2023 Shark Tank SCM Meet

Sarasota Sharks Masters

Saturday, November 11 - Sunday, November 12, 2023

USMS Sanction : 143-S010

Sarasota Sharks Masters

Swim Meet Registration


Registration Schedule

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Individual Registration Tue, Sep 12, 2023
09:00 AM
Tue, Nov 7, 2023
01:00 PM
Relay Team Registration Tue, Nov 7, 2023
02:00 PM
Fri, Nov 10, 2023
01:00 PM
Relay Team Online Registration closed at 1:00 PM on Fri, Nov 10, 2023.

Shark Tank SCM Meet

Sarasota, Florida, November 11-12, 2023

Sanctioned by the Florida LMSC for USMS, Inc.


Meet Director 
Rick Walker, rwalker@sarasotasharks.org
Entry Coordinator
Anna Lea Matysek, FLtopten@usms.org
Meet Referee
Mike Whaley

Dates & Times:
Saturday, November 11: Warm-up 11:30am; meet starts 12:30pm
Sunday, November 12:  800 Free warm-up 7:30am; 800 Free starts 8:00am
Second Sunday session:  W
arm-up 10:30am; meet starts 11:30am

Facility:  The beautiful Sarasota Selby Aquatic Center, 8501 Potter Park Drive, Sarasota, Fla., 34238. Pool is an outdoor, 50-meter x 25-yard Myrtha pool with a bulkhead placed at the 25-meter mark. Daktronics timing will be provided for competition. A 25-yard warm up pool will be available at all times. The pool is generally regarded as one of the top facilities in Florida. Pool chillers keep the pool temperature at optimum levels for competition.

Pool Length Certification:  The length of the 25-meter competition course is in compliance and on file with USMS in accordance with articles 105.1.7 and 106.2.1, but as a bulkhead course, is subject to length confirmation. Eligibility of times for USMS Top 10 and records will be contingent on verification of bulkhead placement.

Timing System:  The primary timing system will be automatic timing. Times can be submitted for world records, USMS records, and USMS Top 10 consideration.

Eligibility & Rules:  Current USMS rules will govern. All athletes must be 18 years of age or older as of November 11, 2023 and registered with US Masters Swimming for the 2023 or 2024 membership year.  Members of foreign (non-USMS) swimming federations may participate but must provide proof of membership in their country's swimming federation. Contact the meet Entry Coordinator to open that entry path.  Meet age is your age on December 31, 2023.

Entries:  Swimmers may enter five (5) individual events each day PLUS relays. Meet entry fee is $45 for one day or $60 for both days. Online entries only. No deck entries. Credit cards will be charged by "SARASOTA SHARKS INC."

One day entry:  $45.00
Two day entry: $60.00
Relay-only swimmer entry fee: $27.00
Team relay fees:  FREE!

Individual entry:  
Online meet entries must be completed by Monday, November 6, 2023, at 11:59pm.
Relay Team entry:  Opens Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 10:00am.  Closes Friday, November 10, at 12:00pm.  SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW IN SEPARATE SECTION.

Seeding: Entries for all events (EXCEPT the 800 Free) will be seeded slowest to fastest. The 800 Freestyle will be swum FASTEST TO SLOWEST.  All events will be seeded mixed-gender. The 800 Freestyle is limited to the first  56 entrants

Split Times:    Relay leadoff split times will be automatically recorded and submitted for each leadoff swimmer.  Swimmers must submit a split request form (available here 
or at the meet) for any other split times.

Heat Sheet & Results: Psych sheets will be posted after November 7 on SwimPhone.  Heat sheets will be posted at the meet and will be available on this page the day before the meet. If you want a printed heat sheet, please print your own and bring it with you to the meet. Results will be posted at the meet and online at http://southeastzone.org/ within 14 days of the completion of the meet, and submitted for USMS Top 10 consideration at the end of the season.

Scoring:  There will be no team scoring, and no individual ribbons or medals.

Breaks in the meet will be taken at the discretion of the meet referee.


The Selby Aquatic Center does not allow animals except for trained service animals.  Please contact the meet director prior to the meet for more information.

National and World Records:  If you think you might set a national or world record at the meet, you are responsible for (a) notifying the meet referee in advance that you might set a record and (b) ensuring that there are at least two timers with stopwatches in your lane.  It is OK to recruit fellow swimmers or friends to serve as your extra timers.  


Relays:  As always, relays are FREE.  This year we are moving to ONLINE relay team entry.  Only team members registered for the meet may participate. Mixed relays consist of two women and two men. Men's and Women's relay events may be combined. NOTE that there will be no break before the Mixed relays so it is not advised for a swimmer to enter both a single-gender plus a Mixed relay in the same group.  

Team Relay Entry Procedure (for Relay Captains):  One person from each club should act as the Relay Captain and enter all of the team's relays.  Anyone who is a USMS-registered member of that club may serve as the Relay Captain.  
  1. Click the "Club Entry Rosters" link above to view the list of your swimmers entered in the meet. You can use this data to assemble your relays.
  2. On November 1, after Team Relay Entry has opened, click the button above to register your relays. You'll first go through the USMS member verification page and then be asked for your address, email, etc.
  3. Once you get through the biographical pages, you'll see a list of relays.  Click on a relay event to enter your swimmers into that event.
  4. You'll be presented with a form that allows you to select your swimmers to fill the four relay spots.
  5. You don't have to designate a relay as "A," "B," etc.  The software will automatically do that for you.
  6. Enter an estimated seed time for the relay (guessing is fine; we just need a ballpark seed time).
  7. Select the four swimmers for that relay, IN THE ORDER THEY WILL SWIM.
  8. Continue on for each relay event and relay team. 
  9. You'll get to a page that allows you to review the relays before you submit.
  10. You'll then see a final page where you can click a final Submit button.  There is no charge for relays so you will not be asked for a credit card.
  11. CHANGES to relays will be allowed at the meet. Swimmers may change the names (or swim order) on the relay cards before they swim the event.  Go ahead and assemble and submit as many relays as you wish; it's better to submit them and then scratch at the meet than to not have entered them at all.

Volunteers are needed at the meet!  Companions, spouses, and kids may work as volunteers.  Contact Rick Walker, rwalker@sarasotasharks.org, to sign up as a volunteer.

Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Session 1
Warm-ups start at 11:30 AM
Meet Session starts at 12:30 PM
# Sex Event Psych
1 Women (combined w/Men's) 800 M Free Relay
2 Men (combined w/Women's) 800 M Free Relay
3 Mixed (no break before) 800 M Free Relay
Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Session 2 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
4 Mixed 400 M IM Psych
5 Mixed 100 M Fly Psych
6 Mixed 200 M Back Psych
7 Mixed 50 M Breast Psych
Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Session 3 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
8 Women (combined w/Men's) 400 M Free Relay
9 Men (combined w/Women's) 400 M Free Relay
10 Mixed (no break before) 400 M Free Relay
Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Session 4 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
11 Mixed 100 M IM Psych
12 Mixed 50 M Back Psych
13 Mixed 200 M Breast Psych
14 Mixed 50 M Free Psych
15 Mixed 400 M Free Psych
Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Session 5 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
16 Women (combined w/Men's) 200 M Medley Relay
17 Men (combined w/Women's) 200 M Medley Relay
18 Mixed (no break before) 200 M Medley Relay
Sunday, November 12, 2023 - Session 6
Warm-ups start at 7:30 AM
Meet Session starts at 8:00 AM
# Sex Event Psych
19 Mixed 800 M Free Psych
Sunday, November 12, 2023 - Session 7 - After 10-minute break
Warm-ups start at 10:30 AM
Meet Session starts at 11:30 AM
# Sex Event Psych
20 Women (combined w/Men's) 400 M Medley Relay
21 Men (combined w/Women's) 400 M Medley Relay
22 Mixed (no break before) 400 M Medley Relay
Sunday, November 12, 2023 - Session 8 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
23 Mixed 200 M Fly Psych
24 Mixed 100 M Breast Psych
25 Mixed 100 M Free Psych
26 Mixed 50 M Fly Psych
27 Mixed 200 M IM Psych
28 Mixed 100 M Back Psych
29 Mixed 200 M Free Psych
Sunday, November 12, 2023 - Session 9 - After 10-minute break
# Sex Event Psych
30 Women (combined w/Men's) 200 M Free Relay
31 Men (combined w/Women's) 200 M Free Relay
32 Mixed (no break before) 200 M Free Relay

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "SARASOTA SHARKS, INC.."

Online Registration closed on 11/7/2023.
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