2023 Taos High-Altitude Gobbler Swim Meet

Taos Swim Club Masters

Saturday, November 18, 2023

USMS Sanction : 432-S004

Taos Swim Club Masters

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Swimmer Registration Fri, Oct 6, 2023
08:00 AM
Tue, Nov 14, 2023
11:59 PM

2023 Taos High-Altitude Gobbler Swim Meet
Masters Swim Competition
November 18, 2023
Warm up: 12:30 pm  

Meet Director:     Greta Brown, taostigersharks@gmail.com
Meet Entry Chair:  Maya Burnett y Velarde, taosswim.entries@gmail.com
Meet Referee:      Thomas Mc Laughlin, tpm@pobox.com
Administrative Official:  Maya Burnett y Velarde, taosswim.entries@gmail.com

Hosts:    Taos Swim Club, Inc., Masters Team  (575) 779-3648

Location:  Taos Youth and Family Center, 407 Paseo Del Canon E, Taos, NM 87571, 575-562-8172

Sanction:  Sanctioned by NM LMSC #423-S004 for USMS

Disclaimer:  In granting this approval, it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming, Inc. (USA-S), New Mexico Swimming (NMSI), Taos Swim Club, Inc, Taos Youth and Family Center, Town of Taos, NM, and all meet officials shall be held free and held harmless from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of this event, which includes warm-up session and including the consumption of any food or drink provided by host team.  Damage to the facility, when proved, will cause the offending swimmer if unattached or the offending swimmer’s club, if attached, to be held accountable for repairs.

Facility:  The Taos Youth and Family Aquatic Center is an indoor pool located on the west side of the Taos Youth and Family Center at 407 Paseo del Canon E, Taos, NM.  The facility altitude is approximately 7010 ft.  It is an 8-lane, 25 yard pool.  Lanes 1-6 will be used for competition, Lane 7 will be left empty, and Lane 8 utilized for continuous warm-up and warm-down during the conduct of the meet.  All 8 lanes will be used for the warm-up prior to the start of the meet. The pool is equipped with non-turbulent lane lines and Colorado Timing System with touch pads at the finish end.  The water depth at the starting end is 7 ft and 3-1/2 ft at the shallow end. During the competition there will be no diving in the warm-down lane and circle swimming only.  Entry into the warm-down lane is from the shallow end only. The length of the competition course is on file with USMS. There are separate male and female locker rooms with restroom facilities. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the facility and glass containers are prohibited inside and outside the facility. Outdoor patio seating is available.  Indoor spectator seating available poolside.

  • This is a Short Course, Pre-seeded. Timed Finals meet.
  • A timeline will be published for guidance only.
  • 2023 USMS rules will govern this meet.
  • There will be a positive check-in for the 500 free.
  • The meet will be published with heat sheets available on Meet Mobile.
  • Open to all 2023 USMS registered swimmers
  • All USMS registrations will be verified.
  • No on-deck registrations will be allowed.
  • No deck entries will be allowed.    
Proof of Registration:  USMS registration must be verified to compete.  

Coaches:  A coaches’ meeting may be called at the discretion of the Meet Referee. 


Fees:  $50.00 entry fee includes up to 5 individual events plus 2 relays, pool usage fees and a host-provided potluck beginning at 11:30 am.

Online Entries (PREFERRED) must be received by Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 11:59pm.  

Paper Entries are due to the entry chair by Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 at 10:00 pm.   Email your entries to taosswim.entries@gmail.com.  Fill out the paper entry form available here, sign and date the USMS liability waiver (separate page), and email those documents to taosswim.entries@gmail.com.  Pay by cash or check at the meet or mail a check payable to Taos Swim Club Inc. to Taos Swim Club Inc, c/o Taos Youth and Family Center, 407 Paseo del Canon East, Taos, NM 87571.  All entry fees must be received prior to the start of warm-up.  

Entry Limits:  Swimmers may compete in up to 5 individual events and two relays. No deck entries will be accepted. All entries will be seeded and swum slowest to fastest. Each swimmer must provide someone to count their laps for the 500.  Lap counters provided.   
Check in: Positive check-in is required for the 500 free and all relays at the admin table.  The check-in time will be 30 minutes before the start of competition events.  Relay cards will be distributed to a coach or team representative to declare relay swimmers and swim order. Completed relay cards must be returned to the Clerk of the Course. 

Scoring: There will be no scoring for individual events or relays. 

Awards: No ribbons will be given.

Rules: 2023 USMS rules govern this meet in any area not explicitly covered in this announcement.

Warm up:  A 30-minute warm-up will start at 12:30 pm. Swimmers must enter the water using a 3-point entry from the right side of the block in a cautious manner. No diving from the blocks or pool edge during general warm-up.  Dive starts will be allowed from 12:50 – 12:58 pm in designated lanes.  Dive starts will be one-way only.      

Disabled Swimmers: Disabled swimmers are welcome.  The swimmer (or swimmer’s coach) is responsible for notifying the meet referee, prior to the competition of any disability of the swimmer and the requested modification, if any.  The swimmer/coach shall provide any required assistant(s) or equipment.  

Timeline Adjustments:  Rest time between events may be added as needed.

Heat Sheets and Results: Heat sheets will be available via Meet Mobile.  Printed copies will be posted as well as two copies printed for each team. Results will be published on Meet Mobile and emailed to each coach and unattached swimmer. 


Facility Restrictions: The Town of Taos and the Taos Youth and Family Center prohibit smoking, vaping or the use of other tobacco products anywhere on the premises.  No glass containers will be allowed anywhere inside or outside the Taos Youth and Family Center.  There are no pets allowed on the deck.  Use of audio or visual recording devices, including cell phones, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.  Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is prohibited.  Use of profanity is prohibited. Overflow space will be provided on the patio.  Any violation of the above rules may result in an individual’s removal from the premises.  

Starting Block Area:  Spectators are not allowed behind the blocks at any time during the meet.  The starting block area is reserved for swimmers, officials, coaches and timers only.  Timers and other volunteers may not use any recording devices, including cell phones in this area. 

Recording Devices:  Use of audio and visual recording devices are not permitted in changing rooms, rest rooms, showers, locker rooms, or behind the blocks.  Flash photography is not allowed at the start of any event.  

Drones: Operation of a drone or any other flying apparatus is prohibited over the venue at any time athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators are present.

Deck Changing:  Deck changing is prohibited.

Shaving:  Shaving is not permitted in the facility during the event, including in the showers or locker rooms.

Swimwear:  All athletes entered in the competition must comply with current USMS swimming rules regarding swimwear.  The referee shall have the authority to bar offenders from competition until they comply with the rules.  Any kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless approved by the referee.  


Note:  The facility is being used for a high school meet in the morning.  There is a small chance this could cause a delay in the projected time-line.  

11:00am:  Event Check-In begins
11:30am:  Host provided Potluck lunch
12:30pm:  Positive Check-in for 500 and Relays
12:30pm:  Warm-up commences 
12:50pm:  Dive starts in designated lanes
12:58pm:  Clear pool
1:00pm:  National Anthem & Event Commences

Warm-ups start at 12:30 PM
Meet starts at 1:00 PM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 200 Y Medley Relay
2 Mixed 100 Y IM
3 Mixed 200 Y Free
4 Mixed 50 Y Fly
5 Mixed 100 Y Back
6 Mixed 50 Y Breast
7 Mixed 100 Y Free
8 Mixed 50 Y Back
9 Mixed 100 Y Breast
10 Mixed 50 Y Free
11 Mixed 100 Y Fly
12 Mixed 500 Y Free
13 Mixed 200 Y IM
14 Mixed 200 Y Free Relay

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "TAOS SWIM CLUB MEET."

Online Registration closed on 11/14/2023.
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