Upcoming Virginia LMSC Swim Competition Schedule

Saturday, August 3, 2019 - 2019 Lake Moomaw 1-Mile Open Water Swim

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - VMST 39th Annual Masters Swim Meet

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2019 John Shrum Memorial Cable Swim

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Virginia Masters Swim Team

Open Water Registration

Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2019

Club (17 Clubs)

88 Swimmers
Last, First Age
Sex Club
Argo, Ellen 55-59 F UC12
Ayvaz, Meliha 40-44 F UC10
Baker, Ryan 18-24 M UC10
Barras, Shannon 55-59 F ETM
Barry, Marcia 70-74 F VMST
Barter, James 65-69 M MSSC
Breza, Paul 50-54 M OEVT
Brown, David 55-59 M UC12
Brown, Elizabeth 45-49 F SRMHW
Bustillo, Gian 30-34 M NYMS
Campbell, Margaret 40-44 F UC12
Campbell, Michael 55-59 M OEVT
Compton, Chris 40-44 M UC12
Cook, Amy 50-54 F VMST
Councill, Cheryl 35-39 F OEVT
Czaja, Edward 45-49 M BAM1
Dusenbery, Anna 25-29 F OEVT
Dustin, Kim 50-54 F DCRP
Edwards, Rob 50-54 M UC12
Edwards, Sara 40-44 F VMST
Fines, Abby 25-29 F UC12
Fines, Cory 18-24 M UC12
Fines, Mary Ellen 50-54 F UC12
Fontenot, Jennifer 40-44 F OEVT
Fontenot, Mark 40-44 M OEVT
Frogley, Christopher 75-79 M VMST
Funk, Max 70-74 M OEVT
Gard, Richard 60-64 M CSPM
Garrett, Rand 70-74 M OEVT
Godesky, Alyssa 30-34 F ETM
Goluboff, Sascha 45-49 F RCA
Guenther, Kim 55-59 F ETM
Guo, Yifan 18-24 M ARMS
Hahn, Paul 50-54 M UC12
Hamilton, Carol 65-69 F UC12
Herashchanka, Amalia 25-29 F NYMS
Hichak, Barbara 65-69 F VMST
Hippert, Philip 60-64 M UC12
Honious, Dan 55-59 M UC10
Horton, Eric 35-39 M UC12
Hudspith, Michael 25-29 M OEVT
James, William 70-74 M UC10
Johnson, Erik 60-64 M ARMS
Johnson, Peter 65-69 M OEVT
Kane, Audrey 50-54 F SRVA
Kauffmann, Jay 55-59 M ETM
Kelleher, Joseph 75-79 M VMST
Knox, Anne 55-59 F OEVT
Kozachuk, Valerie 30-34 F UC12
Lanehart, William 60-64 M OEVT
Latimer, Rebecca 35-39 F VMST
Ligday, Fritz 45-49 M BAM1
Loftus-Charley, Shirley 65-69 F VMST
Lowe-Thompson, Carolyn 45-49 F VMST
Marshel, Julia 50-54 F UC12
McGinn, Nicole 35-39 F UC12
Miffleton, Terry 65-69 F VMST
Moreno, Amy 55-59 F UC12
Murray, Patrick 40-44 M OEVT
Neikirk, John 55-59 M L4S
Pendleton, John 70-74 M OEVT
Perrin, Catherine 25-29 F OEVT
Phillips, Alice 50-54 F SRVA
Phillips, Bradley 25-29 M OEVT
Post, John 70-74 M VMST
Ptak, Cheryl 70-74 F VMST
Rappaport, William 25-29 M OEVT
Richardson, Holly 60-64 F OEVT
Robbins, Amy 55-59 F UC12
Roberts, David 45-49 M UC12
Roddin, Julie 40-44 F ANCM
Roder, Aileen 45-49 F L4S
Rogers, John 55-59 M UC12
Ross, Jimmy 30-34 M OEVT
Rudin, Andrew 60-64 M UC12
Sabal, Lindsay 35-39 F UC12
Sharpton, Mo 40-44 F OEVT
Shenefield, Julie 35-39 F UC12
Sherrill, Emily 50-54 F HRBM
Sikorski, Justin 30-34 M OEVT
Smith, Erika 25-29 F NYMS
Stone, Jonathan 35-39 M UC12
Susnis, Mark 45-49 M UC12
Thompson, Nicholas 25-29 M SRVA
Via, Brian 25-29 M OEVT
Wakeman, Kay 30-34 F VMST
Williams, Nicole 40-44 F BAM1
Worsham, Scott 60-64 M VMST

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)