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2017 English Bay Love to Swim!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Masters Swimming Association British Columbia

Swim Meet Registration

Registration Schedule

It is now 12:52 AM PT on Monday, June 18, 2018.
Registration is closed because the maximum entrants was reached.
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Swimmer Registration Fri, December 2, 2016 12:00 AM PT Sun, February 12, 2017 11:59 PM PT
This competition is limited to the first 200 entrants.

Location:          Vancouver Aquatic Centre 1050 Beach Ave, Vancouver BC, Canada
Sanction No:    SBCM1705
Rules:               MSC rules and the Swim BC Tech Guide will be in effect at this meet.

Warm-up:          9:30 to 10:15 am MSC warm-up procedures will be in affect at this meet.
Events:             10:30 am – 4 pm
Pool:                 25m x 8 lane competition pool with electronic timing. 25y x 6 lane warm-up pool

Seeding:           All events are timed finals.  Men and women will be seeded together in the same events by time. This will be a cardless meet with the exception of relays.

Awards:            All swimmers will receive a certificate of participation.   Award labels showing name, event, time and placing will be given to each swimmer.

Eligibility:         Swimmers currently registered with their provincial, state or national Masters organizations are eligible to compete.  Must have proof of Masters affiliation.

Entry Info:        The entry fee is CAD $40 or USD $40 per person and must accompany  registration.  No deck or phone entries.  Maximum number of swimmers: 200

We encourage all participants to enter as early as they can and to register  quickly  and easily online using the link at Online registration makes setting up the meet so much easier for the organizers. If you absolutely can’t register online, please complete an entry form at the end of this meet package.

There  is  a  limit  of  four  (4)  events  per  swimmer,  plus  relays.  Relay  entry  forms  will  be available at the meet and must be submitted by 10am.   Your club is also invited to take part in the exhibition and entertaining  Pink Flamingo Relay (1 team entry per club, exhibition, deck entry, limit of 6 teams).

Deadline:          Entries must be received on or by  Sunday, February12th,2017. 

Social Events: You are also welcome to join us at our Saturday afternoon practice. Check our website for practice time/location:

Meet Manager: Doug Doyley/Alex Muir   Email:

* Unfortunately due to time limits at the pool, the 800m may have to be scratched if the meet is running late.

Swimmers may also wish to donate to A Loving Spoonful, a non-partisan society that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Vancouver Area.  Please consider including a donation with your registration.

MSC Warm-Up/Warm-Down Procedures CMSW

1.6      MSC Warm-Up/Warm-down Procedures shall be enforced at all Masters’ swimming competitions in Canada. CMSW

1.6.1 The warm-up/warm-down shall be supervised. There shall be a minimum of two qualified officials, acting as Safety Marshals for each course with the authority to control the warm-up including to warn or remove offending swimmers and to report to the referee for possible further disciplinary action CMSW

1.6.2 There shall be a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the start of the meet for general warm-up. If there is no continuous warm-up facility or lane available during the meet there shall be a 15 minute warm-up period at least every 2 hours. There shall be a 15 minute warm-down period at the conclusion of the meet CMSW

1.6.3 There shall be no diving or jumping from any area of the deck or starting blocks.
Swimmers shall enter the water feet first in a cautious manner with at least one hand in contact with the deck or gutter. There shall be barriers placed on the starting blocks. CMSW

1.6.4 All lanes shall be used for general warm-up with circle swimming only.
Swimmers shall circulate in opposite directions to adjacent lanes. Starting at one side of the pool, lanes shall be designated as slow, medium and fast lanes.
There should be pictorials at the end of the lanes showing this and the direction of circle swimming. CMSW

1.6.5 Twenty minutes prior to the end of warm-up one outside lane, and in pools of six lanes or more, the adjacent lane, on the fast side of the pool, as in CMSW 1.6.4, shall be designated as sprint lanes. The starts shall be from the normal starting end of the pool with one way swimming only. Upon completion of the length the swimmer shall leave the lane. CMSW

1.6.6  The  wearing  of  watches,  pacing  and  musical  devices,  sharp  or  dangerous jewelry, bracelets with the exception of medical alert bracelets, the use of hand paddles, pull-buoys, kick boards and swim fins, shall be prohibited.

1.6.7 Warm-up  procedures  shall be prominently  posted at the various areas of the pool deck.

Meet starts at 10:30 AM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 400 M Free
2 Mixed 200 M Medley Relay
3 Mixed 100 M IM
4 Mixed 50 M Breast
5 Mixed 100 M Back
6 Mixed 200 M Fly
7 Mixed 100 M Free
8 Mixed 200 M Breast
9 Mixed 50 M Fly
10 Mixed 400 M Medley Relay
11 Mixed 200 M IM
12 Mixed 50 M Free
13 Mixed 200 M Back
14 Mixed 100 M Breast
15 Mixed 100 M Fly
16 Mixed 200 M Free
17 Mixed 50 M Back
18 Mixed 400 M IM
19 Mixed 200 M Free Relay
20 Mixed 800 M Free

Please note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "Masters Swimming Assoc of BC."
Online Registration closed on 2/12/2017.
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