Kroc Masters Open Water Swim

Kroc Masters

Saturday, July 22, 2023

USMS Sanction : 353-W001

Kroc Masters

Open Water Registration


Registration Schedule

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Swimmer Registration Sat, Feb 25, 2023
06:00 AM
Mon, Jul 17, 2023
11:59 PM

This competition is limited to the first 125 entrants.
Currently there are 59 entrants.

Lake Coeur D’Alene, Idaho,
Sander’s Beach, 15th at Lakeshore Ave

Loop course, choose One MILE (one loop) or 2 MILES (two loops)

Mandatory Safety meeting 8:30 am
Race Start:  9:00 am

NOTE: ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE 18 or over and MUST BE UNITED STATES MASTERS SWIMMING (USMS) MEMBERS. Anyone not wishing to be a full year member of USMS may pay $20.00 extra with their entry fee to obtain a one-time/one-event USMS membership (but why not become a member of USMS for the year?) Our insurance through the Masters Organization mandates these requirements (adults only/membership)…no insurance, no swim for anyone.

Water temperature in July has historically been between 63 and 69 degrees and last year at this time it was approximately 67 degrees.

Swim will be parallel to shore with water depth from 7 feet to 60 feet. You will be able to swim to a beach from any spot in the course (no rocky cliffs) if you are not feeling up to finishing (but be sure the safety team member nearby knows). Wetsuits, neoprene caps will be allowed but unless the water is unusually cold (below 61), not required (USMS rules require wetsuits for any organized swim where the water temperature will be under 61 degrees). If wearing a neoprene cap you MUST put the Race Cap over it as it is a component of the race management (color of cap).

Have you wondered about Open Water but so far been unable to make the leap? Go for the One Mile Loop with kayakers and lifeguards around you.  

Entries will be limited to 125 swimmers. $35.00 entry fee NO T-SHIRT, $45.00 entry fee WITH T-SHIRT IF USMS member.  Add $20 for “one event membership in USMS”  if not.

Awards for first in each age group by gender (18-24, 25-29 etc.)

Long sleeve T-shirts for the $10 extra charge until July 1, 2023 date (after that entry okay but no T-Shirt unless some extras are available for purchase at event)


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a pool, it is a LAKE and weather & water temperature are totally uncontrolled. The swim will not happen if the water temperature is 57 degrees or less. Wind can create unsafe conditions for swimmers and kayak support. Conditions on Race Day must be safe: Brisk wind, significant whitecaps/chop, excessive wildfire smoke and/or Lightning will mean NO Swim. If the Swim does not happen we will make every effort to reschedule as soon as permits can be obtained for a new date in 2023 but there will be no refunds. as this is intended to be a sanctioned swim. Email meet director:

MAP OF THE COURSE which will be marked with buoys and have chaperones in kayakers along the way

PLEASE REVIEW (we don’t want to discourage you but also want you to enjoy yourself)

1. Don’t come to the swim wearing your new wetsuit for the first time. You need to have swum in your wetsuit for at least a few swims to be comfortable in it (or have discovered it chafes, is too restrictive, etc.). Most likely you will not have to wear a wetsuit unless you wish to for the race (not required unless water <62)

2. Don’t make our swim your first ever swim in open water. Yes, come for your first ‘race’ in open water but open water is not a pool in SO many ways! You need to experience it without any race pressure and slowly/easy for the first few times.  67 degrees can seem quite cold.

3. Early preparation: Try out CDA Lake swimming at: 1) Independence Point near the CDA Resort, there is a ‘parallel to the beach’ area with ‘no boats allowed’ or 2) Kroc Masters open water swimmers will be at Little Sanders beach, where 12th street hits Lakeshore (not ‘big’ Sanders at 15th), unless bad weather, be a swim buddy. THREE SATURDAYS at 7 AM: June 24, July 8th and 15th.  No fee, no pressure, no restrooms, no showers, not a race. Wetsuits and neoprene caps (or double swim caps) suggested (googles and swim caps definitely needed). It will be colder water in June and warming up each week.

4. Open Water Race Manners: Try to avoid contact with others, don’t hit another person’s feet (plenty of room to go around), no need for aggressive body contact swimming. Use anti-chafe for wetsuit neck, be sure your googles won’t fog up. Once in the water if you are not feeling particularly good or getting colder by the minute, let a kayaker know & either hang on to the kayak for assistance or swim for shore/shallow water after letting safety Kayaker know your plan so they can watch you get to shore.

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "WWW.KROCCDA.ORG."

Online Registration closed on 7/17/2023.
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