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Hosted applications save time and money. With a hosted application, you avoid the costs and overhead of, testing, installing, and maintaining an application on your own servers. The monthly service fee covers the use of our hardware, software, databases, general system administration, and eliminates time required for performing an installation.

Benefits of our Web-based Software

  • All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to run the software
  • You can access your information from work or home or anywhere in the world
  • No software to install on each PC
  • No software to update on each PC
  • No more backing up your database every day
  • Data is backed up in a data center using state-of-the-art technology to protect its security and accessibility
  • Members can have restricted access (if you allow it) to change their contact and billing info (saving you precious time)
  • Assistants/Coaches/Volunteers can have restricted access (if you allow it) to view pertinent information (saving you precious time)
  • All users can access the application and database simultaneously at any hour from any Internet connection
  • No new expensive server hardware or software required
  • No in-house technical support required

If you have access to the Internet from the computer that stores your current management system, your data is already on the Internet and is vulnerable.

It is our belief that your data is safer with us than in your facility. Our servers are behind state of the art firewalls, monitored 7 x 24 x 365.

The system can be used via a dial-up Internet connection, it is just much slower.

No, you do not need a merchant account. However, a lot of the capabilities of the system will be diminished without the ability to automatically accept transactions. This will facilitate Online Registrations, Event Registrations, Merchandises, Renewals, Recurring Transactions and our Accounting and Reporting modules will be less automated.

Yes, any form of data can be imported into the Club Assistant. Whether your data is in a spreadsheet like Excel or a database like Access, or even if it is from some other software, we can import the data. Just email the data to info@Club and your customized system will be up and running.

The Club Assistant pays for itself by the administrative time savings, membership retention and growth. For more information please contact us at 888-794-6638 or info@Club

Yes, the transactions are secure. People may see a warning message once they are done registering and they are sent back to an unsecure page. The way you can tell is the URL is https: as opposed to http: (s for secure) as well as there is a little padlock symbol in the right hand corner (indicating secure).

After you contact us, we can have your system login ready in one business hour. You can successfully and quickly implement this system in a matter of a week or two. We can import all of your current member information from a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes.

Website Content Management facilitates updating of information on your website without needing to know HTML coding. Examples of Website Content Management include Announcements, Calendar, Facilities, Online Registration.

No, if you already have a website, you will not need to replace it. By using the codes we provide, the Club Assistant can easily integrate with any website. However, if you would like a new website, we can provide that for you, too.

Chances are you registered for one of the many events for which Club Assistant provides online registration. Have you or someone in your family recently signed up for a swim meet or other sporting event? Use our search tool to search for your credit card transactions. If you still have questions, please call 888-794-6638 extension 3 and one of our team members will help you figure out what the charge is. Thank you!