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Base Membership
SWIM membership options include you pool fees and USMS membership.  Polo covers your membership in QUAC but pool entrance fees must be paid for each practice.

SWIM Basic Member Monthly - $50/month - Swimming**
POLO Basic Member Annual - $35/year:  Polo only

**USMS Membership is included with all SWIM memberships for insurance while participating with the club in approved activities and is included in your membership

Swimming Elite Memberships
These are tax deductable donations and include your membership, pool fees, USMS and donation. SWIM membership options include you pool fees and USMS.

SWIM Bronze Member - $60.00/month: $10 month donation
SWIM Silver Member - $75.00/month:  $25 month donation
SWIM Gold Member - $100/month:  $50 month donation
SWIM Platinum Member - $150/month: $100 month donation

Polo Elite Memberships
If you are playing polo or you would like to continue to donate in a monthly amount please select one of the following.  Polo covers your membership in QUAC but pool entrance fees must be paid for each practice

POLO Bronze Member - $15 month donation
POLO Silver Member - $30 month donation
POLO Gold Member- $50 month donation
POLO Platinum Member- $100 month donation

If you have any questions regarding membership, changing to an Elite Membership or wish to change the amount above the standard please contact us at membership@quacquac.org

QUAC (Queer Utah Aquatic Club) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of adult amateur aquatic sports regardless of age, ability, gender or sexual orientation. All swimmers, water polo players, triathlon enthusiasts and divers of any skill level, even individuals who would just like to learn, are welcome to join.

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations may be fully tax deductible. These contributions allow QUAC to continue providing a safe and healthy environment to promote aquatic sports in our community and will strengthen its programs and mission.

All our coaches and Board officers are volunteers.

INSTRUCTIONS: To become a QUAC member, please complete this 2-step registration form.  On step 2 you will be asked for your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover) information.  Once you complete step 2 and submit the form, you are immediately eligible to participate.

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