Pacific Masters Relay Meet

Pac Masters Event

Sunday, March 17, 2024

USMS Sanction : 384-R001

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Individual Registration Mon, Jan 15, 2024
05:00 AM
Sun, Mar 10, 2024
11:59 PM
Relay-Only Individual Registration Mon, Mar 11, 2024
08:00 AM
Fri, Mar 15, 2024
11:59 PM

This competition is limited to the first 49 entrants.
Currently there are 11 entrants.

Warm up start time:  8:15am
Check-in (captains only):  8:30am
Meet start time:  9:15am

DATE & TIME: Sunday, March 17, 2024.  Warm ups begin at 8:15 am, Meet events begin at 9:15 am

LOCATION:  Jean E Brink Pool, 401 Paloma Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044 (Ocana High School campus) 

  • 10-Lane 25-yard course. 6-8 lanes will be used for the competition with the actual number based on number of entries. 1 or 2 warm up lanes will be open throughout the competition.
  • The length of the competition course without a bulkhead is in compliance and on file with USMS in accordance with Articles 105.1.7 and 106.2.1. 
  • The primary timing system will be automatic timing. Times for the 200 free and medley relays will be eligible for USMS and Pacific Masters records and USMS and Pacific Masters Top 10 consideration. Watch and button timing duties will be performed by participants in the preceding and following heats.
MEET DESCRIPTION:  A relay meet where the emphasis is on camaraderie with friends, getting splits for events you might not normally swim, and most importantly, fun. There is no requirement that relay team members come from the same club. This means you can swim with your college or high school teammates even if you belong to different USMS clubs now. Similarly, families can swim together on a relay team even if mom & dad swim for a different club than their children and/or grandchildren. Unattached swimmers and members of very small clubs can participate as well, they just need to put together a relay team. As a side note, we are trying to conduct meet so that it will be finished by 1:00 pm. This is a goal not a guarantee.

RELAY TEAMS: Groups of four (4) people will form a team and swim up to 7 relay events together. Relay teams can be composed of members from one club, unattached members, or members from multiple clubs. Relays will be swum as male, female, or mixed (2 male + 2 female). At the discretion of the meet director, teams may add an additional member to compensate for swimmers who are not able to swim all events.

AGE GROUPS: Standard short course yards relay age group classifications will be used – 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 65+, 75+, 85+, 95+. The age of the youngest relay team member shall determine the age group. Relay teams must swim in the youngest age group for which they are eligible. 

MATCHMAKING OPTION: Interested in participating but can’t find 3 other people to swim with. Drop a note to the event director and he will try to assist in finding people for you to swim with.

SCORING:  All events: 21-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  High point designation for male, female and mixed relay teams in each age group. Members of high point relay teams are entitled to brag about their designation until the next Pacific Masters relay meet. Club scores will also be tracked based on relay teams where all members are from the club.

ELIGIBILITY: All participants must be USMS members as of the time of the event.

ENTRIES: Only online entries will be accepted, and meet is limited to the first 49 teams to enter. Each relay team should choose one member (‘Team Captain’) to enter the meet, choose events, pay fees, and enter other members’ names, genders, & ages as of March 17, 2024. Entries will be open for Team Captains between January 15 and March 10. Captains will use the Individual Registration option and are encouraged to enter early to reserve a spot. Other relay team members must supply membership information and accept waiver on the Club Assistant meet entry site between March 11 and March 15. URL for entries:

Please be aware that for technical reasons not important to participants, the meet management software and entry system will treat relay teams as though they are individual competitors based on the team captain. Consequently, the payment recap and receipt screens for meet entry will show the team captain’s age and gender, not the team age and gender classification. A separate email will be sent to the team captain a few days after entry confirming the relay team’s age and gender classification. Also note that the use of ‘mixed’ on the event selection screen indicates one event number is used for all relays regardless of relay team’s gender classification.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee for each team is $120. Teams wishing to have their times for conforming events (200 free and 200 medley relays) submitted for Top 10 consideration will need to make a written request at the meet. See note below on top 10 submissions.

ENTRY LIMITS: Each relay team may enter up to 7 events.  Captains who enter all seven events will be asked to choose one that might be dropped in an effort to keep the timeline to a 1:00 pm finish.

CHECK IN: Team captains must check in by 8:45 am on the day of the event. Team members may be changed up to that time. Any new members must sign waiver and have 2024 USMS membership validated.

Meet Director: Peter Guadagni,
Meet Referee: John King

1    200 Free (4 X 50 Free)
2    200 Fly (4 X 50 Fly)
3    200 Breast (4 X 50 Breast)
4    400 IM (4 X 100 IM)
5    200 Back (4 X 50 Back)*
6    100 Funstyle (4 X 25 Funstyle)**
7    200 Medley (standard 200 medley relay)

* Swimmers 2 – 4 in backstroke may start with a forward dive but must surface within 15 meters and be on back when surfaced.

** Teams may swim the funstyle relay in any manner they choose but must complete the swim within 4 minutes. Placing will be at the sole discretion of the referee and starter who will judge based on creativity of swim and apparel.

Note on Top 10 submissions: All relay team members must be from same USMS club to be eligible for top 10 submission.  A form will be provided for teams wishing to have their free and medley relays submitted for top 10 consideration. Please be aware that the two most competitive relay events are the SCY 200 Free and Medley relays. Unless you have a fast relay, please consider not requesting top 10 consideration to reduce post meet work.

Warm-ups start at 8:15 AM
Meet starts at 9:00 AM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed W/M/X Relay 200 Y Free
2 Mixed W/M/X Relay 200 Y Fly
3 Mixed W/M/X Relay 200 Y Breast
4 Mixed W/M/X (4x100IM) Relay 400 Y IM
5 Mixed W/M/X Relay 200 Y Back
6 Mixed W/M/X (4x25 Funstyle) Relay 100 Y Free
7 Mixed W/M/X Relay 200 Y IM

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "PACIFICMASTERS.ORG."