Club Assistant was developed to help clubs manage their membership. Features available to office administrators, coaches and users include membership management, billing, email, reports, and calendars.

Club Assistant provides an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-register and easy-to-reconcile online club management software. Club Assistant online club management software is simple to use.

Club Assistant is the market leader of online club mangement software because of our streamlined registration interface, our great integration with governing bodies, our industry-low rates, and our industry-leading customer service.

Club Assistant supports all types of clubs

Group-specific information on using Club Assistant online meet entry software:

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Club Assistant's online registration for new and renewing members means you'll no longer have to deal with manual data entry. We'll import your existing data for free and provide you with the tools to effortlessly manage your club data. Our system allows multiple users to access data and update information in real time.

Emails: Effectively communicating to your members is key to a successful club. Club Assistant's email module provides HTML email capability, emailing by group, tracking of emails sent, attachment uploads and a template library.

Custom Websites: Our website designers get you up and running with information-rich website with great search engine optimization.

Calendars: Keep your members up-to-date by creating calendar listings for practices and schedule changes.

Accounting: Club Assistant's robust money-tracking module provides dynamic reporting including features to assist you with accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Credit Card Processing: With Club Assistant, you can collect payment from members and non-members. Collect dues or payment for clinics, events, camps, lessons, fundraisers and awards dinners.

The New Registrations link shows who has signed up since your last login.

Find members' records easily with a search by first name, last name, city, state, email, or phone.

Club Assistant provides dynamic reports as well as one-click reports to view your members and non-members based on age, gender, ability.

Enter your pools and all of their relevant information, address, hours of operation, indoor/outdoor. Then choose which pools to link on your website for members.

Add administrators, coaches, and volunteers. Allow certain users to login to Club Assistant and assign authorities such as accounting, billing and email.

Input items and their sale prices for display on your online registration forms, in your member login, or on your website.

Customize your registration forms. Turn on any or all of the following Trial Workout, Event Registration, Meet Registration, Meet Declaration, Information Request, and Online Membership. Change the background and text colors to look like your website. Add your website CSS or use our graphics form to upload your banner and logo.

Allow your members who volunteer at events to enter volunteer hours into Club Assistant. Tally the totals by individual or by family. Enter minimum requirements, hourly rates, and time periods to determine what is owed. Then bill the remainder using Club Assistant's invoicing and billing system.

Set up Club Assistant with all the sub-groups and programs offered by your club. Use programs to email members, create reports, and assign coaches. New registrants can select certain programs from the online form or be assigned to programs by administrators.