2023 Keller Cove Swim for Kids Sake (ADULT ENTRY)

Richmond Swims

Sunday, September 17, 2023

USMS Sanction : 383-W005

Richmond Swims

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The Event

This open water bay swim is the 13th annual fundraising event to benefit the youth USA swim team (“Sailfish”) program in the City of Richmond, based at the restored Richmond Municipal Natatorium (“The Plunge”).   Proceeds from the event will be used for coaching, equipment, pool fees and swimming scholarships for inner-city youth throughout Richmond.  It will be held at Keller Beach, Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, in cooperation with East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) who will provide water safety and lifeguard services for the event.  The event includes open water swim competitions for adult swimmers, at ½-mile, 1-mile and 2-mile distances.  This is the final event of the Pacific Masters 2023 open water swim season. 

Event Sanctioning and Eligibility
The event is sanctioned by Pacific Masters Swimming for USMS, Inc.; this includes ½-mile, 1-mile and 2-mile swims.  All participants must be current 2023 registered members of USMS.  Non-USMS swimmers may register and participate by paying an additional single-event fee (OEVT) of $20 (see Entry Fees below).   The swim is open to handicapped swimmers; contact Head Coach John Schonder (richmondswims@gmail.com) regarding specific water assistance needs. 

Swim Events   

Masters (18 and over): ½-mile, 1-mile & 2-mile swims Non-Wetsuit and Wetsuit Divisions

Note:  ½-mile swim will be run first as a separate event; followed by 1-mile and 2-mile events that will be run concurrently.  Swimmers may enter: ½-mile only; 1-mile only; 2-mile only; ½-mile + 1-mile; or ½-mile + 2-mile. 

Registration may be made by mail, on-line, or at the event on race day.   Race day registration and check-in will open at 7:30 am and will close at 9 am for the ½ mile swim, and at 10 am for the 1 and 2 mile swims.  Race day registration will require payment by cash or check (no credit cards accepted).  Race-day registration will require entrants to provide USMS swimming card.  Mailed registrations must include photocopy of valid membership card at time of entry.  

Schedule of Activities                                               
Swimmer Check-in for ½-mi 7:30 am  –    9:00 am
Swimmer Check-in for 1 & 2-mi 8:00 am  –  10:00 am
Welcome and Introductions 9:00 am  –    9:10 am
Race Instructions:  ½ -mile 9:10 am  –    9:25 am
½ -mile Swim 9:30 am  –  10:15 am
Race Instructions: 1 & 2-mile 10:10 am  – 10:25 am
1 & 2-mile Swims 10:30 am  – 12:30 pm
~~~~Refreshments and Awards following Swims ~~~~

Swim Course
All swims will begin and end on Keller Beach and will follow a counter-clockwise course marked by brightly-colored buoys.  The ½-mile swim will be run first as a separate event. After this is completed, the 1 and 2-mile swims will be run concurrently, beginning with the 2-mile swim wave, followed by the 1-mile swimmers divided into waves. The waves will start about 5 minutes apart. The 2-mile swim will consist of two loops of the 1-mile course.  For swimmer safety, time limits will be: 45 minutes for the ½-mile swim; and 2 hours for the 1 and 2-mile swims. 

Water Temperature and Wetsuits
Water temperature for the swim is expected to be in the range of 62-66 degrees. Swimmers are encouraged to wear wetsuits unless they are accustomed to swimming without wetsuits at the expected water temperature and for the distances offered in this event.  Water temperatures near Keller Cove can be checked at: http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/cpac.html.

Masters Non-Wetsuit Division:    ½, 1 and 2-mile swims; top 3 places in each 5-yr age groups; Men & Women 
Masters Wetsuit Division:    ½, 1 and 2-mile swims; top 3 places 18-39, and 40+; Men & Women 
(Note:  All swims are eligible for Pacific Masters Open Water Points Competition) 

Entry Fees        
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Entry Fees
Single Swim 1/2 + 1-mi
(1/2, 1 or 2-mi) 1/2 + 2-mi
Early 9/01/2023 $50 $70
Regular 9/08/2023 $55 $75
Last Minute 9/14/2023 $60 $80
Race Day -- $70 $90
Additional one-event (OEVT) registration fee for non-USMS entrants:  $20


Water Safety & Lifeguard Services
Water safety and support will be provided under the direction of the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) Aquatics Supervisor and lifeguards, including lifeguards, rescue boards, and two motorized boats.   All EBRPD guidelines and criteria for open water swim events will be adhered to.  The swim area (Keller Cove) is not subject to strong bay currents or significant boat traffic, as it lies off the main tidal channels in a relatively protected cove.  Any boats in the area will be precluded from entering the swim area.  All participants will be required to wear a brightly-colored swim cap (to be provided), and will receive body-marking for swimmer identification. The use of swim fins, pull buoys or other swimming devices will not be permitted.  Personal escorts will only be permitted for handicap swimmers, with approval from the EBRPD Aquatics Supervisor and RPM Race Safety Officer.  Note:  Under penalty of disqualification, swimmers may not make deliberate contact with craft, craft operators, and/or any physical features on or near the course during the swim. 

Directions & Parking

Driving Directions.  Keller Beach is located at the intersection of Western Dr. and Dornan Dr. in Pt. Richmond, adjacent to the south portal of the Dornan Dr. Tunnel. From Highway 580, take the Canal Blvd exit and turn south; turn right at W. Cutting Blvd; turn left at Dornan Dr./S.Garrard and proceed past “The Plunge” through the tunnel.   Keller Beach is on the right upon exiting the south side of the tunnel.

Parking. Parking near Keller Beach is limited to curbside parking along the west side of Dornan Dr, which stretches for a distance of approximately one mile to the south (toward San Francisco).  Come early for close-in parking.  Other parking options include: (a) street parking in Point Richmond (near the Plunge) and walk through the tunnel (1/4 mile); (b) Main Parking Lot for Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline (1/3 mile); (c) Dirt parking area across from Main Parking Lot (1/3 mile); and (d) Overflow and South Parking Lot (1/2 mile).

Contact Information:

For questions and more information regarding this swim event, Richmond Plunge Masters and Richmond Sailfish youth team, or general information on Masters or USA swimming contacts are provided below:
Richmond Plunge Masters and Richmond Sailfish:

Race Director:   Norm Hantzsche (nhantzsche@questaec.com)    
Race Safety Officer:  John Schonder (richmondswims@gmail.com)
Masters Head Coach:  Ron Taylor (rntylr@gmail.com)
Meet Referee: Mehdi Nourbakhsh (260beb39@opayq.com)

Address:  Richmond Swims, P.O. Box 70952, Richmond, CA 94807
Website:  http://www.richmondswims.org

USMS/Pacific Masters: 
    USMS Registration:  http://www.usms.org/reg 
    Pacific Masters Swimming:  http://www.pacificmasters.org


Meet Course:

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "WWW.RICHMONDSWIMS.ORG."

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