2024 John Shrum Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim

Virginia Masters

Saturday, June 1, 2024

USMS Sanction : 124-W001

Virginia Masters Swim Team

Open Water Registration


Club Entry Rosters

Swim Competition Information

Age Determination Date: 12/31/2024

Club (17 Clubs)

78 Swimmers
First Middle Last Age
Sex Club
Felipe Aguayo 35-39 M NCMS
Alexis Alms 18-24 F OEVT
Andrea Alms 55-59 F CM-Y
Melissa Alms 18-24 F OEVT
Patrick Baker 50-54 M L4S
Shannon Barras 60-64 F OEVT
Brenda Battani 30-34 F UC12
Susan Bell 60-64 F VMST
Lisa Bond 55-59 F CM-Y
Alan Bornbusch 60-64 M UC10
Tara Boyd 50-54 F CM-Y
Molly Brannan 40-44 F UC12
Elizabeth Brown 50-54 F WCMS
James Cavallo 75-79 M UC21
Cheryl Councill 40-44 F OEVT
William Craddock 40-44 M UC12
Lawrence Dail 55-59 M OEVT
James Daly 50-54 M VMST
Marisa Day 40-44 F OEVT
Patrick Deaton 70-74 M CSPM
Aimee Duffy 40-44 F OEVT
Sarah Dunstan 70-74 F VMST
Kate Ericsson 55-59 F OEVT
Kevin Franceschini 55-59 M VMST
David Friedland 65-69 M ANCM
Ginny Ann Glasgow 45-49 F L4S
Daisie Grenfell 55-59 F VMST
Paul Hahn 55-59 M OEVT
Roger Hahn 55-59 M CM-Y
Amanda Henkler 30-34 F CM-Y
Charlotte Hollings 60-64 F VMST
Eleanor Horner 35-39 F OEVT
Damien Howell 75-79 M OEVT
John Hurley 40-44 M OEVT
Debbie Jaeger 60-64 F VMST
Anton Janezich 30-34 M UC12
Rob Jones 55-59 M UC12
Raymond Kannapell 70-74 M UC12
Susan Kohler 50-54 F OEVT
Mary Landrum 55-59 F UC12
Jennifer Lauer 30-34 F CM-Y
Mary Caton Lingold 40-44 F OEVT
Shirley Loftus-Charley 70-74 F CM-Y
Teresa Lyons 60-64 F UC12
Todd Mackert 55-59 M OEVT
Michael Maxey 50-54 M VMST
Skyler McCurley 55-59 M OEVT
Jim McFarland 65-69 M VMST
Jennifer McGough 40-44 F PMM
Shannon McGrath 45-49 F UC12
Jaye Meyer 60-64 F NCMS
Edward Mills 55-59 M CM-Y
Meredith Newcomb 35-39 F OEVT
John Nolan 55-59 M UC12
Melissa Outhous 55-59 F KCM
Kim Parker 50-54 F OEVT
Linda Passaretti 55-59 F UC12
Elizabeth Peterson 35-39 F OEVT
John Post 75-79 M VMST
Howard Pride 65-69 M VABR
Kathy Pride 60-64 F VABR
Daniel Richardson 45-49 M UC10
Anne Rothman 50-54 F L4S
Norah Rothman 18-24 F OEVT
Andrew Rudin 65-69 M UC12
Mitch Saks 65-69 M VMST
Grace Schwartz 35-39 F GS
Micaela Shaughnessy 55-59 F VMST
Emily Sherrill 55-59 F WCMS
Ellen Shrum 75-79 F OEVT
Angelique Sklavounos 40-44 F OEVT
Mary Smith 40-44 F PEAK
George Sushkoff 55-59 M VMST
Jennifer Sweeder 40-44 F WAV1
Mckayl Turner 25-29 F OEVT
Val Van Horn Pate 60-64 F VMST
John Vivadelli 65-69 M VMST
Genevieve Weaver 25-29 F OEVT

This list contains swimmers that registered online.  (Depending on the meet host, swimmers who mailed in their registration may be displayed on this list.)

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