2010 Search for Monongy 1.2 & 2.4-Mile Open Water Swim

Allegheny Mountain Masters Events

Sunday, July 11, 2010

USMS Sanction : 110-OW-001

Allegheny Mountain Masters Events

Open Water Registration


Registration Schedule

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Swimmer Registration Mon, Mar 22, 2010
12:00 AM
Sat, Jul 10, 2010
03:00 PM

Online Registration has been extended to July 10, 2010 at 6pm Eastern Time

Allegheny River, North Side Riverfront Park, North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Sponsored by:  Allegheny Mountain Masters (AMAM)
Sanctioned by Allegheny Mountain LMSC for USMS
Sanction #110-OW-001
Part of the USMS GLOWS Series

• 1.2 Mile
• 2.4 Mile
• White Knuckle

COURSE: Leave from the shore in front of Heinz Stadium under Fred Rogers Statue, swim cross-current upstream 592 yards, turn and swim cross-current upstream 592 yards passing under the Sixth Street Bridge, turn and swim downstream 926 yards to finish/start line.  The 2.4 mile course would be 2 laps.

Registration/Check in 9:00 – 10:00 am
Warm-up: 10:00 – 10:45 am
Pre-race briefing:  10:45 am

Wave 1:  11:00 Men 39 & Under 2.4 mile = green caps
Wave 2:  11:05 Men 40 & Over 2.4 mile = orange caps
Wave 3:  11:10 All Women  2.4 mile = yellow caps
Wave 4:  11:15 Men 39 & Under 1.2 mile = red caps
Wave 5:  11:20 Men 39 & Over 1.2 mile = blue caps
Wave 6:  11:25 All Women 1.2 mile = pink caps
Wave 7:  11:30 White Knuckle 1.2 mile = white caps

ELIGIBILITY: All swimmers must be registered with USMS and be 18 years & over as of Sunday, July 11, 2010.  USMS membership is verified during online registration.  The Search for Monongy event is open to all annually registered USMS swimmers. Register online for USMS membership by going to www.usms.org/reg.  The USMS registration forms are also available at www.alleghenymountainmasters.org

Early Bird Entry BEFORE May 31, 2010 = $50
All Entries AFTER May 31, 2010 = $60
Late Fee Surcharge AFTER June 28, 2010 = $20
Online Registration has been extended to July 10, 2010 at 6pm Eastern Time

RULES: Current USMS Rules will govern this race. 

TIME LIMIT:  The course cut-off time will be 2:20 for the 2.4 mile and 1:10 for the 1.2 mile.  Any swimmers on the course after the cut-off will be escorted off the course and will be disqualified.

TIMING: Electronic timing will be used.  Each swimmer will wear an electronic timing chip on an ankle bracelet to automatically record their time.  Timing chip must be returned or a $30 charge will be assessed to the swimmer.

SAFETY: Swimmers unable to complete 1.2 mile in 1hour 10 min. or 2.4 miles in 2 hours 20 mins are advised not to enter.  Swimmers still on the course after the time limit will be stopped and listed as DNF in the results.  In case of inclement weather, the race director may close the course and prevent swimmers from completing the swim.  Entry fee includes a highly visible swim cap that must be worn during the swim and all swimmers must have their race number on their arm.  Lifeguards, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards will monitor the race course.  Motor boats will be stationed outside of the course to aid in the removal of swimmers and to define the course.  Officers from River Rescue, USCG & EMT services will be present.

SWIM CAPS: Entry fee includes a swim cap that must be worn as the top cap for all competitors.

WET-SUITS: may be worn.  However, times will be posted in a separate category and are not eligible for USMS records, All-American or All Star consideration. To wear a wetsuit, you must declare it on your entry.  Changes may not be made on race day.  Average water temperature of the Allegheny River in July is 76 - 78.

WHITE KNUCKLE: The use of fins, snorkels, wetsuits, hand paddles, floaties, etc. will be permitted in this category.  The meet director shall have the final say on aides permitted on the course.  This is a non-competitive category and all participant finishers will receive completion awards.

AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded to the top 6 men & women in each age group in each Non-wetsuit category, and to the top 3 men & women in each age group in each Wetsuit Swimmers category. Wetsuit swimmers will not be eligible for USMS rankings.

START & FINISH LOCATION:  North Side Riverfront Park, North Shore & Art Rooney Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15212.  There are 25 hotels within 3.5 miles of the start/finish line.  The park is located on the Allegheny River between PNC Park & Heinz Stadium.  Course Map.


Pittsburgh Water Quality:

Historically speaking, the steel mills and other heavy industries did significant damage to the rivers.  Industry run-off killed river habitats, both in and along the river.  The "odd" color and odoriferous smell of the river became legendary.  Myths and legends of man-size, man-eating catfish (such as the Monongy) were created.  The lore kept folks from using the river for anything other than boating.  In fact, when I started talking about this project in December 2009, everyone scratched their head and asked me "Why would you want to swim in the river?".  I reminded folks that they jet-ski, water ski, kayak, and canoe on the rivers - why not swim?

I have been following the bacteriological reports, talking with river monitoring groups US Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, and Clean Water Action about the quality of the river water.  I've taken the reports, studies & findings to an independent water testing facility.  B & R Pools assures me that there is nothing unusual or alarming about the reports with respect to water quality and swimming.

In addition to the actual water monitoring groups, the PA Fish & Boat Commission studies and monitors the fish and indigenous species of the rivers.  They note an increase in the numbers and variety of species of fish and beaver have been spotted along the banks of the rivers.  View biologist reports

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has water quality data available for the Allegheny River.

Real-time water temperature sites on the Allegheny River are here:

Allegheny River Main Stem
03012550  Allegheny River at Kinzua Dam, PA 
 03/30 09:00 EDT 
03036500  Allegheny River at Kittanning, PA 
 03/30 09:00 EDT 
03049640  Allegheny R at Lock and Dam No. 3 at Acmetonia, PA 
 03/30 08:00 EDT 

United Nations World Environment Day 2010 to be held in Pittsburgh

Water Matters Conference 

River Lore

Legend has it that “Monongy”, the man-fish lives in the river. There are records that go as far back as the French and Indian War that describe encounters between British soldiers and strange aquatic creatures. The local Indian tribes referred to this creature as "Monongy". There was even a Monongy craze in the early 1930's through the late 1950's. Sightings occurred on a weekly basis and the police department created a task force whose sole purpose was to investigate sightings of the creature. No evidence was ever produced to lend credence to the claims until May 12, 2003 when a privately owned fishing vessel was the first to take photos of the creature. The photos were available on line for a short time until they were inexplicably taken down. Speculation persists that the government has procured the photographs and are covering up the existence of Monongy. Crypto zoologists from around the world still frequent the Monongahela every year to catch a glimpse of the elusive water beast.

The Search is On . . . GAME ON!

GREAT LAKES OPEN WATER SWIM (GLOWS): Swimmers earn points for top 10 finishes in each GLOWS event:  1st: 22 points, 2nd: 18 points, 3rd: 16 points, 4th: 14 points, 5th: 12 points, 6th: 10 points, 7th: 8 points, 8th: 6 points, 9th: 4 points, 10th: 2 points.  Swimmers are awarded 10 points for each race participation.

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events."

Online Registration closed on 7/10/2010.
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