Effectively communicating to your members is key to a successful club. With Club Assistant's email modules, sending your desired email is just a few clicks away. Our program provides HTML email capability, emailing by group, a sent-emails tracking function, attachment uploads and a template library.

Key Features

HTML Emails

Prepare an HTML email containing your club logo, club colors and all the graphics you'd like, such as a USMS swim meet logo, to display for a special event. Then, select the group you wish to email the special notice to, such as your Competitive Group, and send off a terrific looking email to your target audience.

Group Emails

Club Assistant also allows you to send automated emails to individual members, groups or the entire membership. When you send emails, you can select sub-groups such as the following, and any others you assign in your database:

  • Membership status
  • Programs
  • Events attended
  • Meet attendees
  • Merchandise purchased

Sent email tracking

Email messages are stored in your Club Assistant for future reference.


Rather than spending time on individual emails, Club Assistant allows you to save templates of frequently used notifications. For example, you can email members whose credit cards are expiring or have failed, reminding them to update their credit card before your club's next billing.


You can send your team's PDF handbook, outstanding invoices, and other files with Club Assistant's upload and send email feature. You can easily reach out by sending your club fee structure and workout schedule as attachments pulled from your frequently used files.

Getting started can be as simple as importing email addresses from a Yahoo group or Outlook database or having your members sign up online.

Get step-by-step email system training from our friendly and knowledgeable Club Assistant staff at 888-794-6638.