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Sunday, October 16, 2011

USMS Sanction : 121-08

Warrenton Masters Swim Team

Swim Meet Registration

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It is now 8:06 AM ET on Sunday, May 27, 2018.
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Swimmer Registration Fri, August 26, 2011 12:00 AM ET Thu, October 13, 2011 11:59 PM ET

Sanctioned by: LMSC for Virginia for USMS, INC. Sanction #121-08

Location:  Warrenton Aquatics and Recreation Center, 828 Waterloo, Warrenton, VA 20186

 Warrenton Masters Swim and Tri,  Reston Masters Swim Team

: 11 lane, 25 yard pool, non-turbulent lane markers. 6 lanes will be used for competition, 8 if we have too many entries to finish meet prior to 12:00; 4 lanes will be available for continuous warm-up and cool down. This is a grade “A” facility with a clean deep cool-water course, bleachers, and lots of light. We will use electronic timing and are certified for USMS records and Top Ten.

Important Notes:
 Locker Rooms are available. No glass containers in the pool area. 

:  From I-66, exit 43A -29 travel 11.5 miles south to 15/211 travel 2.1 miles, turn right on Frost Ave just past Burger King. Make first right after passing first light into parking lot.   From the South take Route 29 North, turn left at US-15/US-17/US-29 go 2.6 miles, turn Left on Frost Ave/US-211. Turn right just after first light into the parking lot (1 block). 

Meet Director:
  Charlie Tupitza

Eligibility: The standard Masters age groups will be used (18+, 25+,35+,45+ etc). Your age is your age on October 16, 2011. All swimmers must be registered with USMS. If you are currently registered, include a copy of your registration card with your entry. If you are not currently registered, you may include your registration form and a separate check (to LMSC for VA) with your entry, register online at www.usms.org or be prepared to register with LMSC for Virginia on the day of the meet. USMS registration (through LMSC for VA) is $33. Forms are available at www.warrentonmasters.org/Blog click USMS Registration on left. They will also be available at the pool for new swimmers.

ORDER OF EVENTS:  Pool opens at 7:30 am. Warm-up starts at 8:00 am. First heat begins at 9:00 am.

Men and Women Relays will swim together to help meet move quickly. A separate heat will be held for Mixed Relays.

Non-Sanctioned Relays are designated in blue below. Sanctioned relays to be made up of same team members.

1.     200 Medley Relay Men                                               

2.     200 Medley Relay Women                       

3.     200 Medley Relay Mixed                                   

4.      200 Medley Relay Friends           

5.     200 Free Relay Men                                   

6.     200 Free Relay Women                       

7.     200 Free Relay Mixed                       

8.     200 Free Relay Friends                       

9.     800 Free Relay Men                       

10.   800 Free Relay Women                       

11.   800 Free Relay Mixed                       

12.   800 Free Relay Friends

13.   400 Free Relay Men

14.   400 Free Relay Women

15.   400 Free Relay Mixed

16.   16.  400 Free Relay Friends

17.   400 Medley Relay Men

18.   400 Medley Relay Women

19.   400 Medley Relay Mixed

20.   400 Medley Relay Friends

21.   100 Free Relay Friends

22.   100 Medley Relay Friends

23.   1000 Relay Anything Goes

24.   200 Back Relay Friends

25.   200 Breast Relay Friends

26.   200 Butterfly Relay Friends

27.   4 x 50 Anything Goes

FRIENDS: The friends designation means you can swim with who ever you want to, any team, any sex, have fun.

ANYTHING GOES: Must have 2 or more, up to 20 swimmers 1 at a time, can repeat swimmers, swim anything you want in any order, wear what ever you want, anything goes, just cover the distance, any team, any sex. Last min relay cards OK for these events. 

ENTRIES: Fixed Fee of $25 per person, Deck Entries $30. You may enter as many relays as you wish. Men and Women will swim at the same time. Mixed and Friends Relays will swim at same time in separate heat. We will match you up with swimmers for relays if your team does not have enough swimmers to field a team. Coaches, we will make on line relay formation available Oct 13. Swimmers must be registered.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Entries should be received by Tuesday, October 12th. Deck entries $30 per person fixed fee. 

RULES: Current USMS rules for Masters Swimming will apply. Relays will be seeded according to times; heats will run slowest to fastest; Swimmers will be expected to cooperate with the Safety Marshall who will monitor warm-up. No diving during warm-up except in designated lanes. Sanctioned relays to be made up of same team members.

What does the event designator “Anything Goes” mean?

Swim what ever you want to cover the distance of the event as long as you have more then one swimmer. Example: 1,000 Relay; 20 x 50 each swimmer can swim multiple times or you can have 10 swimmers.   Maybe someone wants to swim a 100 IM followed by a 200 fly, and a 700 free. Let your imagination go free with numbers of swimmers order numbers of swims, as long as you swim a total of 1000 yards. Wear anything but your birthday suit. Have a great theme?

I am on a team that doesn’t have enough swimmers to form a team, what do I do?

Register, circle events that you want to swim, Check I need help finding relay members. We will match you up with other swimmers looking to form relays.   Your times will be unofficial unless everyone on your relay is on your team and you will be swimming in the events in blue. Have fun!

There are a lot of swimmers from my team coming to the meet, what do I do?

Register, circle events that you want to swim, speak with your coach. Have fun!

I want to form a relay with friends that are not on the same team.

Register, see above, coordinate relay with friends, inform your coach, have someone send in relay card for that event. Remember you can only be on one team per event.   There are 23 events. Enjoy!

How many events can I swim?

As many as you wish. You can only swim in one relay per event.

I am coming from out of town. Is there any housing availble to me other then hotels?

Yes, A limited number of rooms are available, first come first serve at our members homes.

What types of bathing suit can I wear at this race?

Normal USMS events listed in black require adherance to USMS swim suit policy. Anything Goes events are not limited to that policy and are unofficial.   How fast can you go in that old tech suit or fun suit?

Top Ten and Official Times?

All Standard USMS events designated in black text will be official. Top Ten times will be submitted to USMS and your LMSC. Times will be eligible for national records.

Disclosure: This event is not attempting to make a statement about weather or not the new swim suit regulations are a good idea or not. We just recognize that a lot of people have suits and would like to wear them once and a while..

Entry Fees: Are per person

Sanctioned Relays.

All sanctioned relays must meet USMS rules and be made up of swimmers from the same USMS team.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Warm-ups start at 8:00 AM
Meet Session starts at 9:00 AM
# Sex Event
1 Men 200 Y Medley Relay
2 Women 200 Y Medley Relay
3 Mixed 200 Y Medley Relay
4 Mixed (Unofficial) 200 Y Medley Relay
5 Men 200 Y Free Relay
6 Women 200 Y Free Relay
7 Mixed 200 Y Free Relay
8 Mixed (Unofficial) 200 Y Free Relay
9 Men 800 Y Relay
10 Women 800 Y Free Relay
11 Mixed 800 Y Free Relay
12 Mixed (Unofficial) 800 Y Free Relay
13 Men 400 Y Free Relay
14 Women 400 Y Free Relay
15 Mixed 400 Y Free Relay
16 Mixed (Unofficial) 400 Y Free Relay
17 Men 400 Y Medley Relay
18 Women 400 Y Medley Relay
19 Mixed 400 Y Medley Relay
20 Mixed (Unofficial) 400 Y Medley Relay
21 Mixed (Unofficial) 100 Y Free Relay
22 Mixed (Unofficial) 100 Y Medley Relay
23 Mixed (Anything Goes) 1000 Y Free Relay
24 Mixed (Unofficial) 200 Y Back Relay
25 Mixed (Unofficial) 200 Y Breast Relay
26 Mixed (Unofficial) 200 Y Fly Relay
27 Mixed (Anything Goes) 200 Y Free Relay

Please note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events."
Online Registration closed on 10/13/2011.
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