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Terrapin Masters

Sunday, June 23, 2019

UMAC Masters

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UMAC- Terrapin Masters 2019 Long Course Terrapin Cup
Sanctioned by U.S Masters Swimming through Potomac Valley Masters Swimming
Sanction #: 109-S004
Date: 23 June, 2019
Meet Director:  Natalie Taylor –
Meet Referee: Amy Hsu –
Meet Location: Eppley Recreation Center 4128 Valley Drive, College Park MD 20742

Schedule: Sunday 23 June, 2019. Warm up 7:00 – 8:20a, Competition 8:30a

Meet Format: Join UMAC-Terrapin Masters for a fun summer meet. In this Pentathlon type meet, we have designed event options and the order of events to encourage swimmers to try something new. Please ensure you read and understand the order of events before entering the meet. 50s of stroke + 200IM is one challenge, 100s of stroke + 400IM is the second challenge and 800m, 400, 200, freestyle is the third challenge. Choose wisely. Prizes will be awarded for the best female and male IMer and Mid Distance Freestylers. 

Eligibility: Participants must be registered Masters Swimmers and at least 18 years of age as of 23 June, 2019. Swimmers turning 18 after the meet entry deadline and by 16 June, 2019, must enter the meet by the meet entry deadline and register for USMS at the venue on 23 June. If a swimmer wishes to affiliate with a Masters club, the club and swimmer must both be registered with the same Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC). If there are questions about affiliation, the swimmer will be entered with the affiliation “UC.” International entries must include a copy of the swimmer’s Masters Swimming registration card and fees in U.S. dollars.

Age Groups: Age for the meet is determined as of 31 Dec, 2019, except for 18-year-olds, who must be 18 by 23 June, 2019. Age groups for individual events: 18–24, 25–29, 30–34, 35–39 … (five year increments as high as necessary). Relay events: 72–99, 100–119, 120–159, 160– 199, 200–239, 240–279, 280–319, 320–359, 360–399 … (40-year increments as high as necessary). The aggregate age of the four relay team members determines the age group.

Awards: Ribbons will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, male and female in each age group.

Warm up Procedures: Swimmers must enter the pool feet first in a cautious and controlled manner. No diving or backstroke starts will be allowed, except in designated sprint lanes. One or two lanes shall be designated as one-way sprint lanes during the pre-meet warm-up sessions in the competition pools only. Any swimmer who acts in an unsportsmanlike or unsafe manner within the swimming venue may be considered for appropriate action or penalty by the referee (rule 102.13.3). Pull buoys, kickboards, fins, hand paddles, and snorkels are not allowed in the competition or warm-up pools.

Entries: Online entries will be accepted via Club Assistant, and must be completed by 16 June, 2019. Competitors requiring paper entry forms should contact the meet director no later than 20 May, 2019. Deck entries will only be accepted for events where there are empty lanes available. Deck entries from swimmers not already entered in the meet will cost $20 paid in cash at the time of entry.

Fees: Fees are $15, plus a $5 meet surcharge per swimmer. Fees must be paid at the time of entry. Entries are not complete until fees have cleared. The fees also apply to relay only swimmers. Relay only swimmers must submit entries and payment by the entry deadline. The meet surcharge fee will be used to provide lunch for all attendees.

Entry Deadlines: 11:59p on Sunday, 16 June 2019

Seeding: Swimmers will be seeded slowest to fastest, based on age and gender. Events 400m or longer, may be seeded and swum as mixed gender events.

Positive Check-in: All events 400 meters or longer will require positive check in. Positive check in closes for events 400 meters or above 10 minutes before the conclusion of warm ups each session. Heat sheets will be posted at the start and turn ends of the competition pool once positive check-in closes.

Top 10 & Record times: The length of the competition course is in compliance and on file with USMS in accordance with articles 105.1.7 and 107.2.1, but as a bulkhead course, is subject to length confirmation. Eligibility of times for USMS Top 10 and records will be contingent on verification of bulkhead placement.

Officials: Officials are being coordinated by the meet referee Amy Hsu. Officials wishing to lend their services should make their availability known to the meet referee using the email Officials assigned to the meet should sign in at the officials table prior to the start of warm-ups for each session.

Timers: Timers are very important to the success of the meet, individuals available to time, should indicate that on the online sign up. Refreshments will be provided for timers, and persons who work an entire session, will receive a gift at the conclusion of the session. 

Order of Events: 
Mixed 800 Freestyle
100 Butterfly
50 Butterfly
100 Backstroke
50 Backstroke
Mixed 400 Freestyle
100 Breaststroke
50 Breaststroke
100 Freestyle
50 Freestyle
200 Freestyle
200 Individual Medley
400 Individual Medley

Warm-ups start at 7:00 AM
Meet starts at 8:30 AM
Meet is estimated to end at 12:00 PM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 800 M Free
2 Women 100 M Fly
3 Men 100 M Fly
4 Women 50 M Fly
5 Men 50 M Fly
6 Women 100 M Back
7 Men 100 M Back
8 Women 50 M Back
9 Men 50 M Back
10 Mixed 400 M Free
11 Women 100 M Breast
12 Men 100 M Breast
13 Women 50 M Breast
14 Men 50 M Breast
15 Women 100 M Free
16 Men 100 M Free
17 Women 50 M Free
18 Men 50 M Free
19 Mixed 200 M Free
20 Women 200 M IM
21 Men 200 M IM
22 Women 400 M IM
23 Men 400 M IM

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from " Events."

Online Registration closed on 6/18/2019.
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