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1) To become a Jupiter Diving Club member, please complete this online registration form. Once you complete and submit the form, give your first BOCC monthly fee payment to a coach on deck. You are immediately eligible to participate.

2) USA Diving.  All members must join USA Diving.  The County and coach requires all divers participating register with USA Diving.  Registering annually with USA Diving will enable you to participate in events and have insurance coverage.  Please bring current card to pool deck with a copy of the receipt from this registration.

3)  AAU Diving.  Novice divers are not required to join AAU Diving at this point.  JO3 and JO4 divers are required to join AAU Diving as our team will participate in AAU sanctioned meets.  If you are in doubt, please ask Coach Derek for clarification as to whether or not your diver is required to have an AAU Diving membership.

USA Diving - www.usadiving.org
AAU - www.diveaau.org


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AAU membership required for JO3 and JO4 divers; Novice divers optional
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