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Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 28th Annual Chicago Masters' Big Shoulders 5K and 2.5K Open Water Long Distance Swim Classic

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Central Illinois Open Water Swim 1.2-Miles & 2.4-Miles

Saturday, August 4, 2012

USMS Sanction : 212-W002

Central Illinois Masters Swim Team Meets

Open Water Registration

Registration Schedule

It is now 10:15 PM CT on Sunday, July 15, 2018.
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Swimmer Registration Fri, May 4, 2012 12:00 AM CT Fri, August 3, 2012 11:59 AM CT

Saturday, August 4, 2012, at 9:00 A.M. CT
Evergreen Lake • Comlara Park • Hudson, Illinois • 1.2-Miles & 2.4 Miles
Sanctioned by Illinois Masters Swimming Association (ILMSA) for United States Masters Swimming (USMS), Inc.
USMS Sanction Number: 212-W002

CIOWS 2012 Event Information
****3rd Annual****
NEWS (August 5, 2012) - - Results 
Environmental Info (August 4, 2012 @ 9:00 A.M. CT):
Official Evergreen Lake Water Temperature:  83F
Air Temperature:  75F (feels 74F)
Humidity: 91%
Sunny, Few Clouds
Winds:  5-10 MPH
NEWS (August 3, 2012) - - Water Temperature & Swim Wear!
Evergreen Lake Water Temperature:   82.6 F (average) at 6" and 9" at 9:00 AM CT on August 3, 2012, with 78F air temperature and 70% humidity.
No Wetsuits or Heat-Retaining Swim Wear:  By USMS rule and for your safety, wetsuits and heat-retaining swim wear are NOT allowed at CIOWS 2012. As such, the few who signed-up to swim in Wetsuits and heat-retaining swim wear will be placed in the Category I non-Wetsuit & nonheat-retaining swim wear division. See Event Information (below) on Wetsuits and heat-retaining swimwear.
Cooler daytime & overnight air, and any precip & wind will help the August 4 event morning conditions. 

SCHEDULE:  Saturday, August 4, 2012*
                      7:00 A.M. Start Registration Check-In, Packet Pick-up, & Body-Mark
                      8:00 A.M. Warmup Start
                      8:30 A.M. Close Warmup, Registration Check-In, Packet Pick-up, & Body-Mark
                      8:35 A.M. Required Pre-Race Course Briefing [at swim start/beach area]
                      9:00 A.M. Wave 1:  2.4-Miles [In-Water Start]
                      9:10 A.M. Wave 2:  1.2-Miles [In-Water Start]
                    11:15 A.M. Recognition [Estimated No Later Than]

                     * All times are Central Time (CT)

EVENT HOST: Central Illinois Masters Swim Team, Inc. (CIMST)

FACILITY/VENUE HOST: McLean County Department of Parks & Recreation (ILLINOIS)

VENUE LOCATION:  Evergreen Lake, in Comlara Park (Area Map)
                                  13001 Recreation Area Drive, Hudson, Illinois 61748
                                  309.434.6770, FAX: 309.726.2025

DIRECTIONS:  See Yahoo Map or Google Map for directions to Facility/Venue location.

  • North 8-miles on Interstate 39 (from Bloomington/Normal, IL and Interstates I-74 & I-55)
  • Exit I-39 at Exit 8
  • 1.3-miles West on McLean County Hwy 8 (E 2500N) to McLean County Highway 33 (N 1275E)
  • 0.5-mile South on McLean County Hwy 33 (N 1275E) to Recreation Area Drive
  • West onto Recreation Area Drive 0.5-mile to PARKING and REGISTRATION CHECK-IN
Director:                      John Traynor     309.829.8964    info2012 AT ciows DOT org
Clerk of Course:          Erik VanEtten     309.824.0398    info2012 AT ciows DOT org
Referee:                      Rome Yount       309.662.3504    rbyount AT comcast DOT net
Aquatics Safety Coordinator:  Patti Koranda    309.826.0089    pjkorand AT ilstu DOT edu
Advisor:                       John Traynor     309.829.8964    info2012 AT ciows DOT org   

NOTE:  See CIOWS 2012 Safety Plan for other Event Officials.

RULES & SAFETY: The 2012 USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition shall apply (see Part 2 and Part 3). Registrant must be at least age 18-years on August 4, 2012. USMS registration is required of all participants. To enhance safety and accounting of swimmers, all participating swimmer registrants are required to wear their assigned race ID entry number with the following supplied by CIOWS: (1) fluorescent or brightly colored swim caps; (2) timing transponder chip device; and (3) visible Body-Marking (i.e., swim cap, arm, leg, other). For swimmer safety purposes, wetsuits or any other heat-retaining swimwear are not allowed when the lake water surface temperature is greater than 78°F. See USMS Code (Part 3, Article 303.7, page 64) for acceptable swimwear in open water events. Also, see SWIMWEAR FOR OPEN WATER EVENTS & WETSUITS (below). Please see the CIOWS 2012 Safety Plan.

SWIMWEAR FOR OPEN WATER EVENTS & WETSUITS:   Wetsuits or any other heat-retaining swimwear may be allowed at the discretion of the CIOWS Event Director when the Evergreen Lake water temperature is NOT greater than 78°F. For swimmer safety purposes, wetsuits or any other heat-retaining swimwear are NOT allowed when the lake water surface temperature is greater than 78°F. By USMS rule (Part 3, Article 303.7.3, page 65), wetsuits or any other heat-retaining swimwear are considered USMS Category II swimwear for open water swimming events. Swimmers wearing wetsuits or any other heat-retaining swimwear (if allowed) shall be tabulated in the results and awards separate from the non-wetsuit swim competitors. Swimmers wearing any of the suits approved by USMS Category I swimwear rules (Part 3, Article 303.7.2, pages 64 & 65) for open water swimming events will be tabulated in the results and awards with the non-wetsuit swim competitors. Also, see RULES (above).

REGISTRATION & POSITIVE CHECK-IN REQUIRED:  Starts at 7:00 A.M. CT and closes at 8:30 A.M. CT.  Your 2012 USMS Membership Card and photo identification are required to be presented at check-in. Each registrant is required to sign a copy of their CIOWS Entry Form liability release (similar to PAPER ENTRY Form & pre-printed from your ONLINE Entry information), a One-Event (OEVT) Registration Form (if applicable), and any applicable safety information statement at registration check-in prior to participating in any CIOWS warm-up or Event.  Each registrant will receive assigned race ID number with their CIOWS-supplied fluorescent or brightly-colored swim cap, timing transponder chip device, and Body-Marking, and other information.

COURSE BRIEFING: 8:35 A.M. CT. REQUIRED for ALL Registered CIOWS Participants

COURSE: Rectangular 1.2-Mile loop course marked by buoys, lifeguards, rowboats, rescue boards, and kayaks, Officials, and/or other safety monitor and responder resources. Start in Evergreen Lake water, swim counter-clockwise around orange 8-foot tetrahedron turn buoy marks (with 24-inch red guide buoys on straight-aways), exit water with brief run on beach sand, and through finish chute. The 1st & 3rd rectangle swim lengths are ~0.55-Mile (~885-meters) and the 2nd & 4th rectangle swim widths are ~0.055-Mile (~89-meters).  Course is subject to change if CIOWS Event day race conditions warrant. See COURSE MAP details and Event Pics. 

  • Anticipated Range:  77°F to 84°F.
  • CIOWS Experience (2010, 2011):  83°F & 85.5°F 
  • Mid-July triathlon experience (since 2006):  77.5°F to 83.2°F.
Note:  Check www.CIOWS.org for lake water temperature updates.  See RULES (above) and SWIMWEAR FOR OPEN WATER EVENTS & WETSUITS (below).

USMS/ILMSA MEMBER ONLINE REGISTRATION:   Online CIOWS entry registration begins with USMS membership verification and purchase availability. You must bring your 2012 USMS Registration Card to show at the CIOWS Event REGISTRATION POSITIVE CHECK-IN.  USMS Member registration ONLINE is simple and provides immediate downloadable USMS Registration Card and ID Number (view USMS member benefits). The $40.00 cost for USMS/ILMSA membership is in addition to your CIOWS Event entry fee.

ONE-EVENT (OEVT) ONLINE REGISTRATION:  If you are unable to take advantage of USMS Membersip (at this time), you may opt for One-Event (OEVT) registration for the CIOWS Event only. The OEVT fee is $12.00. [Note: $12.00 goes to USMS.] The OEVT registration is only available during ONLINE CIOWS entry registration. There are not paper entries for OEVT registrations. The OEVT fee is in addition to your CIOWS Event entry fee.

Note:  OEVT registrants are considered “Unattached” and must agree to be governed by the USMS rules and regulations (See RULES, above). OEVT registrant finish results are not eligible for USMS Top Ten tabulation, national or world records, All-American status, or any other USMS special awards or rank.

Note:  You may apply your OEVT registration fee toward your full USMS/ILMSA Membership fee if both occur during the same year. We may contact you about the benefits and wisdom of being an USMS Member.

CIOWS 2012 ONLINE ENTRY: Online registration entry is preferred, encouraged, & provides immediate entry confirmation. Register ONLINE for CIOWS at www.ClubAssistant.com/CIOWS.

Please Note: When paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events." Please use VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER.


ENTRY                   FEE*         DEADLINE (Received by)**
Early ONLINE Entry     $40.00          Early:  Saturday, July 21, 2012, 11:59 P.M. CT

Late  ONLINE Entry      $50.00          Late:  Friday, August 3, 2012, 11:59 A.M. CT (Noon)

Early PAPER Entry      $45.00          Early:  USPS postmark by Saturday, July 14, 2012 (no business meters)
                                                                            OR, received by Saturday, July 21, 2012
Late  PAPER Entry       $55.00           Late:  USPS postmark by Thursday, July 26, 2012 (no business meters)
                                                                            OR, received by Thursday, August 2, 2012

*  CIOWS entry fee does not include USMS/ILMSA Member or OEVT registration fee.
** All times are Central Time (CT)


NO TRANSFERS. NO DEFERRALS. NO REFUNDS. The CIOWS Event may be delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather, other emergency, and/or as determined by the CIOWS Event Director, Facility/Venue Host, Safety Officials, and/or Event Referee.

T-SHIRTS: A high quality collectible CIOWS Event T-Shirt is available for $15.00 at the time of CIOWS registration. Please indicate size and quantity during CIOWS registration. A limited supply of these CIOWS T-Shirts (including back-years) may be purchased at the Event for $15.00. Order during ONLINE Entry. Do not be left out! 

TIMING, SCORING, & RESULTS:   Transponder chip and backup timing, scoring, and in-race progress and final posted results will be provided by Planet Adventure LLC. See www.PlanetAdventureRace.com and www.CIOWS.org for e-link to results.  One-Event registrants will be identified in the final official results as One-Event (OEVT) entrants.

Note: There is a $25 fee for failing to return the transponder chip device.

Non-wetsuit distance competitions:  Awards will be presented to:
  • Overall top 3 Men and top 3 Women place finishers.
  • First place finisher in each Men and Women age group division.
If wetsuits distance competitions are allowed:  Awards will be presented only to the overall top 3 Men and top 3 Women place finishers.

PARKING:  Plenty of space for car parking. No cost for car parking or to enter Comlara Park.

FOOD: Plenty of free eats, non-alcoholic hydration beverages, and ice will be available for your enjoyment. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED AT COMLARA PARK, AS IS THE CASE WITH ALL OF McLEAN COUNTY PARKS!

SPONSORS:  Please visit and support our CIOWS 2012 sponsors at CIOWS.org.

HOTELS:  See www.visitbn.org. The Bloomington-Normal Area Convention & Visitors Bureau provides addresses, phone numbers, and additional information for hotels in the City of Bloomington and Town of Normal, Illinois. Most of these hotels are within 10- to 15-miles of Comlara Park and Evergreen Lake.

COMLARA PARK CAMPING:   Comlara Park main recreation area camping is available. Phone: 309.434.6770 for reservations and information. Please indicate that you are with the August 4, 2012 CIOWS Event. If you do not opt for a “first-come-first-serve” camping site, a non-refundable reservation deposit of first night's camping fee is required. Reservations may be made by telephone with VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER. RESERVATIONS ARE NORMALLY REQUIRED FOR WEEKEND STAYS!  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED IN ALL McLEAN COUNTY PARKS!

     Rates:   Reservations:  $ 6.00 fee plus first night deposit.
                   $ 2.00 less, if McLean County Illinois resident.
     Main Recreation Area camping is located 0.25-Mile from CIOWS start & finish
  • 50-amp electric RV/tent site: $ 23.00 for each night
  • 30-amp electric RV/tent site: $ 20.00 for each night
  • Non-electric RV/tent site: $ 17.00 for each night
  • “Pitch-a-Tent” area: $ 13.00 per tent per night includes showers, flush restrooms & parking lots. "Pitch-a-Tent area located within ~100-meters of the CIOWS start and finish.

QUESTIONS: See www.CIOWS.org or E-Mail Info2012@CIOWS.org.

Course Map & Event Pics

Please note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "ClubAssistant.com Events."
Online Registration closed on 8/3/2012.
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Map and Directions