2022 Delaware Valley LMSC Souderton Masters Meet

Delaware Valley LMSC

Sunday, November 13, 2022

USMS Sanction : 082-S003

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Delaware Valley LMSC Master’s Meet
Souderton Area High School
Sunday, November 13, 2022
Warm-up: 8:15 am | Event 1: 9:00 am | End: Approx 1:00 pm

SANCTIONING: Sanctioned by Delaware Valley LMSC for USMS Inc. Sanction Number 082-S003.

LIABILITY: In granting this recognition, it is understood and agreed that United States Masters Swimming, Inc., Delaware Valley LMSC, Souderton Area School District, Souderton Area Community Aquatic Club and all meet officials shall be held harmless from any and all liabilities or claims for damages by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of this meet, which includes warm-up sessions.

HOSTED BY: Delaware Valley Local Masters Swimming Committee (DV LMSC)

MEET DIRECTOR: Jeremy Gross, Chair, DV LMSC, dvchair@usms.org, 215-779-9366

LOCATION: Souderton Area High School (SAHS), 625 Lower Road, Souderton PA 18964 Google Map.

  • Souderton Area High School Natatorium. New (2011) 25 yd, 6- or 8-lane pool with non-turbulent lane lines and timing system with 8-lane display. Water depth is 8-12 feet at the start end and is 4 feet at the turn end. The pool will be configured for 25-yards short course competition a 2-lane 25-yard warm-up/warm-down area available throughout competition.

  • Bleacher seating for approximately 200 spectators/swimmers. No seating is provided on deck, your deck chairs are welcome.

  • Parking in lots behind Souderton Area High School closest to the Natatorium entrance.

  • This meet is open to all currently (2022) USMS-registered athletes aged 18 and older.  If you are not an active member, you may join at USMS.org/join. USMS Membership is verified upon online sign-up via Club Assistant.
  • A swimmer’s age for this meet will be determined by their age on the date of competition.
ATHLETES WITH DISABILITIES: Swimmers with a disability are welcome to enter this meet. The participant or coach must alert the meet director and the meet referee as to the need for any special accommodations or seeding arrangements at the time the entry is submitted.  Please email dvchair@usms.org directly regarding any necessary accommodations.

  • This meet will be held in a short course yards (25-yard) pool and governed by 2022 USMS rules.
  • Events are pre-seeded slowest to fastest, independent of age or gender.  All events will be timed final events (102.10.1).
  • The length of the competition course is on file with USMS and complies with USMS articles 105.1.7 and 106.2.1.
  • Times from this competition will be eligible for USMS records and USMS Top-10 consideration in accordance USMS Rule 103.18.5 as an automatic primary timing system will be used with button and a minimum of one watch will be used for each lane.
  • A flat fee of $40 covers meet entry and all individual events.

  • Swimmers are limited to five (5) individual events.

  • Event fees are collected and processed via ClubAssistant.com upon registration and are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • Entries must be submitted using the Club Assistant online entry form, no deck entries.

  • Please estimate your entry time for all events to allow for proper seeding.

  • Online registration deadline is Wednesday, November 9,11:59PM. 

  • There are three (3) deck-entered relay events. Each relay event will include a men’s, women’s and mixed (2-men, 2-women) events.  Swimmers may only compete in one relay per event (i.e. you cannot swim the 200-free mixed relay as well as the 200-free men’s or women’s relay.)
  • Relays are $10 each and may be paid via cash or check (to DV LMSC) at the meet.
  • Relay cards will be available at the Announcer’s table and must include swimmer’s names and ages in the correct relay order as well as the team represented.
  • Only USMS members registered with the same USMS team may compete in relays (no unattached relays). All relay participants must be pre-registered for at least one individual event.
  • Please enter relays and provide payment prior to the start of event #1 to allow time for seeding.
EVENT SEEDING: All events will be seeded slowest to fastest, regardless of age and sex.

  • Individual Events: Male and Female, 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, etc., in 5-year increments.
  • Relay Events: Male, Female and Mixed, 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+, 65+, 75+, etc. in 10-year increments. The age of the youngest relay team member shall determine the age group. Relay teams must swim in the oldest age group for which they are eligible. Example, if your team has swimmers aged 25, 35, 45 and 55 you must enter the 25+ age group.
  • The pool will be available for warm-up from 8:15 to 9:00am.

  • At least one warm-up/warm-down lane will be available during the entire meet.

  • Diving permitted ONLY in designated 1-way sprint lanes, which will be announced during warm-up.

  • Additional 10- to 15-minute warm-up sessions may be added during competition at the discretion of the meet director to manage the pace of the meet.

  • Results are posted on the USMS Website http://www.dvmasters.org under results tab usually within 2 weeks following the meet.

  • A PDF of electronic results will also be e-mailed to all participants.

  • Meet info will be available via SwimPhone, MeetMobile and posted to USMS.org.

  • Separate results will be reported by gender and age group.

MEET NOTIFICATIONS: In the event of inclement weather, facility, or COVID issues, please check the Delaware Valley Masters Swimming Facebook page and/or website for immediate news. Every attempt will be made to communicate via email as well.

FACILITY RULES: Feet first entry only for all warm-up/warm-down. Deck chairs, yoga mats and other seating items are welcome.
Warm-ups start at 8:15 am
Event 1 starts at 9 am

Meet is estimated to end at 1pm
When signing-up PLEASE enter a seed time.
# Sex Event
1 Mixed 100 IM
2 Mixed 100 Free
3 Mixed 200 Breast
4 Mixed-Men-Women 200 Free Relay
5 Mixed 200 Back
6 Mixed 50 Fly
7 Mixed 500 Free
8 Mixed 100 Fly
9 Mixed 200 IM
10 Mixed-Men-Women 400 Free Relay
11 Mixed 50 Breast
12 Mixed 100 Back
13 Mixed 200 Fly
14 Mixed 50 Free
15 Mixed 400 IM
16 Mixed 50 Back
17 Mixed 100 Breast
18 Mixed 200 Free
19 Mixed-Men-Women 200 Medley Relay

Warm-ups start at 8:15 AM
Meet starts at 9:00 AM
Meet is estimated to end at 1:00 PM
# Sex Event Psych
Heats Heat
1 Mixed 100 Y IM Psych 3 Heats Results
2 Mixed 100 Y Free Psych 6 Heats Results
3 Mixed 200 Y Breast Psych 1 Heats Results
4 Mixed (Mixed-Men-Women) 200 Y Free Relay 0
5 Mixed 200 Y Back Psych 1 Heats Results
6 Mixed 50 Y Fly Psych 4 Heats Results
7 Mixed 500 Y Free Psych 3 Heats Results
8 Mixed 100 Y Fly Psych 2 Heats Results
9 Mixed 200 Y IM Psych 2 Heats Results
10 Mixed (Mixed-Men-Women) 400 Y Free Relay 0
11 Mixed 50 Y Breast Psych 3 Heats Results
12 Mixed 100 Y Back Psych 3 Heats Results
13 Mixed 200 Y Fly Psych 1 Heats Results
14 Mixed 50 Y Free Psych 6 Heats Results
15 Mixed 400 Y IM Psych 1 Heats Results
16 Mixed 50 Y Back Psych 3 Heats Results
17 Mixed 100 Y Breast Psych 1 Heats Results
18 Mixed 200 Y Free Psych 4 Heats Results
19 Mixed (Mixed-Men-Women) 200 Y Medley Relay 1 Heats Results

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "DVMASTERS LMSC."

Online Registration closed on 11/9/2022.
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