2021 SNS Open Water Championships

Del Paso Country Club

Saturday, September 25, 2021

USA Swimming Sanction : SNS22-OW1

Del Paso Country Club

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Fri, Sep 24, 2021
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2021 SNS Open Water Championships
       Hosted by Del Paso Country Club
Lake Natoma, Folsom, CA | September 25, 2021

5K Race (13 & O)
Race Time – 9:00am
3K Race (11 & O)
Race Time – 10:45am
1K Race (9 & O)
Race Time – 12:00pm

Sanctioned by: Sierra Nevada Swimming
Date of Meet: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Hosted by: Del Paso Country Club
Entry deadline: 12pm Friday, September 24, 2021
Sanction Number: SNS22-OW1

VENUE 1901-1921 Hazel Ave, Nimbus Flat Recreation Area, Gold River, 95670 CA
Directions from Davis: Take US-50 East. Take exit 21 onto Hazel Avenue. Turn left onto Hazel Avenue toward Nimbus Dam, Orangevale. In .2 miles, turn right into Folsom Lake State Rec Area, Natoma Canal Way.
Directions from El Dorado Hills: Take US-50 West. Take exit 21 onto Hazel Avenue. Turn right onto Hazel Avenue toward Nimbus Dam, Orangevale. In 300 feet, turn right into Folsom Lake State Rec Area, Natoma Canal Way.

WARM-UP Designated areas in the Lake will be available for warm up prior to races.

KEY PERSONNEL              
Meet Director: Adric Jope adric@delpasocc.org, (916) 832-9618
Meet Referee: Melissa Szpik-Serrao officialmelissasn@gmail.com, (415) 713-2359
Admin Official: Kevin Tokunaga kftokunaga@hotmail.com
Starter: Bonnie Ragland blsragland@gmail.com
Medical Officer: Kyle Ritchie kjritchie@ucdavis.edu
Independent Safety Monitor: Ken Paquette ken.paquette@gmail.com

RULES Current USA Swimming rules, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP), will govern this meet. All coaches on deck must complete the CDC or NFHS Concussion course. Current SNS Meet procedures will be enforced and take precedence over any errors or omissions on this entry form. Please see Part Seven of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations for complete list of Open Water Rules. Swimmers must swim in their actual Age Group as determined by their age on September 25, 2021.

DISABILITY SWIMMERS  Please contact the Meet Referee regarding any special need. The swimmer/coach shall provide any assistant(s) and/or equipment required.
RECORDING DEVICES The use of audio-visual recording devices, including cell phones are not permitted in restrooms.
MEDIA NOTICE This meet may be covered by the media, including photographs, video, web casting and other forms of obtaining images of athletes participating in the meet. Entry into the meet is acknowledgement and consent to this fact.
DRONES Operation of a drone or any flying apparatus is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas, open ceiling locker rooms, lake, race course, and other race related features) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present.

ELIGIBILITY   The SNS Open Water Championships are open to all athletes who are currently registered as year-round members with USA Swimming, and meet the specific event qualifying criteria. All athletes 18 years or older must complete ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING (within 30 days of turning 18).

SWIMWEAR      No swimmer shall be allowed to use or wear any device that may be an aid to speed, endurance, or buoyancy. No foreign substances may be applied to ones body to aid speed, endurance or buoyancy. A maximum of two (2) caps may be used. Swimwear must conform to USA Swimming Rule 701.5. Any wetsuits worn will disqualify a swimmer from placing/awards.
AWARDS          1st – 8th place finishers, male and female, will be awarded medals for each of the following events:
9/10 1k, 11/12 3k, 13/14 3k & 5k, 15-18 3k & 5k
Final results will be posted on the course and uploaded to the Event Page on Del Paso Pirate’s  webpage.

ENTRIES      Entries are available only at ClubAssistant.com Event Page. Entries will be due no later than 12pm Friday, September 24, 2021.
ENTRY FEES    5K Race: $60    3K Race: $50    1K Race: $40
Entry fees are due at time of entry.

TECHNICAL MEETINGS      All swimmers and coaches will be sent technical meeting notes prior to race day. Each coach and swimmer is responsible for all information distributed. The technical meeting will be conducted virtually, via email.   Meeting information will be published the week of the meet.
PRE-RACE BRIEFINGS In addition to the technical meeting, all swimmers must be present for the Pre-Race Briefing at the race start area prior to each race. At this meeting, race officials will distribute last minute information on weather and water conditions, emergency procedures, etc. Briefings will be held 15 minutes prior to the scheduled race start. Positive check-in is required. swimmers shall be marked with their race numbers on both upper arms and their upper backs. The swimmers shall be numbered vertically down the arms and horizontally across the upper backs. Fingernails and toenails will be inspected and will need to be trimmed if deemed too long.
WEATHER  CONTINGENCY     The safety of swimmers is our primary concern. Therefore, this event may be delayed or canceled due to poor conditions. The Independent Safety Monitor, Meet Ref and the Meet Director will make this decision.   Rescheduling will occur later during the race day if possible.

RACE DAY RACE START TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Race check-in times, briefings, start times and exact SCHEDULES schedule of events will be determined after the entry deadline.
Race day check-in: 8:00am for the 5K races. Check-in for later races will open 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of the race. Athletes are encouraged to arrive 1 hour before their approximate race start time.
MANDATORY Pre-Race Briefing: Briefings will take place in designated meeting area 15 minutes prior to race start (men’s & women’s race meetings will be done together if possible)

PARKING INFO There is a $10 park charge to park.

COURSE INFO The planned course map is provided. It is subject to change. There will not be feed stations for these races. An in water “rope start” will be used to begin the races. Athletes will swim the course clockwise and keep designated turn buoys on their right per the course map.
Athletes will finish the race by exiting and running across a finish line. Finishes will be judged by race officials. Video replay at the finish will be available. Electronic chip timing will not be available.  Athletes are limited to finishing their race within 30 minutes of the first finisher.


Independent Safety Monitor: Ken Paquette
Races will be supervised by certified lifeguards, provided by the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. One motorized water safety craft will be on the course during races, following the athletes. In addition to the motorized craft, 4-6 lifeguards/officials/volunteers in kayaks/paddleboards will be spread-out along the course approximately every 150m.
Accounting for Swimmers
Competitors will be pre-assigned race numbers. All swimmers will be checked in and marked at race time. Number of swimmers in a race will be announced to all officials and safety personnel prior to the start of the race.
Meet officials will have direct radio communication with each other and the Safety Monitor, who will be located on shore. If the lifeguards on the course do not have radio communication, non-verbal communication will be used to indicate a swimmer in distress or an emergency. The non-verbal communication will be lifting and waving the kayak paddle in the air while issuing a series of short whistle blasts.
In the case of an emergency, athletes will exit the course along the south side of the shoreline. An emergency will be indicated by the lifeguards issuing 3-long whistle blasts. Athletes will be able to walk back to the race briefing area after exiting the water where a head count will be conducted. If an athlete is unable to evacuate on their own, kayakers will stabilize the athlete until a motorized water craft can assist the athlete to shore. The start/finish area will be the primary evacuation point.
Independent EMTs will be on site along with an ambulance lead by the Medical Officer.
Medical Equipment
AEDs and first aid are available near the start/finish area. Lifeguards will have basic first aid on hand.
Cold water, hot chocolate, bananas, granola bars and fruit snacks will be provided for all athletes and volunteers.

Anticipated Conditions
Water temperature is expected to range between 65-75°F
Peak air temperature is expected to range between 75-95°F
Current: None (closed water way)
Marine life: Fish

Causes of Cancellation

The Meet Referee, Independent Safety Monitor, Medical Officer and/or Meet Director hold the right to cancel the event if any issues of safety are not satisfactory, including but not limited to water conditions (quality/temperature), air conditions (quality/temperature), adequate safety/medical response procedures.

The event will be in compliance with USA Swimming Rules. See Section 7 of the USA Swimming Rulebook for  more information or topics not addressed in this meet form.

# Sex Age Group Event
1 Mixed 5K Youth 13-18 5000 M Free
2 Mixed 3K Youth 11-18 3000 M Free
3 Mixed 1K Youth 9-10 1000 M Free

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events."

Online Registration closed on 9/24/2021.
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