2020 Pool Versus Cool Swimming Challenges

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Wednesday, July 1 - Wednesday, September 30, 2020

USMS Sanction : 340-S004, 340-W001

Salt Lake Masters Swimming

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How do you plan to swim this summer?
Most pools are closed.  The ones that have opened are enforcing strict social distancing between swimmers.  Normal group workouts probably will be limited at best.
Do you want to compete this summer?
Almost all in-person swim competitions have been cancelled or postponed.
What are you going to do?
Well, you can’t do many of the things in swimming that you have normally done all your life. But there are options.
  1. Hopefully you can lap swim for short periods in your local public pool.
  2. You can open water swim responsibly in small groups.
  3. Finally you can compete with other USMS swimmers in a virtual nationwide competition featuring both distance swum and timed events.
Swim the Distance / Race the Distance
2020 Pool Versus Cool Swimming Challenges
Hosted by Salt Lake Masters Swimming
Event Description
This summer all USMS swimmers are impacted by the COVID 19 virus.  Most competitions have been cancelled or postponed.  Even swim practices have been impacted by social distancing requirements.  This event challenges swimmers to find new ways to swim.  It’s the first event where pool swimmers and open water (cool) swimmers are able to compete head to head.  It‘s also the first virtual competitive event where participants use swim trackers to record their practice distances and their timed swims for 500m, 1500m and 5000m in pool or open water venues. The swims are automatically uploaded into Swim.com where they are tabulated in real time against other swimmers’ efforts by gender and age group.
Event Comparison to Go the Distance and ePostal Long Distance Championships
This event is an updated version of two popular USMS events: Go the Distance Fitness Event and ePostal Long Distance Competitive Events.
Go the Distance (GTD) is a fitness event where participants manually enter their practice distance in the USMS FLOG system where they can rank their cummulative distance against swimmers in their gender and age group. Swim the Distance updates GTD into a competitive event where partiicipants use swim trackers to record their practice distance and then automatically upload them into an online database where they can compete in real time against other swimmers in their gender and age group.
ePostal Long Distance is a series of competitive pool events where participants swim long distance swims recorded manually by a counter/timer during a set period of time for submission to a event management team who tabulates results for a national championship. Race the Distance changes the ePostal events by swimmers using swim trackers to record their swims in both pools and open water and automatically uploading them into a online database that allows swimmers to compete against swimmers in their gender and age group in real time over a period time making multiple submissions. 
Swim.com is the official workout and training platform of USMS. It supports swim trackers for pool and open water swims including Apple (iOS), Samsung (Android), and Garmin. 
This event allows swimmers to compete for the first time against themselves and other swimmers in their gender and age group in pool, open water, and combined classifications.
Event Requirements
1) Participants must be current USMS members, College Club Swimming "Bridge" Members or obtain a USMS One Event Registration ($15).
2) If the venue in which Participants choose to swim does not offer basic accident protection, Participants must follow USMS insurance guidelines for pool and open water practices to be covered. These are simply stated: During the swims, all swimmers must be registered with USMS and under direct supervision of a USMS member.
3) Participants meet follow all rules established by the venue where they swim including recently established social distancing requirements.
4) Participants must use swim tracker devices currently supported by Swim.com for uploads into their database. For pool swims, Swim.com supports Apple iOS, Android, and Garmin devices. For open water swims, Swim.com has recently begun supporting Garmin and Suunto GPS devices. Apple iOS and Android devices are to follow.
5) Participants must use Swim.com to upload data from their swims. Manual entry of open water swims is allowed but only with swim GPS mapping and stats attached to the manual entry.
6) Participants must refrain from any act of fraud, deception or dishonesty in connection with this event or knowingly providing false information including name, date of birth, age or gender on the event entry form. Failure to do so  may result in disciplinary action by USMS pursuant to USMS Rule 402.3, 402.4.3 and 402.4.4.
Event Duration
Event begins at 12:01 AM on July 1, 2020 and ends at 11:59 PM on September 30, 2020. No swims can be included prior to event registration and event beginning. No swims can be included after event ends.  All swims must be uploaded within 24 hours of time swim was completed.
Event Rules for Competition
Due to the breadth of swimming venues and conditions and to be fair to all participants, this event has few rules for competition. Participants cannot receive propulsive assistance from any device or person during any swim. In general, open water swims and any portion submitted for Timed Challenges should begin and end at the same location (to be verified by GPS mapping of the swim). In general, swimmers are allowed to use any swimwear or gear of their choosing during their swims. This event allows for spot challenges which may have more restrictive rules for that specific swim.
Competitive Challenges
In general all results will be tabulated for both genders and all USMS age groups. Participant age for the event is their age as of 12/31/2020. (Reference: USMS rule 301.4: "In open water and postal swims, the eligibility of a swimmer shall be determined by the age of the swimmer on December 31 of the year of competition, except for 18-year-olds, who must be 18 on the day that they swim.")

Participants will compete in three classes; pool, open water and combined.

Swim the Distance: Participants will complete in monthly and overall total distance swum. Participants may use either unit of measure to record their distance. Results will be tabulated in meters in real time on Swim.com.

Race the Distance: During the event participants may submit portions of their swims to compete in 500m, 1500m and 5000m challenges. Multiple submissions are allowed. Only the fastest submission from each participant will be included in the tabulation.

Participants may adjust their swims completed at an altitude of 3,000 feet or higher in accordance with procedure described in USMS Rule 104.5.3 C. (1) Altitude adjustment. Submissions must be submitted within 24 hours of completing the swim. Results will be tabulated in real time on Swim.com.

Spot Challenges: Sponsors may offer spot challenges during the event with special rules.
Event Awards
Awards for all challenges will consist of gear or coupons from event sponsors. Awardees will be determined by random drawing. Number of chances in each drawing will be determined by place in each challenge. Once a participant has won an award, they are not eligible for additional awards.
Event Entry
Event Entry will use Club Assistant online entry system for USMS swimmers. Entry fee is a one time payment of $25.00 for all challenges. Entries will open on June 1, 2020 and close at 11:59 PM on August 30, 2020.

During the month of June, participants are encouraged to register for the event, obtain their swim tracker, install and use Swim.com, find their swim venue and begin uploading swims into the event database. Results from June are strictly for event system trials and for participants to prepare for the event competition beginning July 1.

Proceeds from this event will be used to offset training and competition costs of swimmers on the University of Utah Club Swimming & Diving, a registered non-profit entity under the jurisdiction of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Event Management
This event is being managed with the help of individuals from the University Of Utah Club Swimming & Diving (UTES). UTES is a registered club in both the College Club Swimming (CCS) organization and USMS. This past season UTES had 100 registered members. Like USMS, UTES lost their opportunity to compete at their National Championship Meet due to the COVID 19 virus. They were the only CCS club to compete at Last Summer’s USMS National Championship at Mission Viejo, CA.

CCS just completed its third year of operation. It’s being mentored by USMS and shares many of the same principles as USMS. Key difference in CCS and NCAA swimming is the members in CCS control their sport. They receive no funding from the NCAA and burden all the cost of their participation. They are true student athletes. They balance their studies, work, and activities with their swimming. They own their swimming. They run the club in all manners. They are better athletes because of this responsibility. The UTES are scheduled to host the first ever Western Regional CCS Championships this fall in Salt Lake City.

Due to the high cost of travel combined with the burden of missing classes limits in-person participation for many CCS athletes. The UTES have a great interest in this initial effort at virtual competition. Likewise they are not intimidated by emerging technology and social networking through the cloud. They plan on participating in this event but will not receive any awards. If this was an event for just their members it would have to include many other athletic activities. They will be the individuals who help our members to navigate the systems to participate in this event.

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events."

Online Registration closed on 8/30/2020.
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