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Sunday, April 19, 2020 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Novaquatics Masters



Newport Dunes Open Water Clinic

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DATE: Sun April 19th. 12pm-3:00pm
(Later start so you can still get a bike or run workout in before the clinic)

LOCATION: Newport Dunes (Same location as where the Coveathlon Summer Series is)

COST: $150 (This clinic is pre-requisite to attend attend FREE Ocean Open Water Practices held through the Spring if you did not attend one of the POW Clinics on 2/23 or 3/28). 

Raise You Open Water Swimming Game!
Swimmers of all speeds and abilities from over 2:00 per 100 to under 1:00 per 100 will benefit from this clinic. 
Newer triathletes generally need more skill acquisition while more experienced athletes need to race specific training. We will be address both at this clinic. 
This clinic will help you improve the following skills & conditioning for triathlon and open water swimming races:

Cold Water Acclimation Strategies
Race Warm-up Routine
Wetsuit Specific Swimming Techniques and Effort Calibration
Large Group Starts techniques (Different strategies for different level athletes)
Fast take out repeats (3 x 150 FAST TAKEOUT, 150 EZ return to the shore)
Buoy Turns
Sighting Techniques
Dealing with breathing distress and anxiety
Drafting and Position Changing Practice (Dealing with body contact)
Tempo Trainer Calibration - Find out what Stroke Rate works best for YOU

After initial skill work and race strategy work we will do:

Pacing & Conditioning Workout
  This session will also be a good “workout” for those that want to improve their open water stamina
  We will be doing anywhere from 3-10 x 400m repeats to see how good of an average time you can hold.
Novice or Sprint Distance: 2-3 Repeats (800-1200 total)
Olympic & 70.3 Distance: 4-6 Repeats (1600-2400 total)
IRONMAN & Longer: 10 Repeats (4,000m total)


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