2024 Paul Cate Sedona Spring Classic Swim Meet and Social

Northern Arizona Masters

Saturday, May 4, 2024

USMS Sanction : 484-S001

Northern Arizona Masters

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Sedona Swordfish Masters 
With NAU Swimming and Diving and Anthem Dolphins

2024 Paul Cate Sedona Spring Classic
Swim Meet and Social

Saturday, May 4, Sedona Community Pool, 25 Yard Course

Sedona Community Pool
Warmups at 9 am
Meet starts at 10 am

Sanction— Sanctioned by Arizona Masters Swim Committee for USMS, Inc.  Sanction #484-S001.

Meet Director— Liz Hobbs, coachlizhobbs@gmail.com or 928-286-7989. 

Meet Referee— Judy Gillies, 520-237-9435 or jgillies1848@gmail.com. If you are an official who is willing to work for part of the meet, contact Judy to get a free/reduced entry fee.

Location— The beautiful Sedona Community Pool, 570 Posse Ground Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336

Facility— 8 lane outdoor 25 yard course with non-turbulent lane lines.   5-6 lanes will be used for competition, 1-2 lanes will be available for continuous warmup/warmdown. The length of the competition course without a bulkhead is in compliance and on file with USMS in accordance with articles 105.1.7 and 106.2.1.

Timing— Timing with be fully automatic and semi-automatic (touchpads with 1 button and 1 watch backup), therefore times will be eligible for USMS National Records and Top 10’s.

Time— Warmups at 9 AM, meet starts at 10 AM

1.    2024 USMS Rules will apply
2.    All events are timed finals
3.    Swimmers may swim up to 6 individual events. 25’s and the 100 IM in any order are non-official events, but they will be scored, and they count toward the total limit of 6 individual events, as do time trials.
4.    500 free will require positive check in, check in by 9:30 am
5.    Swimmer’s age as of May 4, 2024, will determine their age for the meet.

Seeding— All events will be run slowest to fastest. We will separate gender for events 3 or more heats of entries, but ages will be combined. For events with 2 heats or less, ages and genders will be combined.   Breaks will be included as necessary and requested.  

Eligibility— Open to any swimmer with a valid 2024 USMS registration or one day registration.  Please include a copy of your USMS 2024 registration card with your entry if you mail in, or be prepared to show your card at meet check-in.  We will be accepting one day registrations, but one day registrations are not eligible for Masters USMS records or Top 10 Times.

Entry Fee— $40.00 fee includes up to 6 events, a special gift, and lunch from a local store (along the lines of a sandwich and chips/tacos/pizza and a non alcoholic drink).  Lunches for your guests will cost $10 each, and must be ordered when you enter the meet.

Awards— It’s May the 4th, we will do some Star Wars themes. There will be fun awards (more details to come). We will offer team awards for the largest team entered (must be a workout group if you swim for AZ masters). We will offer high point awards for the top scorer in the 18-29 age range, the 30-39 age range, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+.
Individual award winners TBA

Individual events:
All individual events, including exhibition events, will be scored 11-8-6-4-2 within regular masters age groups (18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39…). For high point purposes, you will be scored in your USMS age group, then the highest score, for example, between the 18-24 age group and the 25-29 age group will get the highpoint for the age range. And between 30-34 and 35-39, and 40-44 and 45-49, and 50-54 and 55-59, and 60-64 and 65-69, and all age groups 70 and over (special recognition for any swimmers over 80 and over 90).

Relays will not be scored, but results for the 200 MR and 200 FR will be official and eligible for USMS Top 10 and state and national records.

Entry Deadline— Entries must be received by 5 PM on April 28.  Deck entries will not be accepted.

Entries— Enter online HERE.   
Mail Entries to— Paul Cate Sedona Spring Classic, Richard Taylor, 115 Painted Cliffs Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336.  Make check payable to Sedona Swim Team.  Include copy of USMS registration, completed AZ consolidated entry card (http://azlmsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Consol.EntryForm.pdf), and payment. 

Meet Order of Events: Please note— breaks will be given between events as requested and as time allows. Relays can be Men’s, Women’s or Mixed, and maybe be combined into one heat.

If you would like to swim a time trial. Time trials may be offered during a break, or at the end of the meet, at the discretion of the referee. Please note that if you are entered in 6 events, you cannot swim a time trial. If you are entered in less than 6 events, you may swim a time trial in any event, even one that you already swam. Time trials will not count toward individual point scores, but they do count toward the 6 event meet maximum.

Order of events-25 yard course
1.    100 Freestyle 12.     25 Breaststroke (exhibition event)
2.    200 Individual Medley 13.     4x25 Paul Cate Impersonator or Starwars
relay (exhibition event, no team score)
3.    50 Backstroke 14.     25 Backstroke (exhibition event)
4.    100 IM in any order (exhibition event) 15.     200 Medley Relays
5.    100 Butterfly 16.     500 Freestyle
6.    25 Freestyle (exhibition event) 17.     50 Freestyle
7.    100 Breaststroke 18.     50 Breaststroke
8.    200 Freestyle 19.     100 Individual Medley
9.    200 Freestyle Relays 20.     25 Butterfly (exhibition event)
10.    50 Butterfly 21.     4 x 25 Paul Cate Tugboat Relay (exhibition
event, no team score)
11.     100 Backstroke

Warm-ups start at 9:00 AM
Meet starts at 10:00 AM
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 100 Y Free
2 Mixed 200 Y IM
3 Mixed 50 Y Back
4 Mixed 100 Y IM
5 Mixed 100 Y Fly
6 Mixed 25 Y Free
7 Mixed 100 Y Breast
8 Mixed 200 Y Free
9 Mixed 200 Y Free Relay
10 Mixed 50 Y Fly
11 Mixed 100 Y Back
12 Mixed 25 Y Breast
13 Mixed 100 Y Free Relay
14 Mixed 25 Y Back
15 Mixed 200 Y Medley Relay
16 Mixed 500 Y Free
17 Mixed 50 Y Free
18 Mixed 50 Y Breast
19 Mixed 100 Y IM
20 Mixed 25 Y Fly
21 Mixed 100 Y Free Relay

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "N. AZ SWIM MEET ENTRY."

Online Registration closed on 4/28/2024.
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