Upcoming Minnesota LMSC Swim Competition Schedule

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 2017 Minnesota Masters Long Course Meters State Meet

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship

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2017 Minnesota SCY State Championship Meet

Saturday, April 8 - Sunday, April 9, 2017

USMS Sanction: 306-S004

Minnesota Masters

Swim Meet Registration

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Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 4/9/2017
This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

This information can be used by coaches setting up relays.
Club (12 Clubs)
Workout Group (12 Workout Groups)
Day (2 Days)

211 Swimmers
Last, First Meet
Sex Club Workout
Anderson, Joseph 32 Male MINN HOP
Anderson, Marc 68 Male MINN HOP
Arlander, David 76 Male MINN
Arnosti, Libby 25 Female MINN MAC
Aufderhar, Kevin 46 Male MINN
Bachman, John 67 Male MINN
Badger, Alexandra 27 Female MINN SCY
Badger, Bob 57 Male MINN SEMS
Badger, Jason 28 Male MINN SCY
Ballard, Barb 57 Female MINN HOP
Barry, Amy 45 Female MINN
Beckers, Kris 45 Female MINN SCY
Bennett, Dennis 51 Male IAMA
Bergman, John 75 Male MINN
Bibeau, Daniel 19 Male UC30
Bibeau, Dennis 54 Male UC30
Bindert, Chris 37 Male MINN ESC
Braski, Jonathan 32 Male NORT
Britton, Becky 56 Female MINN
Broch, Billy 28 Male NORT
Brown, Donald 89 Male NORT
Brown, Donnie 59 Male NORT
Brown, Perry 65 Male NORT
Burgess, Randal 58 Male GWST
Burks, Jonathan 29 Male MINN SEMS
Busch, Jeremy 38 Male MINN
Carlson, Emma 18 Female MINN BUS
Carlson, Martha 54 Female ISMT
Carlson, Reid 26 Male MINN RIP
Carroll, Pat 64 Male NORT
Caticchio, Mike 63 Male MINN
Challeen, Tony 25 Male MYWM
Cliff, David 42 Male MINN SDVL
Coad, Amy 47 Female UC30
Collins, Craig 57 Male MINN HOP
Cowles, Catherine 63 Female NORT
Dadashev, Dennis 21 Male UC30
Dahlager, Kelsey 30 Female MINN MAC
Daniels, Scott 53 Male MINN
Davis, Michelle 42 Female MINN HOP
Dewing, Jeff 49 Male MINN ESC
Domaille, Bruce 54 Male MINN
Downey, Keith 56 Male UC30
Duval, Dennis 55 Male MINN HOP
Eggersgluss, Andrew 25 Male MINN
Elder, James 73 Male TOC
Emison, Pam 52 Female MINN
Emison, Thomas 58 Male MINN
English, Philip 25 Male MINN HOP
Erdall, Mike 63 Male MINN
Esbjornsson, Erik 35 Male MINN MTK
Evers, John 62 Male MINN HOP
Ewing, Mike 50 Male MINN SCY
Fehl, Gretchen 26 Female MINN MAC
Fischer, Kenneth 56 Male MINN HOP
Fittipaldi, Carolyn 23 Female MINN ESC
Fleming, Patrick 56 Male MINN
Flessert, Amy 32 Female NORT
Forslund, Cory 27 Male MINN SDVL
Frimerman-Bergquist, Sandra 33 Female MINN HOP
Gallagher, Tim 51 Male MINN PLYL
Gosnold, Will 76 Male DKTA
Gregory, Ashley 31 Female WMNS
Hanzlik, Jim 60 Male MINN
Hauck, Dan 50 Male MINN
Hilal, Susan 40 Female MINN HOP
Hines, Lisa 54 Female MINN SCY
Holthus, Brian 59 Male MINN
Holton, Zachary 23 Male MINN SDVL
Hoover, Mary 67 Female MINN HOP
Howell, Polley 24 Female NORT
Hromada, Sarah 55 Female MINN ESC
Hughey, Rachel 38 Female MINN ESC
Hunter, Sarah 43 Female MINN HOP
Jarl, Jonathan 21 Male MINN BUS
Jeske, Ingrid 33 Female ISMT
Johnson, Hannah 20 Female UC30
Johnson, Shane 19 Male NORT
Joyner, Jay 67 Male MINN
Jurisch, Theresa 42 Female MINN RIP
Kaiser, Kate 26 Female MINN HOP
Kamper, Charles 18 Male NORT
Kamper, Kurt 47 Male NORT
Kamper, Susan 52 Female NORT
Kansas, Bill 81 Male MINN
Kaplan, Mark 68 Male MINN ESC
Kaufmann, Gordy 50 Male MINN HOP
Kelson, Aaron 56 Male NORT
King, Todd 47 Male UC30
Kirchgessner, Jake 39 Male UC30
Kleffman, Robin 69 Male MINN
Kline, Anna 37 Female MYWM
Kochendorfer, James 56 Male MINN
Koke, Scott 43 Male MINN NSA
Kollross, Jerry 54 Male MINN
Kough, David 53 Male MINN
Kratz, Peggy 56 Female MINN RIP
Krejci, Rachel 34 Female MINN HOP
Kueny, Laura 54 Female MINN HOP
Kurus, Doobie 44 Male MINN HOP
Kvaal, Chris 49 Male MINN SCY
Lamour, Didier 60 Male MINN
Lamp, Cindy 55 Female MINN SCY
Langman, Loralie 50 Female MINN
Larsen, Babs 69 Female MINN
Laskey, Marjorie 56 Female ISMT
Lee, Susan 58 Female MINN
Leslie, Jim 52 Male MINN
Licari, Robert 58 Male NORT
Lillehei, Pat 72 Female MYWM
Ludick, Margaret 32 Female UC30
Lulich, Ronald 51 Male MINN SEMS
Maguire, Katherine 24 Female MINN
Maier, Adam 39 Male MINN ESC
Mann, Amy 49 Female MINN SCY
Marks, Jamin 48 Male MINN MTK
McCarthy, Malachy 57 Male MINN HOP
Melsen, Krisie 36 Female MINN PLYL
Merck, Neill 70 Male MINN
Moen, Nicole 38 Female MINN
Mollenhauer, Dianna 32 Female MINN NSA
Moran, Marty 50 Male MINN SCY
Morris, Mary 51 Female MINN SCY
Morrison, Mark 49 Male MINN PLYL
Moss, Christine 41 Female MINN SEMS
Muchow, Gary 57 Male MINN
Nelson, Curtis 61 Male MINN MTK
Nelson, Daniel 21 Male MINN
Nelson, Josiah 35 Male NORT
Nelson, Justin 30 Male MINN SEMS
Nelson, Kirsten 19 Female MINN
Nelson, Sarah 60 Female MINN
Nelson, Steven 64 Male MINN
Ness, Randal 54 Male MINN HOP
Nieters, Mark 48 Male MINN SCY
Nygaard, Sue 53 Female MINN
Nymeyer, Elizabeth 34 Female MYWM
Ogden, Pam 60 Female MINN
Opheim, Rob 38 Male MINN SCY
Overby, Nathan 37 Male MINN SCY
Paakh, Bruce 59 Male MINN
Paquin, Luke 29 Male MYWM
Parish, Patrick 32 Male MINN HOP
Parker, Adam 40 Male MYWM
Parratto, Amy 56 Female MINN RIP
Pendergast, Paula 62 Female MINN
Persico, Elizabeth 51 Female MINN NSA
Persons, Katie 29 Female MINN RIP
Petersen, Niel 78 Male MINN HOP
Peterson, Wendy 42 Female MINN RIP
Phillips, Nicki 47 Female MINN HOP
Pierce, Colin 34 Male STMA
Pogue, Thomas 63 Male NORT
Punyko, Bill 58 Male NORT
Rammel, John 33 Male MINN SCY
Redding, Steven 50 Male MINN HOP
Rittenhouse, Amy 39 Female MINN HOP
Roberts, Christina 31 Female MINN HOP
Roby, Jordan 26 Male MINN HOP
Rodriguez, Spencer 23 Female MINN
Roub, Adam 35 Male MINN SCY
Rupp, Christopher 36 Male MINN MAC
Rynders, Kathryn 18 Female MINN BUS
Saddler, Ken 51 Male MINN MTK
Salamzadeh, Julie 47 Female MINN HOP
Schaffer, Beth 34 Female MINN
Schlichting, Randy 52 Male MINN HOP
Schmitz, William 50 Male MINN SEMS
Schneider-Bateman, Greg 38 Male MINN MAC
Segovia, Vanessa 30 Female MINN SEMS
Selby, Daree 55 Female MINN HOP
Selby, Donald 55 Male MINN HOP
Seliga-Punyko, Judy 59 Female NORT
Shay, Tyler 21 Male WMAC
Sieben, Christopher 53 Male MINN SCY
Silver, Allyn 52 Female MINN
Skaar, Jordan 25 Female MINN SEMS
Smith, Darrell 60 Male MINN
Smith, Karen 49 Female MINN MTK
Soltis, Brian 48 Male MINN
Starr, John 47 Male MINN
Stevens, Richard 62 Male NORT
Stewart, Charles 65 Male NORT
Strauss, Ronald 56 Male UC30
Strother, Patrick 63 Male MINN
Swartz, Shannon 65 Female MINN HOP
Swenson, Mark 58 Male MINN
Thureen, Stacey 35 Female MINN
Timmerman, Tim 45 Male NORT
Tinglov, Gale 60 Female MINN SCY
Tipton, Marcy 56 Female MINN
Tracy, Robin 53 Female DKTA
Treadway, Robert 60 Male UC30
Tripps, Scott 47 Male MINN HOP
Vandam, Gerald 67 Male MINN MTK
Vogt, Logan 19 Male MINN RIP
Vollkommer, Paul 61 Male MINN SCY
Walsworth, Alyssa 32 Female MINN NSA
Watson, Nicholas 31 Male WMAC
Weiland, Carole 46 Female UC30
Weston, Jake 18 Male NORT
Weston, Josh 18 Male NORT
White, Stacey 53 Female UC30
White-Olson, Steff 30 Female MINN HOP
Wilcox, Ellie 22 Female MINN BUS
Willms, Eric 42 Male NORT
Winter, Jonah 31 Male MINN SEMS
Wojta, Samuel 29 Male MINN ESC
Wolter, Jim 59 Male MINN
Zemlin, Karen 49 Female MINN HOP
Zeruhn, Bernie 46 Male MINN