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2019 Fat Salmon Open Water Swim (3.2 miles)

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim

Saturday, July 13, 2019

USMS Sanction : 369-W002

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim

Open Water Registration


Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2019

Club (34 Clubs)

352 Swimmers
Last, First Age
Sex NGB Club
Acuff, Jan 60-64 F USMS PSM
Adamson, Rebecca 45-49 F USMS UC36
Ahrens, Emily 30-34 F USMS PSM
Albright, Jon 40-44 M USMS FWYS
Albright, Ryan 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Alex, Casey 45-49 M USMS PSM
Alexander, Amy 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Amon, Elizabeth 50-54 F USMS PSM
Anderson, Frank 60-64 M USMS PSM
Anderson, Sydney 25-29 F USMS UC36
Archer, Joy 45-49 F USMS PSM
Ayzenshtok, Ilia 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Bahner, Mollie 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Balazic, MarySue 50-54 F USMS PSM
Baldwin, Laura 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Barnhart, Gabrielle 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Bartlett, Wade 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Bauder, Laurie 50-54 F USMS PSM
Beckman, Kim 30-34 F USMS FINS
Bell, Alan 65-69 M USMS PSM
Bell, Shaquita 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Bell, Wendy 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Bennett, Ken 55-59 M USMS PSM
Bennett, Sara 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Bentley, Beth 50-54 F CAN HYACK
Bequette, Todd 50-54 M USMS WMAC
Berger, Andrew 55-59 M USMS MICH
Beshore, Jamie 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Blanton, Erin 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Bonds, Matthew 40-44 M USMS OEVT
BonDurant, Matt 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Braggin, Jacquelyn 30-34 F USMS PSM
Brain, Oscar 45-49 M USMS PSM
Brewer, Brady 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Brogan, Thomas 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Burge, John 65-69 M USMS PSM
Butcher, Corey 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Carlson, Charles 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Carlton, Brian 65-69 M USMS PSM
Carroll, Maura 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Carter, Kristin 45-49 F USMS UC36
Casey, Meghan 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Chang, Daniel 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Chang, Marisa 30-34 F USMS PSM
Chappell, John 55-59 M USMS UC36
Christopher, Mary 40-44 F USMS UC37
Chuang, Mason 40-44 M USMS PSM
Collas, Jose 50-54 M USMS PSM
Collins, Douglas 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Condotta, Robert 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Cordick, Nathan 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Cote, Meredith 25-29 F USMS PSM
Courtney, Zena 60-64 F USMS BWAQ
Cox, Allison 35-39 F USMS PSM
Craig, Rod 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Crose, Jack 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Crump, Derek 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Curran, Cheryl 50-54 F USMS PSM
Cuthbert, David 45-49 M USMS PSM
Dahl, David 30-34 M USMS PSM
Dahl, Kate 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Dahl, Ryan 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Dailey, Jennifer 45-49 F USMS PSM
D'Alessandro, Gianluca 50-54 M USMS UC36
D'Andrea, Britt 50-54 F USMS OEVT
D'Angelo, Sarah 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Daniels, Avery 18-24 F USMS PSM
Darling, Chris 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Davis, Tricia 45-49 F USMS UC36
de Bruijn, Jennifer 30-34 F USMS PSM
De Jongh, Karen 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Debaupte, Yannick 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Dickman, Matthew 35-39 M USMS UC36
Dingeldein, George 35-39 M USMS OREG
Dorn, Susan 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Drawbaugh, Kirby 80-84 M USMS BWAQ
Eamer, Melissa 50-54 F USMS UC36
Early, Malcolm 45-49 M USMS UC36
Egger, Anne 45-49 F USMS UC35
Ellis, Sarah 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Ellsworth, Michael 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Ellwood, Emily 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Evans, Porche 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Ewing, Michael 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Fahey, Sean 30-34 M USMS CMS
Fan, Dan 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Farinas, Jennifer 45-49 F USMS PSM
Farrell, Thomas 60-64 M USMS PSM
Fenimore, Garry 65-69 M USMS AMI
Ferries, Jenny 35-39 F USMS PSM
Fihn, Stephan 65-69 M USMS OEVT
Florsheim, Alan 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Foe, Rachael 30-34 F USMS UC36
Foster, Mary 60-64 F USMS PSM
Foster, Nadine 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Fredman, Josh 40-44 M USMS UC36
Freeborn, Stephen 60-64 M USMS BWAQ
Friedlander, Jeremy 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Fritz, Brian 45-49 M USMS UC38
Frobe, Ruth 50-54 F USMS PSM
Gabriel, John 50-54 M USMS OREG
Galen, Ari 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Garrick, Jane 55-59 F USMS OREG
Gaulke-Janowski, Emma 25-29 F USMS UC36
Gavrin, Daniel 25-29 M USMS PSM
Gaylor, JP 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Gerard, Lisa 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Gibson, Kellen 18-24 F USMS TOC
Gilbert, Jeannie 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Gillis, Mimi 55-59 F USMS UC36
Gillis, Peter 60-64 M USMS UC36
Gipe, Rachel 30-34 F USMS OREG
Glezen, Paul 55-59 M USMS PSM
Goldberg, Michael 25-29 M USMS UC36
Goldsberry, David 55-59 M USMS PSM
Gonzalez, George 45-49 M USMS PSM
Gousen, Andrea 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Gregory, RuthAnn 18-24 F USMS UC36
Halas, John 65-69 M USMS UC36
Hao, Yawei 25-29 M USMS PSM
Happel, Chris 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Harmer, Annelle 50-54 F CAN CDSC
Harrison, William 35-39 M USMS PSM
Harriss, Nancy 55-59 F USMS UC36
Harter, Terry 55-59 F USMS PSM
Hatton, Craig 55-59 M USMS UC36
Haynie, Carl 55-59 M USMS PSM
Heinrich, Jason 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Henderson, Mark 60-64 M USMS UC36
Henry, Jessica 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Herrington, Laura 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Hile, Laurence 65-69 M USMS PSM
Hill, Andy 50-54 M USMS PSM
Hill, Mark 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Hilliard, Kris 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Hooks, Maggie 50-54 F USMS PSM
Hoover, Mignon 45-49 F USMS PSM
Horan, Katy 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Horn, Michael 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Horn, Sam 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Houston, Jannine 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Huang, Janice 40-44 F USMS PSM
Hubbell, Shane 30-34 M USMS OREG
Hykes, Beth 45-49 F USMS PSM
Inboden, Jen 35-39 F USMS ARIZ
Istok, Jonathan 60-64 M USMS OREG
Jaeger, Kristin 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Johansen, Nick 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Johnson, Catherine 40-44 F USMS UC36
Johnson, Dan 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Johnson, Katheryn 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Johnson, Lauren 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Jones, Calvin 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Jones, Katherine 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Joyce, Shannon 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Judd, Ann 60-64 F USMS PSM
June, Stephen 35-39 M USMS PSM
Kalas, Pamela 40-44 F USMS UC36
Kalgren, Leah 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Karler, Max 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Kays, David 50-54 M USMS PSM
Keane, Ian 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Kelsberg, Gary 65-69 M USMS PSM
Kempf, Annette 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Kent, Peggy 65-69 F USMS UC36
Kerr, Nicholas 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Kilcup, Meg 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Klevay, Shay 30-34 F USMS PSM
Klock, David 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Knowles, Philip 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Kondo, Michelle 40-44 F USMS 1776
Kopacka, Ryann 30-34 F USMS MAM
Koppelberger, Jason 45-49 M USMS PSM
Koppelberger, Tamara 45-49 F USMS PSM
Kruse, Brett 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Kvam, Michele 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Lacrampe, Marc 55-59 M USMS PSM
Lamperti, Katharine 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Lamperti, Thomas 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Lang, Brendan 35-39 M USMS UC36
Larsen, Peter 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Larson, Benjamin 40-44 M USMS PSM
Lasersohn, John 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Latimer, Danielle 25-29 F USMS UC36
Leake, Mackenzie 25-29 F USMS STAN
Lee, Joseph 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Lee, Mitchell 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Lee, Tao Min 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Legg, Stacey 50-54 F USMS PSM
Lewis, Preston 55-59 M USMS UC35
Littlefield, James 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Loftis, Mark 55-59 M USMS PSM
Longton, Carl 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Lucco, Elizabeth 50-54 F USMS PSM
Mackey, Christine 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Magin, James 60-64 M USMS PSM
Mahoney, Anne 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Makhlouf, Ahmed 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Marks, Deanna 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Marron, Mike 45-49 M USMS UC36
Marshall, Dena 45-49 F USMS OREG
Martin, Pauline 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Matsumoto, Gina 25-29 F USMS OEVT
McCaleb, David 35-39 M USMS PSM
McCarty, David 55-59 M USMS PSM
Mccarty, Kevin 60-64 M USMS OEVT
McCurdy, Ian 30-34 M USMS PSM
McGhee, Paul 55-59 M USMS UC36
McGovern, Paul 50-54 M USMS OEVT
McIntyre, Shannon 55-59 F USMS PSM
McPeak, Erin 35-39 F USMS PSM
Meluskey, Michael 55-59 M USMS PSM
Methner, Wayne 65-69 M USMS PSM
Michel, Jonathan 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Miles, Chad 35-39 M USMS UC36
Miller, Andy 65-69 M USMS TCAS
Mitchelldyer, Katie 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Morales, Torrey 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Morrison, Jeff 30-34 M USMS PSM
Morton, Celeste 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Murray, John 40-44 M USMS VMS
Nelson, Hanna 30-34 F USMS UC32
Nelson, Kirk 45-49 M USMS PSM
Nelson, Laura 25-29 F USMS IM
Nelson, Laura 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Nelson, Tim 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Nordberg, Carrie 40-44 F USMS PSM
Nuzzolillo, Paige 30-34 F USMS PSM
Nyweide, Jack 70-74 M USMS OEVT
Nyweide, Justin 40-44 M USMS IM
Nyweide White, Kristin 40-44 F USMS UC36
O'Brien, Anne 45-49 F USMS AKMS
O'Hern, David 35-39 M USMS PSM
Paniel, Christina 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Park, Alex 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Peel, Robyn 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Pelham, Kathy 45-49 F USMS PSM
Pelton, Robn 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Perfect, Brad 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Perlovsky, Daniel 18-24 M USMS PSM
Perry, Max 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Peterson, Steve 70-74 M USMS PSM
Pfleger, Ronda 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Pharr, Elisabeth 35-39 F FRA NCA38
Phillips, Alex 30-34 M USMS PSM
Pierce, Heath 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Pizer, Margaret 40-44 F USMS TMAS
Polello, Jennifer 45-49 F USMS KM
Portelance, Doug 60-64 M USMS PSM
Portelance, Jeanne 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Pozarycki, Tom 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Pratt, Donald 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Pratt, Gabriel 30-34 M USMS UC36
Prieve, Aric 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Prieve, John 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Puttkammer, Nancy 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Radman, Monique 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Rajesh, Liese 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Rea, Marshall 50-54 M USMS UC36
Remund, Pierre 60-64 M USMS OEVT
Reynolds, Leila 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Richardson, Lisa 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Rittenhouse, Jackson 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Robertson Halter, Dana 45-49 F USMS OEVT
Rodgers, Amanda 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Rody, Sean 50-54 M USMS PSM
Romlein, Daniel 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Rose, Judy 55-59 F USMS PSM
Rueda, Guillermo 35-39 M USMS PSM
Russell, Christina 30-34 F USMS PSM
Russell, Jonathan 30-34 M USMS PSM
Sarikas, John 25-29 M USMS ARIZ
Saul, Katie 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Scheiner, Rachel 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Schneider, Janet 45-49 F USMS UC36
Schoenfeld, Mitchel 65-69 M USMS PSM
Schott-Bresler, Kayla 30-34 F USMS PSM
Scrivner, Craig 50-54 M USMS UC35
Shapiro, Adam 55-59 M USMS OEVT
Sharp, Fran 55-59 F USMS UC36
Shaw, Lucy 60-64 F USMS PSM
Sholdra, Steve 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Shroff, Amar 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Silvera, Janine 55-59 F USMS OEVT
Sims, Brianna 18-24 F USMS OEVT
Sinclaire, Aeron 60-64 M USMS UC36
Sinha, Priya 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Sipher, Bridget 45-49 F USMS PSM
Sisco, Jeri 55-59 F USMS UC36
Skrzypek, Heidi 50-54 F USMS ROCK
Slomer, Heidi 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Smith, Brendan 50-54 M USMS UC36
Smith, Daniel 55-59 M USMS BWAQ
Smith, Schuyler 40-44 M USMS OEVT
Sortor, Rebecca 45-49 F USMS OREG
Souder, Christopher 50-54 M USMS BWAQ
Spacil, Lucas 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Sroka, Nicole 35-39 F USMS MEMO
Standafer, Claire 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Stevens, Barbara 60-64 F USMS PSM
Stith, William 18-24 M USMS OEVT
Stockman, Andrew 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Stretch, James 65-69 M USMS PSM
Striegl, Frank 55-59 M USMS UC36
Sullivan, Scot 50-54 M USMS OREG
Summers, Jeanna 65-69 F USMS OREG
Svetz, Robert 50-54 M USMS PSM
Swinburne, Nora 35-39 F USMS OEVT
Switzer, Trip 55-59 M USMS UC36
Tan, Tim 25-29 M USMS PSM
Thatcher, Nina 40-44 F USMS UC36
Thomas, Isaac 35-39 M USMS BWAQ
Thompson, Trevor 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Timmons, Jack 55-59 M USMS PSM
Todd, Rachel 40-44 F USMS OEVT
Townsend, John 35-39 M USMS UC36
Troupe, Curtis 60-64 M USMS UC36
Trudel, Stephanie 35-39 F USMS PSM
Tuttle, Windy 45-49 F USMS UC36
Uesugi, Sandra 45-49 F USMS OREG
Upsall, Benjamin 40-44 M USMS PSM
Upsall, Sarah 40-44 F USMS PSM
Urry, Amelia 25-29 F USMS PSM
Vachon, Andre 50-54 M USMS OEVT
Van Pelt, Darren 50-54 M USMS PSM
VanOss, Ashley 35-39 F USMS PSM
Vargas, Jorge 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Vasey, Adrianne 40-44 F USMS UC08
Viemeister, Alison 50-54 F USMS UC20
Vonrosenstiel, Liza 65-69 F USMS ARIZ
Walker, Derrik 35-39 M USMS OEVT
Wall, Mark 30-34 M USMS PSM
Webb, Teresa 40-44 F USMS PSM
Webber, Daniel 30-34 M USMS OEVT
Webber, Elizabeth 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Weinheimer, Emily 35-39 F USMS PSM
Weinstein, Michael 25-29 M USMS OEVT
Weissman, Paul 40-44 M USMS UC36
Wengrove, Meagan 30-34 F USMS OEVT
Werchan, Felicia 30-34 F USMS PSM
West, Cathy 65-69 F USMS OEVT
Wetzler, Kari 35-39 F USMS PSM
White, Andrew 40-44 M USMS UC36
Winans, Amanda 35-39 F USMS PSM
Woare, Matthew 45-49 M USMS PSM
Wolf, Karen 60-64 F USMS PSM
Wood, Nolan 40-44 M USMS UC36
Wright, Camille 50-54 F USMS OEVT
Yang, Erin 25-29 F USMS OEVT
Zakov, Daryl 45-49 M USMS OEVT
Zielinski, Brian 55-59 M USMS WHAC
Zimmerman, Stephanie 30-34 F USMS PSM

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

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