2.5 Mile USMS National Championship Day of Entry: $75.  All swimmers must be Pacific Masters/USMS registered. A copy of your 2022 USMS card must be shown at check-in for race-day entrants. Proof of USMS registration is mandatory.   

Under 18 Swimmers Please Click Here to Register

DIVISIONS:  The usual USMS divisions: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc., for both male and female using Category 1 swimsuits.  For  Category 2 wet suit division, also 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc.  For both the Roughwater and the CRUZ CRUISE, PLEASE INDICATE ON ENTRY FORM IF WEARING A WETSUIT.  See Pacific Masters Open Water web site for swimsuit Category information.

Entrants wearing wetsuits will be entered into Category 2 division for competition and awards.  No USMS Championship awards for Category 2 swimmers.

SAFETY:  Safety services provided by the Santa Cruz City Beach Lifeguard Service and Santa Cruz Surf Life Saving Association. All contestants are required to wear a brightly colored swim cap.  Caps provided for the 1 Mile Roughwater and for the CRUZ CRUISE.    Cut-off time for the 1 Mile Roughwater is 1 hour. Cut off time for the 2.5 Mile swim is 2 hours.  No personal escorts are permitted.    Insulated swim caps permitted; no other swim aids allowed. Contestants in wetsuits and other defined swimwear such as rashguards are eligible for USMS/PacMasters points or awards in their respective Category 2.

Expected water temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15-16 Celsius).  Take note that we will not have after swim snacks as in previous years.  We will do our best to supply hot water and packets of hot chocolate and tea bags for the CRUZ CRUISE.  There are no post-race snacks or water for the Roughwater but there are water fountains just off the beach.  Food easily available at the Ideal Restaurant immediately adjacent to our swim course and the Picnic Basket, immediately across the street from our swim location.


  • For the Roughwater on July 30, check-in begins at 9:30 am, closes at 10:45 am.  Race starts at 11:00 a.m. 
  • For the CRUZ CRUISE on July 31, check-in begins at 7:00 am and closes at 8:00 am.  Race start at 8:30am (fog dependent). 
  • Registration for the Roughwater is at Lifeguard Tower #1 in front of the Dream Inn, west side of the pier. 
  • Registration for the CRUZ CRUISE is immediately on the East side of the pier, on the beach in front of the Ideal Restaurant.

FOR BOTH SWIMS please list a time for a 1 Mile Swim.  Waves for both swims will be determined based on submitted times.  No time entered will put you in the last wave.


For the 1 Mile ROUGHWATER:  Contestants receive a siren start, enter the ocean at Lifeguard Tower #3 on the east side of the Municipal Pier, swim parallel to the pier, around the end, and then straight to the finish in front of the Dream Inn on the west side of the pier. The course is one mile.  Wave starts based on submitted 1 Mile time. 

For the 2 Mile CRUZ CRUISE:  The CRUZ CRUISE 2.5 Mile National Championship starts and finishes just to the left (east) of the Santa Cruz Pier. Swimmers will start in designated waves.  Swim parallel to the pier to the first buoy off the end of the pier (this buoy may be replaced with a 35' former Coast Guard tender).  Right shoulder turn around the buoy (or boat) then swim parallel with the pier (now on the west side) towards shore.  Swim to the turn buoy anchored next to Lifeguard HQ.  Left shoulder turn and swim to the next turn buoy.  Left shoulder turn and head directly to the original buoy (or boat) anchored off the end of the pier.  Left shoulder turn will have you swimming parallel with the pier on the east side, heading directly toward the finish.  Finish with a run up the beach.  Wave starts based on submitted 1 Mile time.

EQUIPMENT:  Use of fins, pull buoys, or other swimming devices are prohibited. Soft hand paddles may be used as prosthesis only if they do not present a safety hazard to other swimmers. Race director shall have final decision.

AWARDS:  For the Roughwater, medals for 1st through 3rd place Category 1 only.  No awards for Category 2 swimmers.  For the CRUZ CRUISE, awards given for 1st through 8th place for the Category 1 swimmers in the USMS National Championship.  Awards are 1st through 3rd for Category 2 swimmers. 

Direct questions to:

City Lifeguards:  831-420-6014

Race Director Scott Patterson:  scott_patterson@comcast.net   831-706-7950
Joel Wilson:  openwatr@got.net   831-425-5762

• From Highway 1 North come into town on Highway 1/Mission St. Continue west along Mission for 0.6 miles. Turn right onto Bay Ave. for 0.9 miles. Find parking in the vicinity of the Dream Inn and/or Santa Cruz Municipal Pier. 

• From Highway 17 continue along Ocean Street as the freeway ends at the top of Ocean Street.  Go 0.7 miles to Soquel Avenue. Turn right onto Soquel Avenue, go 0.3 miles over the bridge to Front Street. Turn left onto Front Street, go south 0.6 miles along Front Street until it curves to the right and meets the intersections of Washington St. and Center St.  Go around the round-a-bout, heading South, to the end of Center Street.  Pass around the next round-a-bout to either on-street parking or the Santa Cruz Pier.

PARKING: Various kinds of parking are available in the vicinity of the Santa Cruz Pier.  Long term parking available on the pier and metered parking is available close to the pier.  Parking meters accept payment through the Parkmobile app.

If you have previously entered the 1-Mile Swim or the 2.5-Mile Swim, and now you would like to ADD the other race to that entry, then click "Add to My Previous Entry".

COVID 19 PROTOCOLS:  We will follow all California, Santa Cruz County, and Santa Cruz City Parks COVID-19 protocols at the time of event.  We plan to provide a disposable mask to swimmers that can be worn until entering the water.  A disposable mask will be given to each swimmer upon exit from the race.  We appreciate everyone's adherence to state and local guidelines at the time of the event.

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "SC MASTERS AQUATICS."

Online Registration closed on 7/29/2022.