Palm Springs Masters SCY Swim Meet

Palm Springs Masters

Sunday, February 25, 2024

USMS Sanction : 334-S002

Palm Springs Masters

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Wed, Feb 21, 2024
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Looking for the SPMS Stroke and Turn Clinic on Saturday, February 24,
at the Palm Springs Swim Center? 

Here is the link for information and registration:

Sanctioned by Southern Pacific Masters Swimming for USMS, Inc. #334-S002

Facility: Palm Springs Swim Center is an outdoor 50 meter by 25 yard competition pool located at 405 South Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262. The length of the competition course without a bulkhead is in compliance and on file with USMS in accordance with articles 105.1.7 and 107.2.1.

Timing System: The primary timing system will be fully automatic. Colorado Timing will be used. Times may be submitted for USMS record and Top 10 consideration.

Directions and Parking: Palm Springs Swim Center is located in Sunrise Park, at the corner of Ramon Road and South Sunrise Way, adjacent to Palm Springs High School. From South Sunrise Way, turn East on East Baristo Road then turn South on South Pavillion Way. Enter parking lot on right. Parking is free. Follow signs to pool.

Rules: United States Masters Swimming rules will govern. Current SPMS meet procedures will be enforced and take precedence over any errors or omissions on this form. The meet referee will be in charge of the meet. Any questions regarding the conduct of the meet should be directed to that person. Age on February 25, 2024, determines age group for the meet. You must be at least 18 years of age on February 25, 2024 to compete.

Warm-up: USMS warm-up policies will be enforced. There will be NO DIVING into the pool any time except into the designated sprint lane(s). Warm-up rules will be announced. Warm-up in the competition lanes will be available for one hour prior to the start of the meet. Additional warm-up lanes will be available.

Entries: All swimmers must be registered with USMS for 2024 or foreign equivalents.
  • Early Entry Fee $50.00 flat fee per swimmer. Early entry price closes Wednesday February 14, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Late entries will be allowed for a flat fee of $60.00. Entries close Wednesday February 21, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Swimmers are limited to a total of 5 individual events, not including relays. If the meet is deemed too large, the 5th event will be dropped. Indicate your 5th event on your entry form.
  • There will be no refunds.
  • The 1000yd Freestyle will be limited to 4 heats.
Disability Swimmers: Disability swimmers are welcome. Please notify the meet director and meet referee, prior to the competition, of any disability and of the requested modification. The swimmer/coach shall provide any assistant(s) or equipment if required.

Seeding: All events are timed finals and will be deck seeded slowest to fastest by entered time, ages and sexes combined. 

Check-in: Positive check-in is required for all events 400 yards and longer. Check-in closes at 8:00AM for Event #1 1000 Free and 8:30AM for Event #2 400 IM.

Relays: All relays will be deck entered on SPMS relay forms available at the meet.
  • Relays are free.
  • All relay swimmers must be entered in the meet.
  • For each relay swimmer who is not entered in individual events, a fee of $20.00 and a signed liability release must be completed online or submitted with the relay entry prior to the start of Event#1.
  • A swimmer may swim only ONE Medley Relay (Events # 7, 8, 9) and ONE Freestyle Relay (Events # 16, 17, 18).
  • BRING YOUR OWN FINS for Event 23, the Fun Fin Relay!
Awards: Individual: Ribbons for places 1 to 3. Relay: Ribbons for 1st place.

Snack Bar: Limited snacks and food items will be available for purchase. Hospitality for Officials, Volunteers, and Coaches will be provided.

Questions: Meet Director Richard Mignault, (917) 744-4233,
Meet Referee: Virgil Chancy
Meet Admin: Jan Szuszkiewicz
1000 Free will be limited to four heats 
Check-in for Event #1, 1000 Free, by 8:00am and Event #2, 400 IM, by 8:30am
BRING YOUR OWN FINS for Event 23, the Fun Fin Relay!

Meet Course: 25 Yards

Warm-ups start at 7:30 AM
Meet starts at 8:30 AM
# Sex Event Psych
Heats Heat
Results Estimated
1 Mixed 1000 Y Free Psych 0 08:30 AM
2 Mixed 400 Y IM Psych 1 Heats Results 10:05 AM
3 Mixed 200 Y Free Psych 6 Heats Results 10:12 AM
4 Mixed 50 Y Fly Psych 6 Heats Results 10:29 AM
5 Mixed 100 Y Back Psych 4 Heats Results 10:36 AM
6 Mixed 200 Y Breast Psych 2 Heats Results 10:51 AM
7 Men 200 Y Medley Relay Psych 1 Heats Results 11:06 AM
8 Women 200 Y Medley Relay Psych 1 Heats Results 11:10 AM
9 Mixed 200 Y Medley Relay 0 11:15 AM
10 Mixed 200 Y IM Psych 2 Heats Results 11:19 AM
11 Mixed 50 Y Breast Psych 5 Heats Results 11:28 AM
12 Mixed 100 Y Fly Psych 2 Heats Results 11:35 AM
13 Mixed 200 Y Back Psych 2 Heats Results 11:43 AM
14 Mixed 100 Y Free Psych 9 Heats Results 11:48 AM
15 Mixed 50 Y Back Psych 4 Heats Results 12:08 PM
16 Men 200 Y Free Relay Psych 1 Heats Results 12:21 PM
17 Women 200 Y Free Relay Psych 1 Heats Results 12:28 PM
18 Mixed 200 Y Free Relay 0 12:36 PM
19 Mixed 100 Y Breast Psych 4 Heats Results 12:43 PM
20 Mixed 50 Y Free Psych 8 Heats Results 12:53 PM
21 Mixed 200 Y Fly Psych 2 Heats Results 01:02 PM
22 Mixed 100 Y IM Psych 6 Heats Results 01:07 PM
23 Mixed Fun Fin Relay 100 Y Free Relay 0 01:20 PM

Note: If paying by credit card, your credit card statement will reflect a charge from "PS MASTERS SWIM TEAM."

Online Registration closed on 2/21/2024.