See what our clients are saying about Club Assistant...

I am so pleased with Club Assistant. They are constantly making changes that help us do our job better, like the new merge2 feature. I can't explain how much time that has saved us. Whenever I have a problem Diana is very prompt and nice. We are proud to support an organization like yours that is in the same field and not a generic company that is not familiar with the swim world. Thank you Club Assistant.
Boulder Aquatic Masters

Thank you for all your help with Online Registration and Live Results for our Swim Invitational and the League Championships!

We have now completed our second swim season using Club Assistant for online entries and SwimPhone for posting live results. Club Assistant software is amazing! It's easy to use and helps us get everything for the meet organized in advance. Thank you for helping us get all the teams invited to our meets to put their entries into our meet electronically (paperless and organized!). We love that each coach has a secure login and puts their entries into our meet quickly and easily. It's great that we just take the entry file from Club Assistant and import all the data into the meet management software. It's simple and efficient!

Before the meet, you posted our psych sheets and heat sheets on, which all the coaches, swimmers, and parents love! During the meet, you showed us how to post live results on SwimPhone as often as we wanted. Family members who can't be at the meet in person say that SwimPhone makes them feel as though they are really there!

One extra note about the championships... the data you displayed on qualifying times was incredible!

This has been a very positive experience. I will encourage other high school and college teams to sign on for Club Assistant and SwimPhone.

We look forward to working with you again next swim season!

Murrieta Valley High School Swim Team

I wanted to send you this email to thank you for the great service Club Assistant has provided myself and the organizations I am affiliated with. Your constant availability to answer questions with clear concise explanations and patience teaching new users like myself is much appreciated. I am thrilled to be able to expand our use of Club Assistant online services which have become a terrific benefit to both enrollees and administrators, resulting in increased participation in our sanctioned activities. Thanks for all that you do!
Metropolitan LMSC

An open water swimming event takes a lot of people doing a lot things in a timely manner. I want to thank you for your help.

...ClubAssistant - Karin Wegner-On-line registration makes my life very easy.

We had a very successful event. Mission accomplished. Thank you so much for your help. I can't imagine how we ever got along without ClubAssistant.

O*H*I*O Masters, Lake Erie Open Water Swim

This has been very successful! It was very handy to be able to email all the entrants automatically. I am very pleased with the way this worked out. Thanks for your help.
Park Ridge/Latoff Penguins

We had a great 25th anniversary swim meet on Saturday and your software was an integral part of the process. Everything went off without a hitch.
Different Strokes Swim Team

Club Assistant is a great platform and has been extremely helpful since we began working with your group. We are definitely much more organized as well as appear more professional due to the tools you've created.

This has worked fabulously for us, and the email and website communication has saved us multiple times as we have had terrible weather this season.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated what you did for us. I know how busy you are and it meant a lot that you would take time out to visit a little program like ours.

...we can tell people how much we have grown since converting. We have gone from 341 when I took over to 422 active members today. Not bad for a 7 month time frame. I think we'll be over 500 by the end of next summer.

2009 was our first full year of online membership registration...statistics jump out when reviewing our registration success...71% of our 2009 registrations were online.